Politico: an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine allowed the complete destruction of his brigade in Avdiivka

Photo: Global Look Press

The situation in Ukraine is entering a new and potentially protracted phase. Western countries have accelerated the transfer of heavy weapons to the republic against the backdrop of requests from Ukrainian field commanders.

One of them, senior lieutenant of the 25th separate airborne brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) Ivan Skuratovsky told Politico that his unit is on the verge of total destruction. It is located 128 kilometers from Mariupol near Avdiivka. The brigade has been there since the beginning of the Russian special operation, without rest.

“The situation is very bad. I don't know how long we can hold out,” he said. Skuratovsky said that in recent weeks, at least 13 fighters of the brigade were wounded. In addition, ammunition is running out, cartridges have to be saved.

The officer stressed that if reinforcements in the form of manpower and heavy weapons did not arrive in the near future, his brigade would be surrounded, like the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol.< /p>

Skuratovsky said that his fighters were unable to resist the attacks of the Russian military. They have only one Ghost drone at their disposal, capable of dropping small grenades.

Experts of the publication reported that Moscow really seems to be going to pincer at least 30,000 troops in eastern Ukraine. Russia, according to them. Preparing for an offensive from the north and south.

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