Putin said that Russia knows about those behind the “provocation in Bucha”

Russia knows by what means and what kind of people worked on the “provocation in Bucha,” Putin said at a meeting with Guterres. Earlier, the UN Secretary General called for an independent investigation in order to “bring those responsible to justice” jpg” alt=”Putin said that Russia knows about those behind the “provocation in Bucha”” />

Vladimir Putin

Russia has nothing to do with the events in Ukrainian Bucha, but knows who organized “this provocation”, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with UN Secretary General António Guterres in Moscow.

“We know who it is did. We know who prepared this provocation, by what means and what kind of people worked on it, — Putin said.

Guterres has previously called for an independent investigation of what happened in Bucha to bring “the perpetrators to justice.” According to the UN Secretary General, he was “deeply shocked” footage from the city.

This footage was published in early April by the Ukrainian authorities and a number of media outlets, including Reuters and AFP. The photographs showed corpses in civilian clothes lying on the street, some of them had their hands tied.

The Russian Ministry of Defense called the published photos and videos a provocation and stated that the Russian military was not involved in the killings of civilians. The department said that Russian units left Bucha on March 30, and during the time they controlled the city, “not a single local resident was injured.”

Putin Compared Bucha to “Fake About the Use of Chemical Weapons” in Syria. He recalled that the United States launched strikes on the territory of this country after the Syrian military was accused of using chemical weapons. However, later it turned out that “this is a fake,” the president said.

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