Rashkin as a mirror of Russian politics: why he lied about a dead elk

Hunting drama and after it

State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin, who became the anti-hero of the hunting drama “Rashkin and the Elk”, finally made a frank confession: yes, I really shot the animal. But I, they say, was sure that everyone was legal, the acquaintances who invited me said that all the necessary licenses and permissions were available!

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

This is where the bewilderment arises: why then lie from the very beginning? Why invent a crazy story about an elk corpse that accidentally found itself on the road (well, yes, we have dead moose constantly lying around anywhere), about the fact that the deputy decided to pick up and butcher this corpse (of course, what else can a State Duma deputy eat if not accidentally found carrion?) Why was it not immediately straightforward to say: yes, I hunted, yes, I returned with a trophy, but I didn’t break anything!

However, the question “why lie?” evaporates as soon as you remember that Valery Rashkin is not an ordinary person, but a deputy. That is, a representative of the authorities. And in our country, from time immemorial, it so happened that representatives of the authorities of all levels and different political orientations often lie, and do not blush a lot. And, what is most surprising, sometimes completely without any purpose and benefit for oneself. They just live according to the principle “in any incomprehensible situation, tell the truth.” Because if you tell the truth, who knows how things will turn out, how can you calculate everything in advance. And no one has ever had to answer for a lie. Meli, Emelya, your week, tomorrow everything you said will be forgotten, they will not catch you with lies and will not ask: how is that?

The issue of trust, or rather, distrust of the population in power has been in our country for a very long time. There is such a paradox – even those citizens who actively support the government do not trust it too much. Gas explosion in a residential building? They are probably lying, I suppose, a terrorist attack. They say the ruble will strengthen? So, we have to run to buy dollars, after all, they lie to fool the people once again. And so on and so forth.

And it's true, they make a fool very often. This is done by the municipality, promising its residents that the chemical plant under construction is so good and modern that it will only improve the ecology of their village, literally turn it into a garden city, and the one who silences or embellishes the terrible truth about this or that disaster that has happened, and those who promise an apartment to every family by a certain year, the standard of living as in Germany, the level of income as in Singapore …

Sometimes representatives of the authorities lie with a good purpose to calm the people, sometimes with a less good personal one, and sometimes – and this happens most often – without any purpose and meaning, just out of a habit inherited by our government from their predecessors in the furry Soviet times. To hide the truth about repressions, about dissidents, about tanks in Prague, about the shooting in Novocherkassk, about the Chernobyl tragedy … But I don’t remember a case when someone was even responsible for the lie – even if the lie got out and shamelessly declared itself. She is simply not noticed.

So Valery Rashkin in this case served as a mirror of the Russian government. And even the fact that he is to some extent an oppositionist to this very power, that after the elections he spoke out for the cancellation of their results and thus made a lot of ill-wishers, could not stop him. An ingrained habit, ingrained in flesh and blood, turned out to be stronger than the arguments of reason.

It is also possible that Rashkin will become the first representative of power who will be damaged by his own deception. Because he will probably be asked the question: if you were sure of your innocence, if you yourself became a victim of some provocation planned against you, then why did you lie?

And he, most likely, didn’t lie for any reason. Just out of habit.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunt: “The body of an elk is lying”

Watch a video on the topic

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