Rogov denied his words about the death of the commandant of Berdyansk after the assassination attempt

Earlier, Rogov told Russian state agencies that Bardin, whose car was blown up, died in the hospital. He called cases of assassination attempts in the region “regular”

The military commandant of Berdyansk Artem Bardin is alive, a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration said on his Telegram channel ( VGA) Zaporozhye region Vladimir Rogov. Earlier, he announced the death of Bardin.

“Thank God, information about the death of the commandant of Berdyansk Artem Bardin has not been confirmed. Despite severe injuries, explosive amputation of the legs and great blood loss, he is alive, — he wrote.

According to Rogov, doctors continue to fight for the life of the commandant, a member of the VGA asked to pray “for the recovery of God's servant Artemy”.

The assassination attempt on Bardin took place on the afternoon of September 5 in the center of Berdyansk, near the building of the VGA. An explosive device went off in the car where he was, and three other civilian cars nearby were damaged.

The Zaporozhye authorities blamed “Ukrainian saboteurs” for the attack.

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Later, Rogov reported another explosion in the city, in the Slobodka district, but details of what happened were not received.

In the past four months, at least nine ( apart from this) assassination attempts on representatives of the pro-Russian authorities. In most cases, explosive devices were used.

At least three officials were killed— Vitaliy Gur, deputy head of the administration of Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region, Vitaliy Gur, head of the Zaporozhye village of Mikhailovka, IvanSushko, and Alexei Kovalev, deputy chairman of the Kherson CAA for agriculture.

In the Kharkiv region, a smaller part of which is under Russian control, but where the CAA also operates , one of the representatives of the new government died— head of administration of Veliky Burluk village Yevgeny Yunakov. An explosive device was planted under his car. Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram RBC


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