Russian intelligentsia calls for surrender: Russia must join NATO

“The annexation of Crimea, to our shame, was really supported by the majority of the population”

Biden has not yet sent troops, and the self-named Russian intelligentsia is already swearing allegiance to the master and calling for surrender. Participants in the Congress of the Intelligentsia (an informal union of the most unwilling non-residents and the brightest of the fair-faced like Gozman) made a statement: Russia must join NATO.


Wait a minute, a savvy reader will say, isn't Putin proposing the same thing to Clinton? Yes. Only it was 2000. China had not yet declared itself in full voice, the West was expecting that Russia would fall apart after the Soviet Union, and it could not be reckoned with, the world was completely unipolar, and the world evil – Islamic terrorism – was common. Well, judging by the context, it was more a light trolling on Putin's part than a serious proposal.

More than 20 years have passed. China has become a new center of power, Russia has not collapsed, in fact, single-handedly crushed the world evil during the Syrian campaign and forced to reckon with itself. The world is no longer unipolar. Would a Western gentleman like that? And what is not to the liking of the master should not please the loyal vassals either. In this case, “our intelligentsia”. In quotes – because, firstly, not ours, and secondly, intelligent people do not lie and have self-respect. Here it is disgusting to read this statement, and even more so to quote, but you have to.

In the first part, introductory, the “intelligentsia” explains to us why “the future of Russia is in jeopardy.” Because, it turns out, Russia is stifling freedom wherever its troops can reach – now in Kazakhstan. Further more. “Our representatives speak to the world in the language of courtyard hooligans. We are on the verge of a big war – we have been waging small wars in recent years. ” They don't lie here – their representatives are doing just that. Or am I confusing something, and it was Putin who called Biden a murderer, and this is Russia, not the United States, invaded 22 countries over the past 20 years and is still continuing hostilities in 12 countries of the world (according to the French, Atlantico “)? In short, since Russia has opposed itself to the entire civilized world, and has only “vassal-dependent archaic dictatorships” as friends, the prospect is “the transformation of our country into a province of China”. This is an important point – the “intellectuals” show the master that they also do not like China. Still, there are evil communists in China who do not like the “intelligentsia”, but love those who know how to work. Why, in the minds of the “intelligentsia”, China will turn Russia into a province, and the West – not into a province, but into a partner, ask them. And even better – among the inhabitants of the “young European” countries. You can hear a lot of interesting things. Especially from the people of Yugoslavia. Is there no such country anymore?

But now the “supplicatory” part begins. With bows and assurances of loyalty: “Gentlemen! These days you make decisions that will determine the fate of the world for many years to come. You are rightly concerned about the threats that emanate today from the actions of the leaders of our country, and are looking for ways to counter … “They are very, very ashamed of Crimea:” The annexation of Crimea, to our shame, was really supported by the majority of the population. ” But now everything is different: “the base of support for the aggressive steps of our government is shrinking.” The people, in other words, are stupid, but we are good, for the European way. In short, “in the long term, Russia should not be an enemy of NATO, but its full-fledged member, which would change the balance of power on the planet in favor of the values ​​enshrined in the basic documents of the UN and the Council of Europe.”

You know, what does all this smell like? Not even betrayal. Burned flesh. Burnt alive by Russian people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. Not a single Congress of the intelligentsia then hinted at the values ​​from the basic documents of the UN and the Council of Europe. And he did not shed a tear. You should always remember this when dealing with the “Russian intelligentsia”.


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