S. Carey – Wavepool (Ft. Hailaker)

S. Carey

Wavepool (Ft. Hailaker)

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Stacy Klein

Apr 10, 2021

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Ed Tullett and S. Carey (of Hailaker and Bon Iver fame respectively) can serenade me anytime. The way their soaring falsettos wrap around each other unlocks something soft and quietly hidden within the deepest parts of myself, and makes the spiraling release thereof feel absolutely safe and contained. Combine that with Jemima Coulter’s soft alto, and I become a smiling, swaying, puddle of clouds.

“Wavepool” is a magical, uplifting collision of hazy emotion, with melodies that ebb and flow just like the eponymous wave-pool for which the song is named. With the addition of co-producer Ali Lacey from Novo Amor…well. This track is exactly as dreamy and exquisite as you’d expect it to be. It’s a cascade of textures and sounds, with layered harmonies colliding into brass majesty absolutely seamlessly.

It’s a song for watching the snow fall. For looking at waves lapping lazily against the shore. For seeing the sunrise on your own. For long drives to nowhere. For watching a thunderstorm outside your window. It’s a song for feeling.

This long-distance collaboration spanned 4000 miles, and was written and recorded remotely at the end of 2020. “Wavepool” was released on April 2nd, 2021 as a single, while Hailker works on their third studio album, due for release later this year.


Stacy Klein

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