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Scotch Mist


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Jami Selikow

Sep 10, 2021

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Nick Hakim,
James Blake


indie rock
male vocalist
James Blake

Why do we like this?

Her bright blue eyes come alive in front of me, and with excitement, she relays a host of stories from the day, from childhood, and from whatever comes to mind. What does she see in memory moments before she speaks? How do thoughts arise for her and how far ahead does she know what will be said?

I often catch myself wondering what my partner experiences in her inner world as she vibrantly babbles on, not to mention: when she’s down, what are her thoughts telling her and what weight do the feelings hold? All I catch is a glimpse of her — through facial expressions, body language, and speech.

Scotch Mist touches on this through a longing rendition of “8bit” — a song that has had a variety of iterations since it was written in 2017. Speaking to the track the artist explains:

“This song is about how you never fully know someone, no matter how close you get. Everyone has a whole private universe inside of them, and this song is about the beauty and loneliness in that idea.”

Jami Selikow

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