Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Wanderlust

Vancouver Sleep Clinic Wanderlust Save (4) Google Author: Mikky George Published: Jul 28, 2022 Total plays: 123 Saved: 4 times Sounds like: Old Sea Brigade, Seafret, Aquilo Tags: rock, alt, alt rock Why do we like this? Into The Distance, We Go “Wanderlust” is the Flagship track for Fallen Paradise and it’s a massive, distant, … Continue reading “Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Wanderlust”

Fractures – Raspberries (Ft. Jade Alice)

Fractures Raspberries (Ft. Jade Alice) Save (3) Google Author: Stacy Klein Published: Sep 16, 2021 Total plays: 152 Saved: 3 times Sounds like: Zola Blood, Tusks, Aquilo Tags: indie pop, electro-pop, synth-pop Why do we like this? Striking, effervescent, and bubbly, Fractures have dropped a sparkly pop hit that smacks of Summer. “Raspberries” is a … Continue reading “Fractures – Raspberries (Ft. Jade Alice)”

AQUILO – Out in LA

AQUILO Out in LA Save (3) Comment (0) Google Author: Mikky Noire Published: Jun 30, 2021 Total plays: 157 Saved: 3 times Sounds like: Still Woozy, Chet Faker, Jungle Tags: indie pop, funk, electro Why do we like this? Fame Stop Moving The Houses “Out in LA” is a self-reflective narrative within the ideals and … Continue reading “AQUILO – Out in LA”

PREP – Pictures Of You

mrg-bottom-15 pad-top-15″> PREP – Pictures Of You Save (6) Comment (0) Google Author: Tobias Handke Published: May 15, 2020 Total plays: 205 Saved: 6 times Sounds like: HONNE, Seoul, AQUILO Tags: Electronic, indie pop, electro-pop Why do we like this? Indie Shuffle favourites, PREP, has shared their funky new single, “Pictures Of You.” Anyone familiar … Continue reading “PREP – Pictures Of You”