Girlhouse – Boundary Issues

Girlhouse Boundary Issues Save (15) Google Author: Mikky Noire Published: Oct 01, 2021 Total plays: 580 Saved: 15 times Sounds like: Boyish, PomPom Squad, Claud Tags: indie rock, pop, rock Why do we like this? Drain The Pool and Get The Skates A youthful analysis on teenage life, ADHD expressionism, and all the ignored stress … Continue reading “Girlhouse – Boundary Issues”

Aunty Social – Unsmiling

Aunty Social Unsmiling Save (3) Comment (0) Google Author: Jami Selikow Published: May 04, 2021 Total plays: 181 Saved: 3 times Sounds like: Boyish, Jordana Tags: female vocalist, indie pop, indietronica Why do we like this? I often talk about lyrics in my posts, but it’s rare that I feel truly awed by them. Well, … Continue reading “Aunty Social – Unsmiling”