Sweet and Lonely – Feel Good

Sweet and Lonely Feel Good Save (4) Google Author: Jami Selikow Published: Oct 08, 2021 Total plays: 172 Saved: 4 times Sounds like: Steve Lacy, Omar Apollo, Still Woozy, Triathalon Tags: indie rock, indie pop, dream pop Why do we like this? What better way to unwind after the week than with some laid-back, hip-hop-inspired … Continue reading “Sweet and Lonely – Feel Good”

Mk.Gee – >;0 (Ft. Vegyn)

mrg-bottom-15 pad-top-15″> Mk.Gee – >;0 (Ft. Vegyn) Save (0) Comment (0) Google Author: Tobias Handke Published: May 25, 2020 Total plays: 5 Saved: 0 times Sounds like: Kaytranada, Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike Tags: indie pop, experimental, chillout Why do we like this? LA-based singer/songwriter/producer, Mk.gee, dropped an incredible mixtape over the weekend. A Museum Of … Continue reading “Mk.Gee – >;0 (Ft. Vegyn)”