Dave Nulty – Transients

Dave Nulty Transients Save (1) Google Author: Mikky George Published: Nov 04, 2022 Total plays: 152 Saved: 1 times Sounds like: Global Nomad, Klaverson, Kay Wilder Tags: downtempo, dance, electro Why do we like this? Godrays and Summersun “Transients” is something else, a power trip of electro and dance ambience giving a holy baptism. If … Continue reading “Dave Nulty – Transients”

Dave Nulty – We’ll Be Alright

Dave Nulty We'll Be Alright Save (0) Google Author: Jami Selikow Published: May 02, 2022 Total plays: 59 Saved: 0 times Sounds like: Caribou, Jamie XX, Phoenix, Camelphat Tags: indietronica, indie electronic, Jamie xx Why do we like this? I’m not normally a fan of vocal chopping and pitching but the way that Dave Nulty … Continue reading “Dave Nulty – We’ll Be Alright”