Morabeza Tobacco – Saturnus

Morabeza Tobacco Saturnus Save (10) Google Author: Mikky George Published: Nov 17, 2022 Total plays: 101 Saved: 10 times Sounds like: Modern Nomad, Men I Trust, Magdalena Bay Tags: ambient, chill, electro Why do we like this? A Swirling Universe “Saturnus” whirls and twirls in my mind like a galaxy sucked into the depths of … Continue reading “Morabeza Tobacco – Saturnus”

Morabeza Tobacco – Teacher’s In The Mood

Morabeza Tobacco Teacher's In The Mood Save (1) Google Author: Elgin Nelson Published: Nov 05, 2022 Total plays: 65 Saved: 1 times Sounds like: Yumi Zouma, Crumb, TOPS Tags: synth-pop, dream pop, lo-fi Why do we like this? Okay, we have officially entered a new season. It’s getting colder by the minute. And this is … Continue reading “Morabeza Tobacco – Teacher’s In The Mood”