quickly, quickly – Shee

quickly, quickly Shee Save (10) Comment (0) Google Author: Mikky Noire Published: Jul 12, 2021 Total plays: 162 Saved: 10 times Sounds like: Andrew Applepie, Tom Misch, Jinsang Tags: electro, tom misch, indie Why do we like this? Her Face In Montage Forever “Shee” emanates a beautiful love for a singular human that creates a … Continue reading “quickly, quickly – Shee”

quickly, quickly – Feel

quickly, quickly Feel Save (2) Comment (0) Google Author: Mikky Noire Published: May 05, 2021 Total plays: 188 Saved: 2 times Sounds like: Jinsang, Saib, Oatmello Tags: Electronic, indie pop, male vocalist Why do we like this? Have You Seen All The Sad Films? New age melancholy gets a boost of electric sounds in this … Continue reading “quickly, quickly – Feel”

McClenney – just stay

mrg-bottom-15 pad-top-15″> McClenney – just stay Save (41) Comment (1) Google Author: Dylan Heneck Published: Apr 22, 2020 Total plays: 1,890 Saved: 41 times Sounds like: Sampha, quickly quickly Tags: indie soul, Sampha, lo-fi rock Why do we like this? What if the ‘com’ in Romcom stood for competition? All creative industries would be affected. … Continue reading “McClenney – just stay”