Sinew – Sin Nada De Nada Lyrics

There is a void inside of us. An empty spot where our
soul used to be.
Listening to the echoing emptiness we go crazy. That’s
why we try desperately to get rid of it.

Hold in, take a breath and ask yourself what we are. We
are priviledged victims. Rich but worthless. Fat but
hungry. Entertained but bored. Strong but powerless.
Creating but dead. connected but lonely.

We know everything but understand nothing. We admire
inane artifacts but are blind to the miracle that is life
itself, blind to the human being in front of us.

The obscenity of our world hits me with the brutality of
a freight train. Shows me the disaccord of our existence

with unhidden clarity. It’s all a Big Laugh Tragedy. Too
sad to laugh – too ironic to cry.

We poisen the soil while people are starving. We destroy
thousand-year-old cultures in the name of diversity.

No roots – no future. Our roots dry in the sun, ripped
out as a victim to progress.
All of this makes it hard to hold on to hope. Feeds the
need in me to close my eyes and be silent forever. No
healing. No compassion. No goddamned nothing. I am alone
by myself praying to a god I can’t believe it exists. I
pray to a god I can’t believe it exists…

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