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Nara Schneider

Oct 01, 2021

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Why do we like this?

Lindsey Jordan’s debut record “Lush” firmly supplanted her status as an indie-rock “prodigy”, having supported acts such as Mac DeMarco and Girlpool by the time she was 18. Characterised by Jordan’s decadent guitar parts, “Lush” showcased her songwriting skill and confidence creating a cohesive record that delivers a refined teen melodrama.

“Valentine” was released on September 15th, accompanied by a music video that was summarised by Pitchfork

Jordan plays a chambermaid to a high-society woman with whom she has an illicit affair; crestfallen and crazed after seeing her lover with a man, she binge-drinks, stuffs her face with cake, and eventually murders him.

The track itself falls in line with Jordan’s previous lyrical style, talking directly to her love interest throughout the entirety of the song. The track’s instrumentation follows along Jordan’s emotional turmoils with moments of softness and intimacy contrasted against chaotic rushes of cymbal crashes and gushing guitar parts. The release of “Valentine” came along with the announcement of Snail Mail’s sophomore album of the same name which is set to be released in November.

Nara Schneider

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