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Nara Schneider

Sep 07, 2021

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indie rock
female vocals

Why do we like this?

The lead single, “Starstruck,” from Sorry’s most recent record has an unparalleled groove that pairs nicely with obscure lyricism and an experimental production. Steady percussion grounds the song’s melodically dueling guitars, providing an impenetrable foundation for Asha Lorenz’s vocals to swirl leisurely through the mix. The track’s uncomfortable dissonance, which is a signature of the band, is executed with caution, keeping the track palatable without sacrificing the band’s character.

In an interview with Under The Radar, Louis O’bryen affirmed the band’s intentions when it comes to what kind of music they want to create:

“We wanted to make interesting, engaging music and that kind of led us to want to embrace a lot of styles that interest us. But we did want to also keep the overall cohesive sound that came naturally to us.”

“Starstruck” is pretty representative of the band as a whole, showcasing their musical confidence and consistency of their general sound. After releasing two volumes of Home Demos they signed to Domino Records and have since released one full-length record and a 5-track EP which showcased a more subdued “Indie” sound in tracks like “Favourite.”

Nara Schneider

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