Steven van Betten – I Didn’t Mean To Do That

Steven van Betten

I Didn't Mean To Do That

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Jami Selikow

Oct 28, 2022

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Why do we like this?

Straying for what we normally share, Steven van Betten’s “I Didn’t Mean To Do That” is a more folk-leaning track with a moving message.

It’s a song with a strong concept backing it. Multi-colored examples of human mistakes roll off the artist’s tongue punctuated by the refrain ‘I didn’t mean to do that.’ It is, in essence, a very human song that points us back toward ourselves, providing the impetus for reflection. The artist goes on to share:

“‘I Didn’t Mean To Do That’ is a reflection on mistakes, and how some mistakes (though painful at the time) can age quite well. They become funny, entertaining, and even cherished memories; parables of personal growth shared openly with friends around the dinner table. Meanwhile, other mistakes—the kind that hurt those we love most—can haunt us. They weigh heavy on our hearts and grow into demons that appear in our dreams. Instead of sharing these stories with a laugh, we bury them away. But even the most severe mistakes are fundamentally human and universal, and by looking at them with compassion we can forgive each other and ourselves.”

Jami Selikow

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