Surkov said about the threat of destabilization of the political situation in Russia

In his opinion, the beginning of the XXI century, when the Russian system of power “stopped the avalanche of social chaos, pulled the traumatized country out of the rubble of perestroika” and achieved stability, will be remembered as the golden age

Vladislav Surkov

The threat of 'irreversible destabilization' is growing in Russia political situation, warned the former first head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov in his article for the site “ Actual comments. ''

He recalled that, according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy (a measure of the chaotic component of a system) in a closed system increases. According to him, social physics and political dynamics have their own tools for maintaining world order & mdash; a powerful state that is able to restrain social entropy.

Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian political system stopped the emerging social chaos, “ pulled the traumatized country out of the rubble of perestroika '' and has been stable for twenty years, Surkov writes. Vertical, order and braces guaranteed. These years will someday be remembered as the golden age '', & mdash; added a politician.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, the state will still wear out and die in the fight against the “ many rebellious desires '' citizens, since social entropy cannot disappear.

If earlier the place of concentration of chaos was the Internet, now you can see how the Network is becoming more and more controlled by the state, and liberties '' are beginning to take on the features of a “ digital concentration camp, '' Surkov notes.

He writes that now chaos is flowing into the blind zones of public life and stimulates a massive dyspoliticization of citizens: people are less and less willing to intersect with the system without extreme need, they are more and more silent, and more and more lacunae appear in the structure of society, which are filled with no one knows what.

However, Surkov warned the Russian state against opening up the political system and letting off steam.

“ Depressurization of the system, this 'social reactor' which is working well today, is fraught with uncontrolled emissions of civil irritation and can lead to irreversible destabilization, '' & mdash; he explained, citing the 80s and 90s of the last century as an example.

Earlier, Surkov said in an interview with the Financial Times that an overdose of freedom is fatal for the state. In his opinion, the diversity that appeared in Russia in the 90s ruined the country even faster than the monotony that led to the collapse of the USSR.

The politician emphasized that diversity must be controlled, as this will create “ good compromise between chaos and order '' in the political system, since in this case “ everyone will be happy, and at the same time the unity of society will be preserved. ''

Vladislav Surkov was the head of the presidential administration in 1999 and 2008, and then , until 2011, as the first deputy head of the AP. In 2011 – 2013, Surkov served as Deputy Prime Minister. Later, from 2013, he was an assistant to the Russian president. In February 2020, Putin dismissed Surkov from his post.

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