HONNE – Now I’m Alone (Ft. Sofía Valdés)


Now I'm Alone (Ft. Sofía Valdés)

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Stacy Klein

Jul 20, 2021

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Cigarettes After Sex,
No Rome


indie pop
dream pop

Why do we like this?

Is this the prettiest break-up song that ever was? Damn right it is. While the lyrics tell a lonely story of heartbreak and never being able to go back, the perfect juxtaposition created by the way the light, twinkling melodies wind around the softly spoken, dreamy vocals makes “Now I’m Alone (feat. Sofía Valdés)” gorgeously palatable without being even slightly woe-is-me. It’s a wavy and pensive offering from the alt-pop duo, and Valdés’ vocals add a distinctive, gentle edge that’s very welcome.

HONNE is teasing the release of their upcoming album with a three-song EP called PART 1: WWYD, which features “Now I’m Alone,” as well as “IDGAF About Pain” and “What Would You Do?”

Their new album, Let’s Just Say The World Ended a Week From Now, What Would You Do?is due out October 22nd. Written last year amidst the global pandemic, it’s a poignant title for the troubling times in which we find ourselves, and a reminder to put pride aside and resolve past regrets or unfinished business where we can.

In an official press statement, HONNE say on their forthcoming album:

“In the past, we’ve limited ourselves. We might get to a section of a song and things are getting really exciting, but we then pull ourselves back and say, ‘Can we really do that?’. Now, we’ve sidestepped the rules and done whatever we wanted to do.”

Stacy Klein

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