Moscato – Dear God lyrics

Sometimes this world gets crazy
Sometimes theres just no win
Sometimes you just gotta love ‘Em
Sometimes its all in vain

People coming an goin…
Some… are programed to care..
People mostly leavin…
Leavin in despair

So do you hear what I’m sayin…
Can we take the easy way home
I got my bag upon my shoulders….
And I’m ready… ready to go..

Can ya close your eyes and send A prayer
Pain might heal
But the lives wont mend
Can ya close your eyes and pray again…
For peace on earth, amongst all man…

Oh dear god….
Do you see them fallin…
Heartache and anger,
Rivers deep with grief
Can you hear me callin…
I, M screaming in my
Shine on earth some mercy
I, M beggin please…..
I, m begging Please I, m Begging Please
No we shouldn’T have to run….
From another mans gun
Nor should we live our lives in fear
Can ya close your eyes and send A prayer…
Pain might heal, but the lives wont mend
Oh dear god…..
Do you see”Em fallin
Heartache and anger
Rivers deep with grief
Can ya hear me callin…..
I, M screamin in my sleep
Shine on earth some mercy…