DJ Khaled Dragged Again For Sharing Twerk Video During Muslim Holiday Month

DJ Khaled catches some heat again from the Muslim community.

A recent promotional video for one of the songs from DJ Khaled‘s 12th studio album, Khaled Khaled, has plunged him into hot water with the Muslim community. The producer’s integrity and morals are being called into question following the posting of a raunchy video of skimpily-clad women twerking on a yacht.

The video on Khaled’s Instagram was captioned, “Getting a lot calls and the fans asking where the #BODYANDMOTION video at , @josephkahn send me the video get to @samlecca . I’m thinking to let go SOON , it’s on @josephkahn thoe send that ! #KHALEDKHALED #1 album in the country! LETS GO ! Oh yeah #IDIDIT VIDEO ALMOST DONE AS WELL !!!!”

The video itself, which is reportedly from the video shoot of the song “Body In Motion,” was not the problem, but Muslim followers were quick to point out that the video was inappropriate to be posted on the last day of Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by followers of Islam. It’s intended to be a period of reflection, fasting, prayer, and connection with the community.

During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to dress modestly. DJ Khaled, as a practicing Muslim, is expected to follow these guidelines. This explains why the posting of the video angered many of his religious fans.

The aggrieved fans took to the comment section of the post to vent their anger. One upset user wrote, “It’s Ramadan my friend think you forgot,” while another said, “You’re not following your religion very well.”

Some users were also upset that Khaled hadn’t addressed the conflict between Israel and Palestine in a more definitive way. One female user called out the Palestinian descendant (his parents were first-generation immigrants), saying, “You do realize your country Palestine is literally being destroyed by Zionist and you’re on here posting videos of women shaking their assets on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan?”

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Earlier that day, Khaled had addressed the situation, posting on his Instagram, “Sending love and light and prayers to my Palestinian brothers & sisters and Everyone around the world,” he wrote. “IM PRAYING FOR PEACE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD , PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE!”

The post was not welcomed by all fans as many thought he was playing it safe and simply patronizing fans. Several users suggested they would be unfollowing the producer because of what they deemed an unsatisfactory response to the attacks on innocent people.

As of midday (May 13), DJ Khaled has not responded to the negative comments and the call for action from his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. He continues to promote his album and the accompanying music videos. His most recent post on Instagram speaks of his latest accomplishment, his new album Khaled Khaled charting number one on Billboard.

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