Bounty Killer Cosigns Senator Damion Crawford’s Take On Dancehall & Crime

Bounty Killer seconds a Jamaican senator’s take on the correlation between crime and music.

The ongoing debate in Jamaica concerning the impact of dancehall music on the country’s high crime rate has welcomed opinions and arguments from figures in both the entertainment and political industry. While the members of the proposition and opposition seemed to be clearly established as the government and dancehall community, respectively, a opposition senator recently did an interview on a very popular music entertainment platform where he shared an opposing view to the Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s controversial take.

According to Damion Crawford, who is the vice president of the opposition political party, there are no statistics to support the notion that music has negatively affected the crime rate, not just in Jamaica but anywhere.

In his recent interview with On-Stage’s Winford Williams, Crawford said the government’s attempt to lobby the public to believe dancehall music has influenced crime, particularly murder is baseless and makes for an excuse for the industry to continue to suffer from a lack of government support.

“If it is positioned in the minds of the public that it is a negative industry, that is a covid contributor, that it is a crime contributor, it’s a murder contributor then that impetus, that push to have government protect it will not come,” he said. “And the government will always have a satisfactory excuse to the public to say this is why we have not embraced this industry in the same way first place.”

He continued, “So that is why I’m out here to say that all the signs suggest that there is no true causal relationship between music and crime – in particular murder.” He went on to say countries like the United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States have done the research as it relates to rap music and other genres affecting national crime rates, and it yielded the result that there is no correlation.

An excerpt from Crawford’s interview with On-Stage has been circulating online since it premiered on national television. Bounty Killer was among those influencers who reshared the clip on Instagram, making light of the strong argument that in the grand scheme of things, dancehall is but a scapegoat in a much larger issue that the government does not appear to have a handle on.

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Like many other dancehall artists, Bounty Killer has previously acknowledged the government and Prime Minister attributing the crime spike to music in his social media posts where he strongly disagreed that dancehall is to be blamed. In November 2020, the deejay highlighted major contributors to the crime during a speech at a conference with members of the Jamaica security force. He pointed out some social issues that drive the crime rate up, including unemployment, impoverished communities, a lack of morals, stable homes, parents, and self-worth.

As Damion Crawford suggested in his recent interview, the government could be laying the foundation for an excuse to perpetuate their lack of positive attention and funding to dancehall music. Ironically, Bounty Killer believes all the funding that goes towards national security is hardly a fix as he believes the high crime rate is a matter of social dysfunction in the society rather than a critical security issue. The dancehall veteran says in order to really start tackling the root of the crime epidemic in Jamaica, a sharper focus should be placed on social development.

What’s your take on the role of dancehall music in society and the ongoing debate on whether its influence has been negatively impacting the crime rate?

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Bounty Killer Says He Regrets Past Violent Lyrics, Gets Love From Spice

Bounty Killer says he regrets some past violent lyrics, but is making it clear he is still the same Rodney Price we’ve known and love over the years.

Veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is known as the Warlord for a reason. His dominance in the 90s and into the 2000s stemmed from his intoxicatingly violent lyrics that fans sang word for word. Now, as he gets older, he is expressing regret for some of those lyrics as he begins to probably see a correlation between violent music and violence in some aspects of Jamaican culture.

After donating 40 tablets to the Seaview Primary School on April 16, he spoke with reporters and explained that he is now more mature and understands the effect that lyrics can have on some fans.

“One of my mistake was to sing seh ‘murder informa, and mi gun nuh join lodge’ and all these things. But I’m growing and I’m learning from that, that’s why I even do a ad recently with the Crime Stop. Those are the initiatives we’re doing right now to establish which side we are on and what way we are going, ” he said.

The Crime Stop initiative focuses on educating the public on how they can go about informing the authorities about illicit activity in an effort to curb crime. In the new ad, fellow dancehall artists including Sevana and Agent Sasco appeal to Jamaicans to ‘Take a Stand’ against the crime challenge. Social media influencer Prince Pine is also associated with the campaign.

Bounty Killer

The “Fed Up” singer also explained that he made mistakes in the past and is trying to do what he can to make up for it now.

“I do regret actions of the past, but it is development. The mistake that you make is just learn you must learn from them and don’t make them again but it’s not a problem to make mistake, the problem is to not learning from them,”: he added.

It’s a bit of a turnaround for him as he was one of those who took strong objection to PM Andrew Holness’s recent comments that dancehall was a significant contributor to the prevalence of violence in Jamaican society. Even though he’s not completely agreeing with the PM’s take on the matter, he has admitted to some extent that there is some impact from violent lyrics.

“I’m a different man, I’m a different age, I’m not at the same stage. But I’m still Rodney, I’m still the person who was born on the 12 of June 1972, so I don’t think a person can change, but I’m surely rearranged, I’m stepping different, and I’m seeing thing different, and I’m going about thing different,” he added.

Queen of Dancehall Spice left a comment on the video posted by The Star on IG saying, “I don’t know how much time I’m gonna say this but I just love this man so much #OneGeneral.”

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Bounty Killer Told PM Holness To Listen His Anti-Gun Anthem “No Gun A Rise” With Chris Martin

Bounty Killer told PM Andrew Holness to listen his new anti-gun anthem “No Gun A Rise,” with Christopher Martin.

The dancehall legend shared a clip from the music video and used the opportunity to call Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s attention to the single. Holness have been under fire for his position on dancehall music being a major factor in the country’s surging crime rate. Bounty Killer and Christopher Martin’s “No Gun A Rise,” was released two months ago, long before the Prime Minister blamed dancehall lyrics for high crimes.

Both men blended their voices to promote peace and happiness, while the Yakub & Amlak music video highlights all that makes one of the most famous islands in the world such a paradise.

Christopher Martin opens the song with the chorus, “Thank God mi see di sun a rise, and the youths dem son a rise, di kids dem life dem nuh fi jeopardize, nuh wah see nuh gun a rise.”

The song continues with Bounty Killer delivering a biting verse, warnings the youths about the pitfalls involved in a life of crime and violence.

“NUH GUN A RISE. Mr. Prime Minister @andrewholness did you heard this one?” Bounty questioned. The Holness-led administration has pledged to take greater control over the country’s creative element as a way to purge the music of its violent nature. Jah Snowcone handled the production on this single.

The post sparked comments from fans who left a trail of fire emojis in the comment section, including a Chris Martin cosign. Bounty Killer, who is often referred to as ‘poor people government,’ has never been one to hide his thoughts about corruption, violence, or any other social issue in Jamaica.

Killer was recently featured on Tommy Lee Sparta’s “Brighter Days” single, which boasts a total of 14 of Jamaica’s biggest entertainers, all joining the forces to promote peace, hope, unity, and love.

The music video released on Jan 25, this year, is a must-watch if one is interested in seeing a violence-free Jamaica.

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Sean Paul Praised Masicka For His Versatility To Deejay On Trap Or Dancehall Beats

Sean Paul will only give Masicka a pass for using trap beats in dancehall.

The dancehall icon has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion when it comes to Jamaica’s music, and this time around, he is sharing his thoughts on some of the genre’s newcomers. During an interview with Anthony Miller, Sean Paul spoke about some acts that have been dabbling in the new Trap sounds which have emerged from the island in recent years.

The dancehall legend named Masicka as the artiste that he thinks is the most “versatile” of these new entertainers while suggesting that some are better suited and equipped to compose songs within the realm of trap-dancehall versus the old school dancehall beats.

Sean Paul says that a lot of the younger dancehall artists are sounding way better on trap beats than traditional dancehall riddims.

When Miller asked him for examples of names who he considered fit this pattern, he reluctantly named Gage and Skillibeng as two such acts.

Masicka has a rare talent in dancehall

On the contrary, Sean Paul says Masicka “does it “effortlessly” and as a result, he respects him for it. He went on to add, “I have seen him go on a Trap-Dancehall type a track, an I seen him go on a dancehall track an him sound dope on di both a dem.”

SP is not the first major act to point this out as back in 2019, Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas had alluded to something of a similar nature in reference to dancehall artists and reggae beats.

Bounty Killer had come out placing blame at the feet of the producers for “watering down” the music. He proposed for producers to stick to the more authentic sounds as introducing Trap and Island Pop somehow seem to cripple some artiste ability to be able to deejay the regular way on a dancehall track.

Mr. Vegas also echoed similar sentiments after Bounty made his statement and blamed it on the young producers who he classified as “stifling the artiste.” He pointed out that most of the newer producers did not even know how to play an instrument and, as such, could not differentiate if they were even off-key. He stated they were more heavily reliant on computer software programs to create their sounds.

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Buju Banton Leads IRAWMA Nominations With 11 Nods, Vybz Kartel Absent

The nominations for the 39th staging of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) are in, and veteran performer Buju Banton is leading the pack with a whopping 11 nominations.

The nominees for what will be the event’s second virtual staging were announced at a press conference hosted by reggae artist Gramps Morgan on March 23. This year’s show is being celebrated under the theme ‘Reggae & World Music Still Rise’ – a subtle nod to the COVID-19 pandemic and the hardships faced in the past year.

Now in what came as no surprise to many, Buju Banton was heavily featured among the nominee categories, improving on last year’s showing where he scored 10 nominations. He walked away with 7 of those awards.

This year, Buju Banton will be going up for the Peter Tosh Award for Recording Artiste of the Year, the Emperor of Reggae and World Music – Bob Marley Award for Entertainer of the Year, the Gregory Isaacs Award for Best Song (Blessed), and the Toots Hibbert Award for Best Album/CD (for his album Upside Down), among several other musical awards.

In recognition of his philanthropic efforts, the entertainer has also been nominated for the Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award. Through his foundation, Buju has been making an impact in the lives of children in state care and other facilities. He has donated computers, tablets, and other electronic devices to allow needy students access to classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to providing scholarships. Buju goes up against Bounty Killer, Sharon Wiles, and Sonia Patterson for the Humanitarian award.

Bounty Killer is one of the artists that also picked up multiple nominations for this year’s IRAWMA, with six. Young performers Koffee and Popcaan also scored six nominations.

Veteran Beenie Man and newcomer Skip Marley picked up five nominations each, while multiple IRAWMA winners Gramps Morgan and Tarrus Riley scored four nominations each.

Vybz Kartel absent from nominations

In an unexpected twist, Gaza Boss Vybz Kartel was not among the nominees. The snub came as a shock to many as Vybz Kartel has featured on the nominee and winners list almost every year since the early 2000s. He has consistently featured in the Best Male Dancehall Artiste category, but this year, the competitors for that title will be Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Govana, and Popcaan.

Meantime, a surprise nominee came in the form of D’Angel, who will go up against heavyweights Spice and Shenseea for the Best Female Dancehall/Rap Artiste award.

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Vybz Kartel Details First Time Being Booed On Stage In 1991, Drops “X-Rated” Album

Even Vybz Kartel gets a taste of the tough Jamaican live music audience.

Vybz Kartel has often been viewed as one of Jamaica’s most prolific and talented songwriters. For years, he has been able to consistently release chart-topping singles, many of which have made their way onto various Billboard charts. Despite the fact that he has been imprisoned since 2011, the artiste known as the “Worl’Boss” continues to outperform his competitors.

On Friday, March 19, Kartel gave his fans a treat when he released a mini-album titled X-Rated. The new album was released under the Short Boss Muzik and Vybz Kartel Muzik labels and features nine tracks, which is an assortment of music and interludes from the dancehall artist.

Vybz Kartel has long regarded himself as the holder of an “alien brain,” solely based on his musical abilities. He has now revealed the specific time and place he was possessed with his celestial abilities on “Solid Boo,” a track from the new album. As the title states, the interlude speaks of a time the deejay’s courage and persistence was put to the test when he was ridiculed while on stage. The “booing” incident took place in the early 1990s when what many now define as one of the best eras of the dancehall was starting to take root.

At the time, a teenage Vybz Kartel, who went by the name Addi Banton, resided in the hot and tormented community of Waterford, Portmore. As Kartel explains in his signature baritone voice mixed with a slight taste of mischief, he and a friend had snuck out of their homes to attend a stage show. Being confident in his deejaying skills, the young Kartel took to the stage and deejayed, “Di gyal bruk out like ah big dutty sore, lawd! She f*** down di whole a Portmore.”

Sadly, the biting lyrics were not well received as he had hoped, and what followed next was a resounding “Boooooooooo.” Vybz Kartel further explained that the MC made matters worse when he implied that he and his lyrical partner had not only made a mockery of himself but the craft on a whole. “Jah know star dem yute yah make the deejay ting look haad.”

It’s not often that one hears about the great Vybz Kartel not owning any stage that he steps onto. This is due to the fact that the man now regarded as Di Teacha became a student of criticism that very night. The argument he got into with his dad upon his return from the event at 4 o’clock in the morning was not enough to deter him from writing ten songs that very same day. Hereby marks the beginning of the Vybz Kartel millions around the world have now come to love, fear, admire, and most of all, respect. The story also brings across a very profound message to a project titled X-Rated.

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Vybz Kartel still had a host of hurdles to skip over before he was able to be regarded as the King of Dancehall. His connections with Bounty Killer, one of Jamaica’s greatest musical products, provided Kartel with an outlet for his creativity before his name was known by the masses.

Penning songs for Bounty Killer and other members of the “Warlord” led Alliance was a common practice for the “Unstoppable” singer. In turn, Killer brought that much-coveted spotlight to Vybz Kartel and the other acts under his wing. The relationship between Killer and Kartel would later go sideways, leading the latter to form his own musical outfit, Portmore Empire.

Kartel would go on to also spearhead much of the writing in the camp during the group’s heyday, which resulted in Empire becoming one of the hottest collections of artists in dancehall. The likes of Jah Vinci, Popcaan, NotNice, Lisa Hyper, Rvssian, Spice, and numerous other entertainers and producers have all benefitted from Vybz Kartel’s pen game, and they continue to heap praises onto him to this day.

Bounty Killer & Lady Saw Mines RIAA Gold With No Doubt 20 Years Later

Bounty Killer and Lady Saw both earn RIAA gold certifications with No Doubt 20 years after their hits.

The two dancehall icons collaborated with No Doubt in 2001 on two singles that were mega-hits back then. Bounty Killer collaborated with the pop band on “Hey Baby,” while Lady Saw collaborated on “Underneath It All.” Both singles were produced by legendary duo Sly & Robbie and are now certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), meaning they both sold over 500,000 copies in the United States.

The singles appeared on No Doubt’s classic album, Rock Steady, which was certified double platinum by the RIAA in October 2002. The project is now inching towards triple platinum certification with over 2.8 million copies sold in the United States. It’s also certified platinum in Canada by the Canadian equivalent to the RIAA, Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA).

“Hey Baby” earned No Doubt and Bounty Killer a Grammy award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards in 2003. The song saw major commercial success, but the music video created quite a bit of controversy, especially for Bounty Killer and his massive dancehall fan base in Jamaica and its diaspora. The final cut for the music video features No Doubt’s drummer Adrian Young appearing nude in one scene. The injection of that scene in the cut infuriated Bounty Killer, who asked the group to edit out that scene before releasing it. The video was eventually released with the nude scene with minimal censorship, which further infuriated the dancehall legend.

The video caused a rift between Bounty Killer and No Doubt, resulting in him boycotting several of their planned performances and almost never performed at the Superbowl with the band. Bounty spoke about the issue in 2017 during an interview where he expressed his anger almost two decades later.

“When I saw that naked man in the video I wanted to kill No Doubt literally,” Bounty said at the time. “It caused a big problem, it caused publishing problems, it caused relationship problems, everything broke down because that sh*t wasn’t in the video. It was a two-day shoot in California and Mike Myers shoot the f***ing video and no naked guy was in it, a naked guy has nothing to do with the storyline of the f***ing song. So when I saw it I told them take that sh*t out. Because that sh*t is going to cause me problems in my culture.”

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man were still at the height of their infamous feud, and of course, Beenie pounced on the opportunity to use it against his rival. Although Bounty and Beenie have mend fences since it’s unclear if Killer and No Doubt ever repaired their broken relationship over the music video.

Despite the controversies sparked by the video, the song saw major commercial success where it peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reached the top ten in several major music markets worldwide.

No Doubt and Lady Saw’s “Underneath It All,” which was also released on the album Rock Steady, was released as a single in mid-2002 and would go on to see major commercial success. To date, it’s the band’s highest-charting US single, peaking at No. 3 on the Hot 100 chart and spent two weeks at that position.

Just like “Hey Baby” did in the prior year, “Underneath It All” earned No Doubt and Lady Saw a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 2004 at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards. Lady Saw didn’t appear in the music video for the track.

Bounty Killer Previews Busy Signal Collab Off New Album “King Of Kingston”

Bounty Killer gave fans a preview of his forthcoming album, King Of Kingston.

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is getting ready to release a brand new album, the first time in nearly two decades. The ‘Poor People’s Governor” told recently told reporters that the upcoming album will be “a definite treat for dancehall fans.” Bounty offered a snippet of what fans can experience from the soon-to-be-released album. The preview was of a track with his former protege, dancehall artiste Busy Signal.

The preview was shared via Instagram from King Jammy’s studio. The short clip had the fans and followers in a frenzy as they eagerly await the full version of the track titled “Bang Bung.”

“Turf president and di General nothing nuh normal…,” came one comment.”

The upcoming album is titled King of Kingston and is a follow up to this Ghetto Diary released by VP Records in 2002. Grammy Award-winning artiste Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley leads the charge as the executive producer of the project. Gong and Killer have previously collaborated on “Khaki Suit,” released in 2005.

Bounty Killer is still coming off a high from his Verzuz’ battle’ last year with longtime rival turned friend Beenie Man. The online ‘battle’ was streamed over a million times and helped to draw attention to the two dancehall veterans. The increase in publicity led to both Beenie and Bounty announcing that they had brand new albums in the pipeline. The gains from the Verzuz battle are still bountiful, with both Bounty Killer and Beenie also gaining equity shares following the sale of Verzuz. Bounty’s discography is already decorated with some stellar cuts from the 90s and even a Grammy win through his controversial collaboration “Hey Baby” with the now-defunct Pop group, No Doubt.

We are sure his fans cannot wait for this album to be released after a near 20 year hiatus. For the most part, Bounty has been tight-lipped about the exact date that the project will hit streaming services, but all indications point to some time this year.

2021 is shaping up to be a great year in music for Jamaica, with albums from the likes of Shenseea, Beenie Man, Intence, Bounty Killer, among others.

Not Just Bounty Killer, Popcaan Also Bury Mavado Beef Amid His Mother’s Death

Popcaan follows Bounty Killer and also end his beef with Mavado following the Gullyside singjay mother’s passing.

Dancehall artiste Mavado is currently mourning the death of his mother, Elizabeth “Ms. Pinny” Gordon, who passed away suddenly last week. The entire entertainment fraternity has rallied behind the “Gully Side” artiste as he goes through this time of bereavement. He has gotten numerous sympathetic messages and words of encouragement even from persons once considered rivals. One artist who has reached out is Popcaan, with whom he had a long-standing beef.

In a heartfelt Instagram Story upload directed to Mavado, Popcaan wrote, “Keep yo meds firm up same way singer, keep fighting the fight, condolences to you and your family, tough times for everybody, stay up!” he also added, “Unruly wish bad on no one.” It is good to see that despite whatever past differences they may have had, this may just be the first stepping stone to mend those broken fences. Another artist that has not been a big fan of Mavado, Bounty Killer, also expressed condolences and seemingly bury their old feud.

Popcaan IG | Mavado

Popcaan and Mavado have been beefing since the Unruly Boss’s days under the tutelage of Vybz Kartel, his arch-nemesis. Things appeared to have cooled down at one point, and as they appeared, Snoop Dogg’s “Lighters Up” in 2013.

That truce did not last long, and they both started doing diss tracks aimed at each other. Late last year, their long-standing rivalry seems to be very much alive, with Popcaan referring to Mavado as “irrelevant” during an interview. Drake got in on the action at one point as he took aim at Mavado. The Gullyside leader who now resides in Florida released “Enemy Line” to clapback at both Popcaan and Drake.

Mavado has quite a full plate at this point. Apparently, the day his mother died was also the day scheduled for his son was sentencing after being convicted of murder earlier this year. It was, however, later postponed to March 19. The culture of dancehall is once again shifting towards a greater sense of unity as more past rivals try to bury the hatchet.

Mavado, Snoop Dogg, and Popcaan

Popcaan recently appeared on collaboration for Beenie Man’s new album, another artiste he had issues with. The Unruly Boss has also mended past wounds with Bounty Killer.

One artist who has also been very vocal on unity in the dancehall area is Sean Paul, who is currently preaching a message of “collaboration over confrontation.” The most decorated Jamaican entertainer of the modern era recently dropped his Live N Livin album, which is compromised of a handful of collaborations with other artists spanning different genres. We can only hope this trend is one that continues.

Bounty Killer Bury Beef With Mavado, Publicly Support Vado Amid Mother’s Death

Bounty Killer bury his beef with one of his students, Mavado.

Dancehall entertainer Mavado has been getting major support from members of the dancehall fraternity, including rival Bounty Killer, amidst the recent death of his mom. The “Dying” deejay took to Instagram over the weekend to express his love and admiration for his mom. In a recent post, he recounted his commitments to a more promising future for his mother and just how he delivered on that promise for the lady he calls his best friend. Cassava Piece native Elizabeth’ Ms. Pinny’ Gordon passed away suddenly at a Kingston hospital.

Several entertainers have been mourning the loss of their moms in recent years. Beenie Man, Shenseea, and Shabba Ranks are just a few of the names who have had to live through the gut-wrenching pain of losing one of the most important women in their lives. Dancehall icon Bounty Killer may have lost his mom nearly a decade ago. However, Miss Ivy’s death remains fresh in the minds of Bounty. His frequent mention of her in his music and during interviews has cemented her name among members of the dancehall fraternity. Similarly, Mavado has made mention of his mom in numerous songs such as 2017’s “Mama” and an earlier hit, Serani’s “Mama Still Hungry,” on which he was featured.

While the relationship between Killer and Vado remains a strained one, the Warlord shared his condolences to his former protege. An image of Mavado alongside his mom was posted by Killer along with the following caption:

“Jah know star I just want to send my deepest sympathy and condolences to @mavadogully and his family on the passing of his mom despite our situation. I know the void and emptiness cause by the loss of a mom it’s a very sad street that we all have to trod one day prayers goes out stay strong.”

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A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

As the cliche goes, Mavado and Bounty Killer were once as thick as thieves. That all changed in 2011 when gunshots rang out outside of the then-popular Kingston nightclub, QUAD. The gunfire took place as Mavado was entering the nightclub to party with Killer at his annual birth-night bash. The shooting incident, which involved security and Mavado’s entourage, claimed the life of Mavado’s close friend Conroy Edwards. At that exact moment, the battle lines were drawn, as Bounty blamed his musical son for causing the major disruptions at his event. Mavado kept Killer at bay for not showing any sympathy upon hearing about the passing of his friend.

As with other members who left the Alliance, a musical war was soon on its way. Gully frontrunners Chase Cross and Flexxx fired shots at Alliance. The Warlord returned fire with “Death Work,” which took aim at Vado’s Alliance with We The Best Music, ran by Miami-based Dj Kahled. It is reported that the two have engaged in cordial conversations over the years. However, their relationship has never been the same.

Bounty Killer’s heartfelt caption was given the green light by a number of persons in the industry, such as Dovey Magnum, Jesse Royal, and Beenie Man. Bounty Killer showed tremendous support to his one-time rival Beenie Man when his mom passed last year.

Mavado has also received additional support below his two recent posts. The likes of producer Romario English, Ishawna, Lila Ike’, Baby Cham, Agent Sasco, and many others have also offered kind words to Gully Gad during his time of grief.

Spragga Benz & Buju Banton Calls Out Pro-Vaccine Dancehall Artists

Spragga Benz and Buju Banton doesn’t agree with Bounty Killer and other dancehall artists pro-vaccine message.

Earlier this week, the Jamaican government received the first shipment of the much sought-after COVID-19 vaccine. Prior to its arrival from India, there had been much debate as to who would be rolling back their sleeves to take what could be one of the most important impalements of their lives. Conspiracy theorists have been quite vocal about their stance on the ‘deadly’ Covid-19, the pandemic, and the rushed vaccine. Though these people are prevalent around the world, it is the varying positions taken by Jamaican entertainers and the subsequent pushbacks they have been receiving that have Caribbean locals talking.

Both Buju Banton and Spragga Benz have lashed out at the government’s protocols to quell the spread of the virus.

Buju Banton went on an “anti-mask-wearing” tirade late last year via Instagram, for which he received some backlash. Adopting a very Darwinian stance as it relates to “survival of the fittest,” several persons, including his children, criticized his standing on the matter.

From all indications, he has not backed down, recently joining fellow entertainer Spragga Benz in criticizing the government’s latest actions.

Before Spragga stuck it to the government, he seemingly made a bit of time to comment on Bounty Killer’s recent pro-vaccine post. On Monday, the self-proclaimed Poor People Governor shared a poster for an impending show which he and fellow entertainer Beenie Man would be headlining in Ibiza, Spain, later this year. In his caption, he urged his Instagram followers to get vaccinated so as not to miss out on the opportunity to see the one-time rivals perform live.

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A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

Spragga took Instagram to express his disgust toward Bounty’s call to action.

“Mi see some BIG BAD Jamaican artist promoting di vaxi agenda already… either dem get a promise or dem really dunce to the program,” he said.

A newspaper article published a day later further angered Benz. The attention-grabbing headline expressed that the Jamaican government would be granting immunity to the makers of the vaccine. This means the company would not be liable if persons became ill after taking the vaccine.

“Unoo agoh bawl fi Jah…. MEMBA ME SPRAGGA BENZ SAY DAT…COVID vaccine manufacturers to get protection from lawsuits!” He chanted on social media.

He further questioned if the government should not be responsible for protecting its people over a vaccine company.

Aside from Spragga Benz and Buju Banton, other entertainers have voiced anti-vaccine sentiments, including Sizzla, Tony Rebel, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, and Lee’ Scratch Perry. On the flip side, entertainers who have voiced their willingness to take the jab include Shaggy, Ce’cile, Macka Diamond, and Bounty Killer.

Jamaica’s Entertainment Sector Eyes Full Reopening On COVID-19 Vaccine Arrival

Jamaica got its first batch of Covid-19 vaccines on Monday, and entertainment industry stakeholders are paying close attention. Artistes and entertainment industry bigwigs are already hopeful about the positive effects we could all see over the next couple of months.

The entertainment industry has been pegged back since March 2020, when Jamaica recorded its first case of Covid-19. Daily counts have now begun to strike fear into the hearts of citizens, as the country records 800 and more persons per day being infected with the virus. A cumulative total of 27,465 cases with 460 fatalities was documented on Tuesday of this week.

There have been numerous questions surrounding the recent spike in cases, with many people pointing fingers at several illegal social gatherings and events taking place across the island despite tighter curfews. While speaking to Jamaican Observer, popular Kingston-based selector Boom Boom explained that he doesn’t believe the events being held significantly contribute to the rise in numbers.

“It has nothing to do with the parties. The spike is because people are travelling. I don’t think the illegal parties have affected the Government’s decision to reopen the industry. They were just waiting on proper vaccination,” he said.

He added that he has already started to feel the positive effects of the vaccine, even before its arrival to the island earlier this week.

“It’s going to be a big turnaround. Some of the most popular shows in England will be held starting June 21st and the promoters have reached out to me for bookings. The clubs and theatres in New York open up back and promoters here in Jamaica reach out to me to book me for this summer. The vaccine reach and I think the Government was waiting on that to start free up back the place,” he told The Observer.

Other Jamaican entertainers have also voiced their support for the vaccine in hopes of getting their livelihood and careers back on track.

Bounty Killer supports fans getting COVID-19 vaccine

One of the more shocking supporters is Bounty Killer, who shared a post to his Instagram account urging fans to take the vaccine to attend his joint performance with Beenie Man in Spain later this year.

“October 1st-4th Ibiza!! Gwaan tek unuh vaccine keep the date lock een and stay up like caffeine,” Bounty wrote in the caption of his post.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

Grammy award-winning Jamaican entertainer Shaggy also previously expressed that he would be taking the vaccine once it becomes available.

Two of the genre’s biggest female acts, Macka Diamond and Ce’Cile, both explained that while some were hesitant due to how quickly the vaccine had been made, it has become the only logical way forward.

“I don’t want anybody to keep telling me it is wrong but cannot explain why. If them come out with a vaccine and the world can come back, and I can get back to doing my show dem, I am good with that. Right now mi hot, and the people dem a call me,” Macka said.

“I am aware of all the concerns and I am hesitant [just] like everyone else. However, I do not have the luxury of sitting in Jamaica and sleeping while I earn. It’s been a year of sitting…If anything, this pandemic has shown me is that I need to move more aggressive than I have ever been in my life and that means a lot of travelling. Even if I didn’t have to travel, I need to make sure I’m protected. Life needs to get back to normal,” Ce’Cile told The Observer.

She added, “I simply do not have a choice, for me it makes sense. So yes, I will be taking the vaccine.”

Numerous other reggae and dancehall representatives have lashed out against their fellow entertainers who support the vaccine.

In a post seemingly aimed at Bounty Killer, fellow veteran deejay Spragga Benz wrote, “Mi see some BIG BAD Jamaican artist promoting di vaxi agenda already… either dem get a promise or dem really dunce to the program.”

The likes of Sizzla, Chronixx, Buju Banton, and Kabaka Pyramid have also spoken out against the “pandemic” and the subsequent vaccine developed to combat it.

Jamaica’s ministry of health has already begun its vaccination procedures, with former leaders of the country, Bruce Golding and PJ Patterson, stopping by their respective health centers to be vaccinated.

Bounty Killer Shares Huge Celebration For Shabba Rank’s Late Mother In Seaview

Bounty Killer shared a video of a gathering in Kingston that has left fans dumbfounded about the lack of attention to covid-19 protocols.

It is often said that celebrities sometimes believe they are above the law. Fans are discussing this yet again after Bounty Killer shared a clip of an event he attended to honor dancehall icon Shabba Ranks’ mother, who recently passed. “Tribute to Mama Christie,” Bounty wrote in the caption on Instagram. “Seaview Gardens earlier today.” In the clip, it was clear that the venue was over capacity – at least considering the new protocols for gatherings due to the pandemic. There were well over a hundred people present.

Some fans were outraged and expressed that in the comment section of the post. “No mask that’s why the government can’t trust u guys to open up the entertainment business,” one fan wrote. “I always say the government should open the entertainment business and hold anybody that in control of the party accountable and I guarantee them will make sure the patrons wear mask but no I see why them don’t give u guys that responsibility.”

At this point, it’s hard to tell who hosted the event. Bounty Killer, who is originally from Seaview Gardens, was clearly in attendance as he shared the 12-minute video of the party on Instagram. However, he was no orchestrator. Therefore many are left to wonder how the government would even go about addressing this spectacle if they opt to.

Shabba Ranks’ mom was a well-respected elder of the community who will be missed dearly. That much we can tell from the massive turnout even in these times. It is said that Miss Christie, as she was affectionately known, would often cook for virtually everyone in her close-knit community. Thus she has inspired popular dancehall songs like “Shabba Mada Pot” by Dexta Daps, who is a Seaview Gardens native as well.

Though it would be understandable under normal circumstances why the memory of Shabba’s late mother ought to be honored with an event like this, most fans simply cannot see past the blatant disobedience of the residence who obviously care zero about the spread of covid-19. One fan who saw Bounty’s video on Instagram wrote, “All I see is covid.”

On the other side of the spectrum, there are dancehall fans who overlooked the unmasked crowd and instead celebrated their coming together. “Dem type a love ya we need inna di country, everybody jus support the life of Mama Christie. S.I.P have raised and [nurture] one of dancehall greatest pioneer. Condolences to the family,” wrote one supporter.

Beenie Man was recently charged for promoting and attending an event in Westmoreland where he was scheduled to perform. So have many other people who have breached the Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement Act across the country. These recent events might force the government to impose stricter rules to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Do you think the people at the gathering should face the consequences for not only the staggering numbers but also the fact that no one was wearing a mask?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

Travis Scott Clowned Over Potential Verzuz With Future

Travis Scott is getting clowned over a potential Verzuz with Future.

The Verzuz battle between R&B Queens Keyshia Cole and Ashanti is still patiently waiting in the wings after delays caused by Covid-19. Yet, if the rumors in circulation are actually true, hip hop fans could already be looking to save a date for yet another battle. The main question is, do Verzuz fans actually want to see Future and Travis Scott go head to head?

According to Timbaland’s manager, there are already talks about this Verzuz happening. Sadly, at this time, the general consensus surrounding that battle is pointing to a resounding ‘No.’ Both Future and Travis Scott have shown that they have the star quality one needs to attract millions of sales/streams and fans to their live events when that was actually a thing.

That is still not enough for some fans who believe that, for starters, there is too big of a cap between the start of their musical careers. 37-year-old Future started his career in the early 2000s, while 28-year-old Scott’s history began in 2012. In addition to the nearly decade long gap, fans fear that Future’s ability to deliver the goods on a mainstream level while keeping his ears to the streets will prove too much for the “Highest In The Room” rapper.

The Verzuz duo of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have been doing a great job so far with the battles they have brought to entertainment deprived fans. The initial Verzuz battles started as simple setups between artistes using their phones or other devices. This was until the Verzuz battle between Jamaican veterans Beenie Man and Bounty Killer ushered in a new form of battle, with both members being in the same room and, most importantly, stable audio and internet connection. So far, we have seen the likes of Rick Ross vs. 2 Chainz, Too Short vs. E40, Patti LaBelle vs. Gladys Knight, Brandy vs. Monica, Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy, Fab vs. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg vs. DMX, and more battle in this format.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

With their selection team being on fire for 2020, fans were hoping that they would have selected something to the tune of Future vs. Young Thug to kick start 2021. Since there has not been any formal confirmation of that battle, there could still be time to give the fans what they want.

Travis Scott: M&M's, sweet like candy cane, Drop the top, pop it, let it bang..



— Hip Hop All Day (@HipHopAllDayy) January 19, 2021

Travis after 1 round

— Zack Fox (@zackfox) January 19, 2021

Travis after Future plays The Percocet and Stripper Joint

— Jaidan (@jaidvn) January 19, 2021

travis finna get bullied off the internet again

— Abdi ? (@JrWave19) January 19, 2021

travis when he hears march madness or codeine crazy start playing

— Stunna (@LilGreenCard) January 19, 2021

Travis Scott has been trending on Twitter since recent news of a Future & Travis Scott VERZUZ that is reportedly in the works. Who would win??

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) January 19, 2021

Bounty Killer Snubs Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Aidonia, Names ‘Pure’ Alliance Members

Bounty Killer is giving a shout out to the “pure four” Alliance members, leaving out notable dancehall stars Mavado, Aidonia, and Vybz Kartel.

Bounty Killer is always showing love on social media to both fans and other artists. The dancehall Godfather has never expressed any reservations about acknowledging other industry players regardless of rank. While we are fully aware that there is no bad blood between him and the previous members of his Alliance entourage, Bounty aroused suspicion in the minds of some fans when he posted a throwback photo of the Alliance squad sans Vybz Kartel, Mavado and Aidonia.

In the photo, Bounty Killer is huddled up with Alliance alums Wayne Marshall, Busy Signal, and Bling Dawg, “The pure four one of my favorite Alliance pic the king of Kingston and his king sons Holy Sunday,” he captioned the post. For some people, a compliment to one is not a slight to another, but for others, these things are not mutually exclusive. Fans took to the comments to point out the members of the clan who weren’t in the photo and lauded the ones that were for their loyalty to the camp.

“Di 3 most loyal soldiers,” one fan commented. “‘Pure’ being the main word,” another suggested. Some fans began to question why Vybz Kartel wasn’t in the photo, among others. In one comment, a Mavado stan said the We The Best Music dancehall star was the best product of the group. “Vado was the underdog but he came out on top and on of the best from the group,” they wrote.

Each of the noticeably absent former Alliance deejays went on to form their own factions in the dancehall community. For Vybz Kartel, that was the Portmore Empire, and by extension, the Gaza community, which spawned artists like Popcaan, Lisa Hyper, Jahvinci, and more. Mavado, also known as the Gully Gad, was, of course, the rival leader with the Gullyside entourage, and Aidonia started J.O.P and later 4th Genna. That being said, Bounty Killer acknowledging other Alliance members as the “pure four” is hardly a slight towards these other successful dancehall artists.

Do you think Bounty’s post implies that the absentees were impure?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

Spice Secures The Bag With Dancehall Trap Video “Duffle Bag”

Spice drop some gem with this dancehall trap crossover solo single “Duffle Bag.”

The cut was co-directed by the dancehall queen herself and the folks at Xtreme Arts. Since dropping the video was on Friday, Spice has been getting a lot of praise from fans and even some artists like Bounty Killer who gave her the thumbs up for her creativity as well as dropping something different. “A whole new dimension different time type of game,” Killer said.

The clip starts out with Spice rapping about her bag of cash while her girls count her money in the background. “I drop this booty when I see the stacks, In the Rolls-Royce I just laid back, Rolex on my wrist don’t tic tac, Price tag when I shop I don’t check that,” she raps over a trap beat. The video then transitions into Spice dropping it low and stunt on her haters in her Ghost and taking private jets.

Spice even name drop Cardi B in the cut rapping, “VIP I get I sip Sperone on my jet, I love my money just as much as Cardi B loves Offset, You hate my lifestyle cus I live so spoil, stacks pile check out my profile.” The dancehall diva became the first local artist to cross a million followers on Instagram. Let’s see if those followers translate into music video views. Check out the video for “Duffle Bag” below.

Vybz Kartel Celebrates 42nd Birthday In Good Spirit & Marks Milestone

Vybz Kartel is celebrating his 42nd birthday today (January 7th) in good spirit.

The incarcerated dancehall legend received a family visit from his kids who were brought to GP on Sunday afternoon. A rep for his label told us that he is in good spirit as he marks another milestone in his life and career. “The Worl’Boss is in great spirit and despite his incarceration, there are a lot of things to be thankful for,” his rep said.

We’re told that this year will mark 25 years since Vybz Kartel been in the music business and despite being incarcerated since 2011, he is showing no signs of slowing down. “25 years in dancehall and still active and more relevant than 99% of the artists is something to be thankful for and something to celebrate,” his rep added.

Vybz Kartel started his dancehall career in the early 90s as part of the group Vibes Cartel. The group was later disbanded and he took on the name Vybz Kartel by just changing up the spelling. However, his big success didn’t come until the early 2000s when Bounty Killer took him under his wings and lifted him up from an underground act to the mainstream of dancehall.

Bounty Killer, along with several other affiliated dancehall entertainers including Sean Kingston, Popcaan and NotNice have since wished Vybz Kartel a happy birthday on social media. “1time fi a real G long live.. #morelife,” Popcaan wrote while Sean Kingston added, “Happy birthday to the greatest in dancehall music period… @vybzkartel 1 more year Pon dem!!! Gwan hold di faith mi don freedom is a must!!! #vybzkartel #seankingston #Gaza.”

1time fi a real G long live.. #morelife ??

A post shared by 876GUD (@popcaanmusic) on Jan 7, 2018 at 11:18am PST

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentence for murder. His appeal trial is set for July of this year. He is eligible for parole after serving 35 years of his sentence.

Happy birthday to the greatest in dancehall music period… @vybzkartel 1 more year Pon dem!!! Gwan hold di faith mi don freedom is a must!!! #vybzkartel #seankingston #Gaza

A post shared by Sean Kingston (@seankingston) on Jan 7, 2018 at 10:23am PST

More life and prosperity, blessing pan yu birthday #nevaungrateful #notnicerecords ? @vybzkartel

A post shared by Notnice Records (@notnicerecords) on Jan 6, 2018 at 9:59pm PST

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Bounty Killer Urged Government To Pay Police Higher Wage

Bounty Killer is urging the Jamaican government to pay police officers a higher wage.

Killer has cemented his place in dancehall as one of the greatest of all time and when you go to one of his shows you can expect a full set of classics plus some heart to heart moments like his recent performance at 100 Live in Kingston on Wednesday night. The dancehall legend put on a show for his fans and also took timeout to sound off on a number of social and political topics including the ongoing fight between the police and the government over higher wages.

“Politician, unno cyaan make life hard and make it easier fi people do bad things, and den di crime rate escalate and leave it pan di police dem. Give the police dem di money,” Bounty Killer told the crowd. “Dem have police a do inna dis time when the crime rate so high nuh right. Andrew Holness, hold dis: ‘Give the police di money to fight the beast name crime.”

This is not the first time that Bounty Killer is sticking his neck out for the police force. Earlier this year, Bounty and Ninjaman met with Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, where the two dancehall legends gave motivational speeches to a group of police officers. Their efforts were well received, but of course Ninjaman is currently in prison for murder.

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Did Vybz Kartel and NotNice Make Peace?

Vybz Kartel and NotNice are friends again, possibly.

NotNice produced a number of hits for Vybz Kartel in the 2000s and was once the go-to producer for the dancehall ace, but in 2011 they had a bitter fallout that saw the incarcerated deejay sending armed men to confiscate the producer’s engineering equipment. The producer says that he was hurt by the incident and during a 2014 interview with ER, he said that he will never forgive the artist and former friend for what he did.

“No forgiveness cannot be there because there was no explanation,” NotNice said. “I was in thin air I don’t know what transpire. How should I forgive you when I give you a chance to explain yourself and you not even said anything.”

Seems that’s all now water under the bridge and NotNice may have now forgiven Kartel for what he did back then. The producer posted a photo of Vybz Kartel’s 2003 album Up 2 Di Time. What was special about that particular copy of the album is that it was given to him personally by the Gazanation Boss. “@djwizzzle from #2k3 Was a fan before mi produce the first song @vybzkartel nuff respect. Christmas eve 2003 #timeless,” NotNice wrote in the caption. What was even more striking was that Vybz Kartel liked the photo.

Sources told us that NotNice and Vybz Kartel are still not on speaking terms, but this is a gesture in the right direction. “They have a lot of history and make a whole lot of hits over the years so this could be a good thing for them to link back up and make music again,” our Gaza source said. “A decade is enough time to heal wounds and we already see signs that Kartel is making peace with other people who he once had issues with like Bounty Killer, Rvssian.”

In an interview in 2014, NotNice says that working with Vybz Kartel and Alkaline has damaged his career because of their controversial image including skin bleaching and lyrical content.

Dancehall Artists Reacts To Ninjaman Murder Conviction

The local dancehall fraternity has been reacting to Ninjaman murder conviction earlier this week.

The dancehall legend and his two co-accused are staring down a life sentence after being found guilty for killing 20-year-old Ricardo Johnson in March 2009. The conviction in Jamaica’s Supreme Court sent shock-waves through the dancehall community. Several of his peers in the genre including Bounty Killer, Mavado, D’Angel, and Bling Dawg have shared their reaction. “He was my first DJ Jah know star,” Mavado wrote.

“This is a very sad time for me right now I’ve know Ninja Man to be someone you can talk with in any situation, one that is always quick to resolve problems, especially the ones that often times develop amongst artist in the music industry,” D’Angel wrote on Instagram while asking for the deejay to get a second chance. “I’ve learnt to gain respect for Ninja throughout the years even more because I’ve seen how he helped a lot of people in need all over a man with a BIG heart.”

Bling Dawg wrote a lengthy statement condemning some fans who are attacking Ninjaman amidst his conviction. Bounty Killer repost that statement. “As I read the comments made towards you People are so cruel these days not knowing what truly happen that’s why me stay in a My Rass lane and no chat up to people cause at your low no BODY GIVES A F**K my prayers goes out to the two side of the family affected by this case I’m not a judge and I wasn’t there when whatever happen but I will say your a true legend. I send my blessing to you and the victims family and may god be with you all,” the dancehall deejay wrote.

He was my first DJ Jah know star ?

A post shared by David Brooks (@mavadogully) on Nov 21, 2017 at 5:54pm PST

Great words of sincerity bredda I’m with that also amen god is the real judge ?? ???? #Repost @thereal_blingdawg ??? As I read the comments made towards you People are so cruel these days not knowing what truly happen that's why me stay in a My Rass lane and no chat up to people cause at your low no BODY GIVES A FUCK my prayers goes out to the two side of the family affected by this case I'm not a judge and I wasn't there when whatever happen but I will say your a true legend. I send my blessing to you and the victims family and may god be with you all #ninjaman #historical Respect my exact words @kranium need not to say a words. Is like u write thru my thoughts! #RICKEYRUDIE #blingdwag #dawghouseproductions

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla) on Nov 21, 2017 at 10:23am PST

This is a very sad time for me right now?I've know Ninja Man to be someone you can talk with in any situation, one that is always quick to resolve problems, especially the ones that often times develop amongst artist in the music industry. I've learnt to gain respect for Ninja throughout the years even more because I've seen how he helped a lot of people in need all over?a man with a BIG heart?…I just truly hope when all is said and done God will smile on Ninja and turn around things for the better. I don't know what happened because i wasn't there, but all i can do is continue to pray for a second chance for the great Ninja. If you believe in miracle let us all join hands and pray? through God all things are possible #everyjudgerisasinner

A post shared by Michelle Downer (@dangelmusic) on Nov 21, 2017 at 6:33am PST


Masicka – Stop Talk To Me [New Music]

Masicka debuts his new single “Stop Talk To Me” on the Tide Riddim, produced by Cr203 Records.

The Genahsyde deejays about marijuana over the dancehall beat. “Nah hear wa them a say because mi high / Take mi brain out of the ghetto first and put in it a the sky / Highest set of weed a smoke just look in a mi eye / jump off a the plain the brain food it affi buy,” Masicka rhymes.

Since aligning himself with Vybz Kartel’s former business partner, Corey Todd, Masicka has seen a surge in his career both locally and internationally. This year he scored a number of hits including a song with Vybz Kartel “InfraRed.” He also recorded singles with artists like Bounty Killer and Ishawna. Listen to Masicka new song “Stop Talk To Me” on the Tide Riddim below.

Masicka Surrounds Himself With The Ladies and “Roll Clean” [Watch]

Masicka stays far from his haters and surrounds himself with the ladies in his new video “Roll Clean.”

The dark clip was directed by RD Studios and produced by Dunwell Productions. The two and a half minutes cut starts out with a shirtless Masicka spitting lyrics while a banging female used a spray can to write Genahsyde graffiti on a wall. 2017 has been a breakthrough year for Masicka who has aligned himself with businessman Corey Todd and has been pushing his Genahsyde brand locally and internationally.

This yea he scored a number of hits including one of the hottest songs in dancehall this year “InfraRed” with Vybz Kartel. He also lands collaborations with other acts like Bounty Killer and Ishawna, as well as, tour extensively overseas. The single “Roll Clean” is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify for streaming.

Beenie Man Denies Copying Bounty Killer “I Am Not A Pirate”

Beenie Man has denied Bounty Killer claims that the dancehall king copied his style back in the 1990s.

Killer recently did an interview where he criticized Beenie Man for bootlegging his style on the 1990s classic “Bad Man Wicked Man.” Speaking with Anthony Miller on ER last weekend, Beenie Man shy away from speaking too much on the issue but revealed that he got inspirations for the song from Terror Fabolous and Jigsy King.

“I don’t know what he is talking about,” Beenie said while referring to Bounty Killer. “First of all I am not a pirate.” The self-proclaimed king of the dancehall went on to outlined where he got inspirations for the classic dancehall banger.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have been longtime rivals in dancehall in a feud that spanned the greater part of the 90s decade. The two have been peace over the years, but now they have a dysfunctional family type of relationship where they support each other, but often criticize each other. In the same interview on ER, The Doc called out Bounty for his “petty” feud with Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn.

Beenie Man Upset With Bounty Killer For Feud With Foota Hype & Matterhorn

Beenie Man says he is upset with Bounty Killer for entertaining a feud with Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn.

Social media is the battlefield these days for a lot of the feud in dancehall. Artists throwing words against other artists and sound system selectors cursing out artists as in the case of Bounty and the two veteran disc jockeys. During an interview with Anthony Miller on ER, Beenie Man weights in on the feud while expressing his disappointment with his longtime rival Bounty Killer.

“I feel like competition is what keep you on your toes, keep you on the edge, it make you sharp and build faster lyrics,” Beenie said. “But when it gets to a point when it becomes disrespectful, I feel you should just squash it and you know just don’t deal with it. I am really upset with Bounty Killer to follow up with Foota Hype and Matterhorn with every picture you comment and retweet and send it. You’re a big man, you’re the warlard, the general of dancehall, so you don’t need to follow up no little man my lord.”

Beenie Man also spoke about how Bounty Killer helped both Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn becomes the big names in the disc jockey business that they are today.

Popcaan Calls Alkaline a “Wanna Be Don”

Popcaan is once again making his feelings towards Alkaline be known.

While Alkaline and Vybz Kartel fights over the dancehall “donship” title, Popcaan is choosing his side and natural he sided with the Gazanation don. The Unruly Boss took some shots at his dancehall rival over the weekend referring to him as a “wanna be don.” “So f***ing unruly Nuh Likkle wanna be don can’t fool me #outside,” Poppy wrote.

In case you were off the grid for a good minute, last week Alkaline and Vybz Kartel went buck heads while proclaiming themselves to be the don of dancehall. So Beenie Man already takes the king title and Bounty Killer takes the general title. Now it’s all about the “one don.” Kartel released a new single “Don’t Come Back” where he not only rip his baby mama but also proclaim himself as the don. “One don one don that’s me / Kartel, Worl’ Boss or Teach / Run street whether black or bleach,” he rhymes.

It didn’t take long after the song’s release for Alkaline to post on IG calling himself “1 Don.” Now it’s Popcaan’s turn to say something, and while he didn’t bestow the title onto himself, he basically said Vybz Kartel is the true don, not surprisingly.

Tony Matterhorn Says Bounty Killer Hiding His Gay Son

Tony Matterhorn is going in on Bounty Killer once again and this time he is alleging that Bounty Killer is hiding one of his sons who is gay.

The veteran selector and the dancehall legend have been beefing for quite some time now but in recent months the feud has reached an all-time high. Now Tony Matterhorn is saying that Bounty Killer crossed the line when he brought his kids into their feud. The disc jockey went a step further to insinuate that the Warlord has a gay son and a feud between himself and that son is what lead to the death of his mother Ms Ivy.

These claims will surely infuriate Bounty Killer who deeply loves his late mother. “Killer has a son name Qua who is gay,’ Matterhorn said. “And a that same son deh… Killer a you and that same son kill off Ms. Ivy, the war thats going on between you and that son don’t forget that and that lady was a lovely lady and it’s you and that son end that lady’s life and that is why you’re suppressing your demons.”

Tony Matterhorn even went after Bounty Killer son Major Mijah who is an aspiring artist claiming that he is “fruity.” He even told his fans on Instagram Live that Killer has herpes among a number of other things. Watch the video below.

Bounty Killer Still Cross Angry Miserable About No Doubt Naked Man In Video

Two decades later and Bounty Killer is still cross, angry and miserable about No Doubt putting a naked man in their “Hey Baby” music video.

The 2001 track is arguably Bounty Killer’s biggest hit to date with massive commercial success. The single peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reached the top ten in several countries around the world. But the nude scene played by Adrian Young during a Bounty Killer’s line that says “The way you rock your hips, you know that it amaze me” drove a wedge between the dancehall legend and the pop group.

The scene portrayed Bounty Killer as gay and being a gangster dancehall artist, that didn’t sit well with him. Killer canceled all further performances with the band and get them loose. Turns out that he is still very upset about it. During an interview with Quizz & Macedon last weekend, he opened up about how angry he was when he first saw the video.

“When I saw that naked man in the video I wanted to kill No Doubt literally,” Bounty said. “It caused a big problem, it caused publishing problems, it caused relationship problems, everything broke down because that sh*t wasn’t in the video. It was a two-day shoot in California and Mike Myers shoot the f***ing video and no naked guy was in it, a naked guy has nothing to do with the storyline of the f***ing song. So when I saw it I told them take that sh*t out. Because that sh*t is going to cause me problems in my culture.”

Bounty Killer said that No Doubt agreed to remove Adrian Young young naked scene where he was on gymnastics rings and they agreed but then still released the video with that scene. Killer said his relationship with No Doubt instantly broke down and that resulted in him not performing with the band at the American Music Awards that year.

Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer Dropping New Collaboration This Week

Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer have a new collaboration coming as early as this week.

The two dancehall legends have collaborated in the past on several singles, and Kartel even wrote a few hits for Bounty Killer in the early 2000s. But a bitter fallout between The Teacher and The Alliance put an end to their relationship in 2005. Seems they are both putting their differences aside and are making music again. The two deejays announced on Instagram over the weekend that they are dropping a new joint.

“[Bounty Killer] My daddy weh dem a go do when the #killakartelkollab drop?” Vybz Kartel wrote on IG. Killer responded saying, [Vybz Kartel] Beta dem just go find some weh go lidung or drop dung b4 it drop because when it drop nutn naah git up back dawg.”

Killer also said the collaboration will bring back some memories from their all-black Alliance days. Sources inside the Gaza told Dancehall HipHop that Bounty Killer recently paid Vybz Kartel a visit in prison and the two had a long conversation about their Alliance days and what’s happening in dancehall currently. They didn’t release the title of the single, but it will arrive sometime this week.

Vybz Kartel also posted a throwback photo of himself, Wayne Marshall, and Bounty Killer while clapping back at some recent reports about his weight. “Me , big Breda and DADDY!!! #AllianceDays …BTW dem say me get skinny. Apart from 2014 family day pic at horizon,when was VybzKartel ever fat? Smh #AllianceToGaza,” he wrote.

Watch Vybz Kartel In Prison In Busta Rhymes & Tory Lanez “Girlfriend” video

Busta Rhymes drop the video for his Vybz Kartel and Tory Lanez-assisted single “Girlfriend.”

This is perhaps the first time that Vybz Kartel is making a live appearance in a music video since his arrest in 2011. The world has been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here thanks to Busta Rhymes. The video features cameos from a bunch of local Jamaican dancehall celebrities like Beenie Man, Foota Hype, Junior Reid, Spice, and Bounty Killer.

The cut was directed by Benny Boom and Busta Rhymes and starts out with Beenie Man picking up the hip-hop legend at the airport with his fleet of luxury vehicles. Busta then link up with his crew on a yacht and hit the Jamaican waters. The rapper then link up with some dancehall godfathers before visiting Vybz Kartel at the maximum security Tower Street Prison, aka GP. The cut features the incarcerated dancehall star behind bars while delivering a killer verse. Everyone is wondering how Busta Rhymes manage to get that cut, still a mystery, but this is Jamaica.

Busta then left from the prison and link up Foota Hype party in Kingston with Tory Lanez and the rest of the dancehall crew, including Spice, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, and Junior Reid. The single “Girlfriend” was released over the summer on Conglomerate Entertainment and Epic Records labels.

Bounty Killer Brought Out Aidonia and Masicka On Same Stage

Bounty Killer is perhaps the only dancehall star that can let Aidonia and Masicka make peace.

Although the two warring dancehall hitters are yet to make piece, they both performed on the same stage with dancehall legend Bounty Killer. Masicka joined The 5 Star general to perform their smash hit “Top Rank” and then The General called up Aidonia to perform “From Them Diss.” Bother Donia and Masicka weren’t present on the stage at the same time, but Killer noted that he wants them to make peace.

“We have to do that as a leader and then I am affiliated with them I don’t know these youths personally,” Bounty Killer said. “They all came under my wing, Aidonia use to be under my wing and he still looks for guidance from me if he needs it and Masicka now seems to be under my guidance, not under my wing, but I am affiliated with him and we are performing together so I have to end up being a guide.”

Bounty Killer also added that he personally spoke to them about their beef. “I told them to sing against each other but don’t fling or sling,” he added.