Busta Rhymes – Deep Thought Lyrics

[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
Baby, you want me?
Well, I want you, too
You can have me
If I can have you, too
Come to mommy
Let me relax you
Let me comfort you
In deep thought, baby?
Tell me what’s on your mind
Yo, yo, yo

Smoking cigarettes, blow the smoke out
Can’t believe the shit that’s happening to me
When I need a place to be tranquil, meditate, think ’bout what really matter
Go and rest my head on my shawty booby
She run her fingers through the new dread I’m growing
Peep the way my day might have been overwhelming, tryna rеlax a nigga
If you listening and you catch the picture
You might see mе laying ‘tween my shawty legs holding a glass of liquor
And she keep rubbing my head, asking me to talk to her, I don’t even respond
Hold my hand, middle finger, tickle my palm
My shawty stay relaxed, she understand a nigga going through something
When I’m at home, ain’t no never need for the fronting
My voice going, I’m sounding like a frog, doing shows back to back
Partially why niggas reluctant to talk
They get their way when niggas start rubbing my hand, massaging my back
They start confessing to all the shit I was taught
Applying what I was taught to the point if you ain’t right, I will slap you
While becoming your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper
Then it all feels like the shit was in vainness, but I’m bringing it harder
Losing Chris Lighty and then losin’ my father
I’m bittersweet, so I promised my momma I’ma become a martyr
And every day that pass, I move a little smarter
That’s why I work so hard, I try expanding business a little larger
To get my son a Range and my daughter a Charger
But I feel cheated ’cause Chris and my father, they ain’t right here to see it (Wow son)

Well like I said, ’cause they ain’t right here to see it
Despite my heart was suffered, I’m still undefeated
I give ’em what they need and got ’em wildin’ ’til this niggas is coo-coo
We ain’t screaming “Violator” like we used to
You ask me what’s on my mind, baby, well I’ma serve you
There ain’t no statue of limitation when it comes to murder
You ever heard a nigga like me stay on top of shit
Won’t let it rest ’til we get to the bottom of it
Yeah, and they know who I’m talking to
Because they Busta Rhymes fans, but probably not after this song is through
The f*ck I’m ‘posed to do?
When this be the shit that I be thinking when I’m ‘posed to be honest when I talk to my boo
My shawty probably mad
‘Cause I ain’t supposed to share these conversations when we sharing moments like this out the blue
But then I got her blessing so that I can share this with y’all
Because she feel the way I feel, a lot of others, too
In any event, this the shit I’m thinking
Some of the many things that I’ve got on my mind, shawty
That’s probably why I smoke and I keep on drinkin’
‘Cause I need closure for my mind, soul and my body
Good days and bad days is part of the process
Buildin’ with my shawty, escaping the nonsense
And though I continue to keep it honest, thought process is complex
To keep your balance and focus on progress
That be the concepts despite the fights internally fought
Those who were there for daddy, thanks for your support
And when I’m long-term thinking, see, the terms these niggas think on is short
They hate when I spot ’em, now they throwing me salt
That’s how my mind travel like I’m in a Caribbean resort
Ponderin’ on shit when I’m in deep thought (You and I—)

Dave East and Wiz Khalifa Goes “Phone Jumpin” In New Video

Dave East and Wiz Khalifa drops the visuals for their collaborative single “Phone Jumpin.”

The cut is featured on East’s new album Paranoia: A True Story. The Sebastian Sdaigui and Fidel Ruiz-Healy-directed video was inspired by Busta Rhymes infamous video “Gimme Some More.” The cut starts out with a kid watching TV while wearing a Ski Mask. The screen then suddenly put him in a trance. The visuals then transitioned into a warehouse with Dave East rapping while face-painted contortionists pop up and some smoking hot ladies.

Wiz Khalifa appeared in his scene counting stacks of cash in a bathtub with bats flying around him. The two rappers then link up for a crime spree while rapping on top of cop cars with police helicopters hovering above them. The single “Phone Jumpin” also sampled Busta Rhymes classic “Gimme Some More” and Dave East ensures that he stays true to the music video theme for the original song. East new album Paranoia: A True Story was released in August and has since scored a few bangers.

He is currently working on his next album due sometime early next year.


Watch Vybz Kartel In Prison In Busta Rhymes & Tory Lanez “Girlfriend” video

Busta Rhymes drop the video for his Vybz Kartel and Tory Lanez-assisted single “Girlfriend.”

This is perhaps the first time that Vybz Kartel is making a live appearance in a music video since his arrest in 2011. The world has been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here thanks to Busta Rhymes. The video features cameos from a bunch of local Jamaican dancehall celebrities like Beenie Man, Foota Hype, Junior Reid, Spice, and Bounty Killer.

The cut was directed by Benny Boom and Busta Rhymes and starts out with Beenie Man picking up the hip-hop legend at the airport with his fleet of luxury vehicles. Busta then link up with his crew on a yacht and hit the Jamaican waters. The rapper then link up with some dancehall godfathers before visiting Vybz Kartel at the maximum security Tower Street Prison, aka GP. The cut features the incarcerated dancehall star behind bars while delivering a killer verse. Everyone is wondering how Busta Rhymes manage to get that cut, still a mystery, but this is Jamaica.

Busta then left from the prison and link up Foota Hype party in Kingston with Tory Lanez and the rest of the dancehall crew, including Spice, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, and Junior Reid. The single “Girlfriend” was released over the summer on Conglomerate Entertainment and Epic Records labels.

Busta Rhymes Drop Vybz Kartel & Tory Lanez Single “Girlfriend” [Listen]

Busta Rhymes taps Vybz Kartel and Tory Lanez for his new single “Girlfriend” take a listen to the banger below.

The hip hop icon first hinted at the new track last month while he was in Jamaica doing some recording and even shoot a music video. Busta Rhymes has very strong Jamaican roots and has always been a huge fan and close friend of Vybz Kartel. Tory Lanez comes naturally when you think of an island feel record so it’s no surprise that he was also included in the single. Busta has been active in hip hop for more than two decades after his massive commercial success in the mid-1990s.

Rhymes also injected some patois in his lyrics making it a compelling homage to Jamaica and the culture that gave rise to hip hop. The hard hitting bass heavy joint was produced by legendary New York producer Rockwilder. The famed producer previously makes hits for the likes of JAY-Z, Mary J. Blige, Method Man & Redman, LL Cool J, and 50 Cent. Vybz Kartel has been behind bars since 2011 but he has remained relevant in dancehall despite his physical absence. These days when you talk about GOAT in the Jamaican genre, his name is always in the mix.

Tory Lanez tweeted about the song in July while sharing his excitement about working with the two legends on Twitter. “I can’t believe I did a song with Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel …. Like WTF,” he wrote. Now we can all share that same excitement because the single is dope.

“Nicki Minaj booty squeeze it / Bet yo say yo love stew peas / RiRi she have a fat coochie / Beyonce big up JAY-Z / Ten gal in a me Benz its a sexUV / F*** pon the seat mek the bedroom see it / Plug in me mattic fi go pon the street,” Vybz Kartel deejay.

Busta Rhymes – Montana of 300 lyrics

Lyrics Montana of 300 – Busta Rhymes

My warriors
Be glorious
Twenty-eight, Twenty two, now stories up
So keep my dick up out your mouth don’t be twisting the story up
I’m from Chiraq but caught my first body up in Peoria
Hit you with no delaying
So what you saying ho
All my lyrics is groundbreaking that Super Saiyan flow
Yeah my .40 cal bang more
That pops off of Wayans bros
Wet up s**t like the rain though
This what we trained for
I am off of the chain hoe
Call me the Django
Rap god or the dang GOAT both in the same boat
On these tracks I’m Usian Bolt
Nothing has came close
This is what I get payed for
Dropping grenades hoe
Just bought broski a Draco
I give him the say-so
Black mask like he Space Ghost
Try me like Dej Loaf
I ain’t gotta call my hittas up I’ll come and get rid of you
Smiling looking sinister
Pull up in somethin’ tinted up
Body you and then I lay low like Forest Whitaker
Then go up lift my brothers and sisters like I’m the minister
I ain’t perfect with my kids if I ain’t working
I encourage higher learning I’m teaching through fire verses
Till the day we lie in hearses
I’m fighting the lying serpent
Ride and lurking
Hit you p*ssies make sure you don’t die a virgin
Johnny Torture
Tire burning.(busta rhymes)

I’m fancy like writing cursive
Rap God I’m way to real to have someone come write my verses
Dangerous versuri-lyrics.info
You know this ain’t a game to us
My bang will bust
These bullets hit your brains and guts
Get changed to dust
Ain’t no one else to blame but us
You strange to us
Fu niggas cannot hang with us
You lame to us
These other rappers plain to us
My labels tough
Like KD back with James and Russ
Word to my mother I’m
Eating like supper time
I come from trouble times
I knew the sun would shine
Im hot like summertime
Dreaded like Busta Rhymes
My girl so f*cking fine
Mo’ cake than Duncan Hines
They said Hip-Hop was dead
But i came just in time
My bars hold hella weight
B***h I’m just pumping iron
This is serious
These f*ck niggas on my dick and they fear me cause
I made them bleed like a b***h on her period
Banana clips for you monkeys if you curious
This is that part of chess
I got you all in check
They thought I wouldn’t make it
I made them all regret
I ball so f*cking hard
The ref might call a tech
Might hit the mall and flex
My sons and my daughter fresh
I’ll never sell my soul
B***h i won’t fall for that
You can’t get me to change
You got to call collect
Nike just like me my nigga I am a walking check
I’m more than blessed and more calculated than architects
I’m who they call the best
Flew from a falling nest
If I feel y’all a threat
We outside of y’all address
You don’ f’d up all black we dressed up
Put a clip up to his head give that boy a fresh cut
Driving dirty with no Ls i was living reckless
Swerving serving pounds just to get my check up
Had 20 on my wrist 20 on my necklace
Balled every time you see me just like Uncle Fester
I ran into the law man that s**t was messed up
Never fold under pressure mother f*ck them questions
Your niggas harmless; mine dangerous like Coolio
Don’t get nailed with this hammer I stay with the tooly, yo
I be strapped at every show even strapped at the studio
Just know that when you see these clips you ain’t watching no movie though
No I don’t give a f*ck who he run with or who he know
I bet I leave them in the past give it to them like Rubio
Aw s**t he catching bullets like Julio
I got green in my pants you just hating like Rufio
For acting funny like Chris Rock I’ll smoke them like pookie, hoe
I got powers like a monster and I’m saucing I’m groovy, hoe
And I’ve been rocking Bandannas since Weezy and Juve hoe
Yeah my belt and shoes Louis my glasses is Gucci though
When you hustling watch for rats man the s**t can get spooky though
You got to get it then get out I learned that from the movie Blow
SQUADDD!(busta rhymes)
Montana of 300 lyrics
Video Rhymes

Dizzy Wright – Fraud Lyrics

Dizzy Wright – Fraud Lyrics

[Intro: Dizzy Wright]
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Niggas might not like this one yeah
It’s all good in the hood
We don’t disrespect the game over here
Never have never will
Oh no no no yiggity yomp to the yomp yomp
Check it out

[Hook: Dizzy Wright]]
Smoke out conversations with my dogs
We respect them niggas on the chart
But you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
And you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
These one hit wonders buzzing while I’m strategizing
Kicking that real shit for them while they analyzing
Brodie acting like he wrote it but he didn’t wrote
Yo you should be convicted with the quickness
Get them out I been swimming used to get them out
Fuck these major labels that get these artist and pimp ’em out
Damn they always coming and going its someone different now
Look I ain’t have a penny to my name and now I’m feeling proud
Like I’m holy ghosting
Look I’m a solo dolist
I hope you can over stand that we don’t all come from roaches
So I hope you can tell the difference between soft and ferocious
Funny how they changed the game and weird niggas got all the focus
Wait I ain’t no racist no
But this that black magic Tracy McGrady dog
That Mos Def and Talib Kweli 1980 flow
That means I’m a black star
No that just means theirs too many frauds and I can’t take no more
Say no more

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[Hook: Dizzy Wright]]
Smoke out conversations with my dogs
We respect them niggas on the chart
But you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
And you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
I won’t tolerate the disrespect no more
Play me now I’m Harden with that left for sure
Feeling like I’m Busta Rhymes before he cut the dreads
On Friday’s I’m cold as Ice Cube like Craig
Now I’m on your head
Aye yo quitting would be your best interest
Some of these rappers is terrible give them the death sentence
Today’s the day I say fuck having a Steph image
Even though I’m golden
Man it’s hard to fight for the all star voting
Clutching or closing
Hitting that 3 set button Ronnie Devoeing
And that poison still pouring
Now they want to drink and Meek it up
I hated all ways try to use the power of the media
Doing it with no one knowing
We know you hoeing
‘Cause down that road it’s mandatory tryna hold on the longest
Don’t need no help to tell my story maybe one day I
Can get a over rated check
But I’m just feeling like it’s some things the new legends shouldn’t accept

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[Hook: Dizzy Wright]]
Smoke out conversations with my dogs
We respect them niggas on the chart
But you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
And you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud

Smoke out conversations with my dogs
We respect them niggas on the chart
But you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud
And you ain’t top 10 if you don’t write your shit
Don’t call yourself a rapper you’s a fraud

[Outro: ]
Ayeeee aye boy
What’s happening man what you got going on?
What up fool
Yeah man I’m over here at this nigga Caddy house
Man I just got a cut man this nigga over here talking my ear off
Ha ha
Aye man tell Caddy I’m a be through their any minute
Aye aye aye
So what we gonna do with this third verse on Fraud though?
I know nigga shit niggas out here sleeping on me
Telling me they gon’ do something for me
That they ain’t doing man aye on everything
You know what?
Leave that shit open nigga for the fans can get at these niggas
Man they’ll jump on that motherfucker
And niggas will freestyle to that motherfucker
Let that beat rock nigga Mike Will
Aye aye aye
I’m with you on that bruh
Alright cool hell yeah hell yeah
Say no mas
Alright boom there it is

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Fraud Lyrics by Dizzy Wright

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Tory Lanez Dropping New Music With Vybz Kartel & Busta Rhymes

Tory Lanez didn’t just perform on Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica last weekend, he also recorded a song with Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes.

The Canadian singer performed a well received set on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest on Friday and even called out Popcaan on stage. During his visit to reggae land, Lanez found the time to go into the studio to lay down some vocals for a song with incarcerated dancehall legend Vybz Kartel and rap legend Busta Rhymes. The singer shared his excitement on Twitter yesterday.

“I can’t believe I did a song with Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel…. Like WTF,” he wrote on his Twitter timeline. Tory Lanez didn’t give any additional details on the track like release date or title, he sounds pretty excited and we can understand why since not many artists get to collaborate with great artists like Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes.

I can't believe I did a song with Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel …. Like WTF … ???

— Tory Lanez #SWAVEY (@torylanez) July 24, 2017

Juelz Santana – Ol Thang Back (feat. Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman)

Listen, you might learn some
Jahlil Beats, holla at me
Jadakiss where you been, where you at
This rap is wack
I want that old thing back
I want that old thing back

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Some niggas tell a lot, some niggas sell a lot
Some niggas used to be mad nice, then fell a lot
Albums still trash I don’t care who the hell you got
Portraying the role of a G, we can tell you not
Sorry to bother you, I’m only doing what a father do
Your production is horrible, you’ll forever be a nerd
And your metaphors are better off, never being heard
I came in grinding, Puff made me shining
Put ’em both together, a protege of the 90’s
Grew up, put that bullshit behind me
Started making niggas demises untimely
Looking for me, come to the hood you can find me
Gucci belt right on the waist where the 9 be
.38 right in the garbage, where the packs at
M1 right in the trunk, where the jacks at
Whoever is in arm length will get backslapped
Cause I ain’t playing with these rap cats
This is the flow you can’t learn
The dutch you can’t burn
Nigga, I’ve got stripes you can’t earn

[Hook: Jadakiss]
Method Man, where you been where you at
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
Yeah, I want that old thang back
Yeah, I want that old thang back

[Verse 2: Method Man]
You got the M.E, the M.E., the M.E., the M., M., M.,
The M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
[?] need a dopefiend track
Let me shoot up and lean back
With this needle stuck in my arm, never tuck in my charm
Most my team sling crack
If I hit every corner with G packs
Might cause the man DC to relapse
I’m a Hip hop junkies, who needs rap?
MC’s wack, Killerbees is back in the booth
Mind your beeswax
And fuck a style that you got
We blow a cap at any Energizer bunny right where his battery at
Look, the bastard child of Clarence Thomas and Reagonomics
On every 1st and 15th make sure you pay me homage
Might break a promise but never breaking the code
Got the floor safe, coke in the pot, fiend at the stove
Meth, rock a W on my clothes
I’m a straight rider, straight to the W with these hoes
I’m straight fire, these motherfuckers is froze
Like a skinny supermodel that like to powder her nose

[Hook: Method Man]
Redman, where you been where you at
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back

[Verse 3: Redman]
Dope boy, I’m like Rick James, I got that old thang
I got a gold chain, [?] with gold frames
Doc doing the runnerman on Soul Train
With a chinese girl, the chicken get Lo Mein
Propane for the raw, I put her on the streets
My thoughts, the blue magic put on the beats
Game time, Doc rocket like Dominique
Straight vegetarian nigga and ignore the beef
Yeah, Kyrie keep the blow smoking
Slide in the club, cool like the floor frozen
Check out the wild thang got a [?] loco
Big ass and high heels with the toes open
That’s me, 90’s MC
Fuck a Grammy awards, underground is tax free
Look in the mirror I feel fantastic
The mirror said ‘you are, you conceited bastard’

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
Santana, where you been where you
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back
Tell ’em I want that old thang back

[Verse 4]
I came to bring the pain
Put niggas to shame, simple and plain
They gon’ remember my name
And it’s all for respect not fame
So don’t play with me
You could give ’em rope, they still can’t hang with me
Pass the baton, they still can’t race with me
So far ahead of these niggas they still chasing me
I wouldn’t be surprised if niggas ghostwriters got ghostwriters
Nothing cease to amaze you
Labels used to care, even though they was raping me
Now it’s 360 deals, modern day slavery
Fuck you pay me, I’m the one who calling
[?] or fame over fortune
The game done changed, the sound done changed
All these niggas sound the same
The word loyalty don’t even sound the same
Good thing I keep the pound, when it bang it always sound the same
I aim at the game, the real shall remain
Neck full of water like I drowned my chain
Flier than a nigga jumping out the plane
Higher than you niggas, you can finally [?]
Better than you niggas that’s without me saying
Treat the money like the work, we don’t count we weight it
[?], aim it, blaze it, flame it
[?] shower head, you don’t want me spraying
Enough with the mumble jumble
Santana back though, can I get a drum roll?
Whole lotta kush and it’s stuffed in a fronto
Fiends still say my work taste like gumbo
Yeah, bring that old thang back
I was told to whip it up and bring the whole thang back
When I was [?], you was jumping rope
I was runnin’ out of bags, you was playing tag
While you was hop scotching, I was drop shopping
At the dealer paying cash for them paper tags
While you was pop locking, I was Glock popping
Getting to the cash, brown paper bags
Blowing money fast and it never last
Yeah, they make it fast, barely make it back
Haters gonna suffer, I’m okay with that
All this garbage, time to throw away the trash

A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation

[Verse 1: Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Jarobi, & Phife]
In the box with the capital G, balling the beat
Status, Chris Paul and John Wall in the league
Grabbin’ mics till the knuckles’ll bleed, ’cause I believe
The potent and the quote will have ya geek like speed
If rationale is naturale, then we’ll weave
It’s all edges and peas
Settin’ picks, we on a permanent steez
I’m in a world where my princess is Leia
And she feeling my Vader
And my lure grows greater and greater
Chemtrails droppin’ poisonous vapors
Had to shake her like gator
Been trill, nigga, process the data
Blu-ray wave follow a beta, I’ll DVR for later
Cop a [?] with a [?]
You can’t define us, XYZ-Z, it’s the generation
Elitists have you cheatin’, virtual think pieces
See, these written words provided by science, brains defying
Thoughts heavy, baby, they’re a major appliance
Leave a [?] flyest [?] through a giant
Dude’s nice, he tight, screwed in with some pliers
Cool with some bias, yeah, nigga, cool with some brothers
Never know tattletales, only ya’ll don’t know us
Yeah, show me, generation, show us what you gon’ show us
So listen, mami, [?]
Mouthpiece like [?] with a jubilant noise
Dude’s rude and it’s useless as coin, shoot ’em boys
Versed and rehearsed in the soothing of loins
Talk to Joey, Earl, Kendrick, and Cole, gatekeepers of flow
They are extensions of instinctual soul
It’s the highest in commodity grade and you could get it today

Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Rules the nation

[Verse 2: Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Jarobi, & Phife]
One hit and readin’ pages of Poe
Telly is low, Cuddlebunny ready to go
Day of the dead, bury all the zombies instead
And it’s just your aftermath, Busta cuttin’ your dreads
Bruce Leein’ niggas, why you niggas UFC
Smoke tree on niggas, sizzle out your USB
Surge pricing on these Ubers, I’mma get me a cab
Yo, where Jarobi at?
I’m vibing on impeccable grass
I be in NYC waiting for that law to pass
[?] been waiting for a Jet’s title since last
[?] gangrene on that ass
Magic Mike on the mic, David Blane, Douglas Henning
In the church of Busta Rhymes it’s my sermon you’re getting horizontalspittin’, I’m the exorcist of your writtens
Don’t interrupt me, nigga
Sorry, that’s a sin I’m forgiving
Like how we be skipping on beats like cooking crack in the kitchen
Nah, just out the package, dry your [?]
This mad city’s not a game, easy, quiet on set
Phife, student of the past, trailblazing the day
Now they knowledge’in and tryin’ ta swept up in a phase
It’s the highest of commodity grade and you could get it-get it-get it-get it today

Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Rules the nation

This is our generation, generation, ah
This our generation, generation, ah
This our generation, generation, ah