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Call Me Anytime

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Mikky Noire

Feb 19, 2021

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Tame Impala,
Glass Animals,
Gus Dapperton


tame impala
indie disco
glass animals

Why do we like this?

The Phone’s Gonna Ring Any Moment

The scene is set in a retro 1980’s apartment, a cigarette is lit and a silhouette waits over a phone.

SPORTS‘ single “Call Me Anytime” is a slow burn Tarantino-esque composition from their long-overdue project —Get a Good Look Pt1.It combines sounds from indie-funk, synth-pop, and psychedelic rock into something that sounds like the equivalent of a hazy memory. It’s like a city block shrouded in the mist of collaborative sounds lit solely by the neon of the ever-present guitar waiting for its moment to really shine…and boy does it!

“It’s been such a marathon,” says Cale Chronister (one part of this duo, with Christian Theriot being the other.) Getting this project off the ground might have been a struggle but the end result is a mesmerizing soundscape of sun-drenched funk that harkens back to an idyllic youth.

So jump on SPORTS as quickly as you can, answer the phone, and call them all the time.

Mikky Noire

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