Kur – Stuck In My Ways

[Verse 1]
”Dat’ be Mally Raw” Niggas talkin’ bout’ I fell off, then I came right back
They ain’t like that, bitches in my Dm, I don’t write back
Roll something up for the night cap
If the grass cut i will bite that
Im just playing bitch im not like that
Im Spend this cash and i got a bag i ain’t looking at a fucking price tag
Ya im hear em talking he ain’t like that
About to bust the trap ill be right back
And i signed for a fucking nice check
When i lost the fight came right back
Always had heart had to fight back
Gotta bag on me they ain’t like that
I can pay for it if i like that
Buy her nice shit cause she like that
I was trying to fuck her for the night cap
She was telling me she wasn’t like that
Phone slow it was really like that
Vernon road i was really out there
Crib Hot Move that shit up out there
Took a chance how you think i got here
I told Don you ain’t gone rot there
Get a deal get you right up out there
From the corner made it pop there
Where my waist at got a Glock there
All that fuck shit gotta stop here
See you trying hard but its not there
Draped in Valentino this is not fair
Im a asshole im a pot head
I dont care about what thot said
I dont care about what ya block did
Run up on me nigga you get shot dead
Ima spray it if i feel boxed in
Take my number down have it locked in
Work out like im wearing dri-fit
In the 7 and im banging my shit
High as ever look how red my eyes
Dont knock it fore you try it
If you open it gotta buy it
Chasing money and i dont get tired
People say i should of went to college
Look at all the shit i accomplished
Got some money and got some problems
On them bars and i lost my balance
Smile every time i check my balance
(just like that lets go)
Get this money that’s on everything i love
Everything i love all fell apart
When i got a buzz
When i got a name
Sunny days are cool can you stand the rain
All i know is pain
Everything has Change
She gone do whatever just to get a name
Never Gone Change
Stuck in my ways
Stuck in this game
Stuck in this change
Look into my eyes all you see is pain
All You see is rage
On a different page
Stop at Chick-fi-la
They count lemonade
Rolling up a wood thankful for this day
Meet me by alley, Not a minute late

Not a Minute Late
Not A Minute Late
Meet Me By The Alley
Not A Minute Late
Ya i need my money, Not A minute late
Not A Minute A Late
Not A Minute A Late
Meet Me By The Alley
Not A Minute Late
Ya i need my money, Not A minute late
Not A Minute Late
Not A Minute Late
Not A Minute Late
Not A Minute Late