Django Django – Waking Up Ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg (Free Love Remix)

Django Django

Waking Up Ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg (Free Love Remix)

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Stacy Klein

May 04, 2021

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Why do we like this?

Django Django takes a step back from their signature edgy, electronic rock sound for something a little more pared-down, with an exquisite vocal contribution from singer-songwriter and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg to bring us “Waking Up”, off their brand new album Glow in the Dark. This edgy folk-rock offering follows the release of three previously released singles off the new album, namely, “Spirals,” “Free from Gravity,” and the title track. Each single so far has carried a totally different sound, showing that the band can genre-hop from psychedelia to indie-pop, to deep house, and back again.

Free Love’s remix takes it down a notch further, removing much of the live instrumentation and Django Django’s signature raw, alternative edge, and replacing it with light, electronic, slightly psychedelic, synthy goodness that puts the listening focus squarely on the vocals.

It’s the hazy, echoey, evocative refrain on “Waking Up” that really gets me in both versions of the track:

“Waking up to the fact we’re never coming back

Our home is the open road

Waking up to the fact we’re leaving our tracks

Our home is the open road”

Lead vocalist Vincent Neff and Gainsbourg’s vocals blend beautifully, creating a sonic spiral that is gentle and containing, with just a dash of haunting.

Stacy Klein

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