N.O.R.E. Confronts DJ Drama About Drake Dating His Girl & Giving Meek Mill Ref Track

DJ Drama says he and Drake have talked since their infamous beef.

Back in 2015, when Drake and Meek Mill were going at it in the battle of the decade, Kanye West wasn’t the only one who stood accused of leaking sensitive information. Many suspected that DJ Drama was the culprit behind Meek being privy to certain details about the making of some of Drizzy’s songs. Meek Mill called out Drake for using a ghostwriter, and the rapper hit back with what we’ve come to know as one of the best diss tracks in modern hip-hop.

DJ Drama offered an update on his feud with Drake during a new interview with the Breakfast Club. While they seem to have a way to go, Drama says he and the rapper have at least had a conversation. “We’ve had small talk — we’ve talked,” said Drama about where he stands with Drake. “We haven’t seen each other since the ‘tiff’ but we’ve been in communication lightly. At some point, I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to sit down and really just build. I feel like he’s past that and we’re past that. That’s where it’s at really.”

The loaded rift between them even saw Drake admit to being involved with Drama’s ex-wife, Summer P. Walker. On his track titled “I’m the Plug” from his What A Time To Be Alive album in 2015, Drizzy rapped: “And it really ain’t no thing, I got Summer P in this thing.”

He later appeared to bring this up again in a double entendre on DJ Khaled’s “For Free” in 2016 where he said, “And, yeah, I need it all right now/Last year I had drama, girl, not right now/I was never gon’ chat what we talkin’ about.” DJ Drama revealed in a later interview that he didn’t believe the lyrics were about him and rather Drake just literally meant he had real drama in his life in the previous year.

In an upcoming interview with Drink Champs, DJ Drama seemingly admits that Drake did mess with his girl once. Perhaps he will spill more tea on what exactly transpired between them. In a new teaser for the sit-down interview, he is seen nodding his head in agreement when he is asked about Drake “smashing his girl.” That interview is slated to premiere on Friday (March 19).

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DMX Got Collabs With Pop Smoke & Griselda Coming On New Album

DMX got some collaborations on his upcoming album with Pop Smoke and Griselda

Just about every fan of rap in the 90s was familiar with the chart-topping work of DMX. He dominated the airwaves and had had some of the hottest records. Fans haven’t heard from the rapper in many years, while many have been clamoring for him to make a comeback. He was freed from prison in 2019 and seemed on the path back to the studio though nothing was ever truly confirmed. There’s new information that the rapper has confirmed that he’s turning to the game working on dropping his ninth album.

The news comes from Swizz Beatz, who revealed that following his Verzuz battle with Snoop Dogg, the rapper was inspired to return to the studio and start putting pen to paper. Even with the confirmation, very little is known about the anticipated album. He spilled the tea a little bit while speaking with NORE during an episode of Drink Champs.

NORE shared a brief teaser clip of the upcoming show that now has fans more curious than ever. In the clip, DMX reveals some of the upcoming collaborations in the cards. “I got the Griselda boys,” DMX said, sending fans into a tizzy. He adds, “Pop Smoke,” indicating that this is another possible collab. It definitely means that he’s embracing the new style of hip-hop. His brief responses elicited surprise from both NORE and DJ EFN. “That’s what type of new I’m doing,” DMX adds.

It’s an indicator of the direction he would like to take the album in, but he also admitted that he hasn’t ever met Pop Smoke. “The growling was just a coincidence,” said DMX, alluding to Pop Smoke’s signature style. NORE brought some humor into the interview and declared that Pop Smoke is basically “DMX and 50 Cent’s baby,”. DMX responded in kind and fired back, “But he would have the baby! He would have the baby! It would be ours, but he would have it! I get it.”

It looks like DMX is ready to take on the new world of rap, and fans are ready to welcome the raspy-voiced rapper back into the game.

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