Govana And Fivio Foreign Link Up For A “Movie”

Govana and Fivio Foreign drop the visual for their new collaboration, “Movie.”

While Jamaica remains under curfew, the dancehall hitmaker traveled to Brooklyn to shoot the video with fast-rising New York rapper Fivio Foreign. The JLShotThat-directed cut saw Govi pulling up to a block party where Fivio and his crew were enjoying refreshments with plenty of females strutting their stuff. The cut was shot last month, and the two artists have been teasing it over the past several weeks.

“See me out with me army we do this all day / Nineties to conace nah say floss yeah / Hallow tip in a the cartridge fi the 40 / Me a roll with some Haitians so braff yeah / Get paid in six figure tell a b*tch ni**a / Next time address me by me last name,” Govana spits.

Govana has cemented himself as one of the leading artists of the current generation of dancehall acts. The 4th Genna deejay has been steadily building out his catalog over the past few years while showing both class and experience anytime he decides to put out a record.

Fivio Foreign spent the last decade steadily building a name for himself in the hip hop scene. He was originally known as Lite Fivio while rapping in the underground scene in New York, but would later change his name to Fivio Foreign in 2013. The move proved to be good for the now 31-year-old rapper who has since scored some big hits, including his appearance on Drake’s “Demons” last year, which peaked at 34 on the Hot 100 chart.

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Fivio Foreign Arrested After Police Chase With Loaded Gun With Missing Serial Number

Fivio Foreign was arrested on several weapons charges.

2020 XXL Freshman Fivio Foreign is reportedly in custody after being arrested by police in New Jersey. The rapper, who first ignored an officer’s plea to turn over his driver’s license after he left his car running in a no parking zone, fled the scene on foot resulting in another officer pursuing him.

According to the Daily Voice, Fivio Foreign, whose real name is Maxie Ryles III, jaywalked across the street while Officer Gabriel Avella was in pursuit, and while he acknowledged the officer, he still ignored him and “continued to walk away.” The rapper reportedly ran towards The Modern luxury apartments on Park Avenue, which is where the officer caught up with him in a parking garage.

A loaded .25-caliber handgun reportedly fell from Fivio Foreign’s waistband, and it had the serial number scratched off. After being taken to the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, the rapper was hit with several charges, including resisting arrest, defacing a firearm, and possession of that firearm.

Fivio Foreign’s arrest stemmed from Wednesday night at around 7:30 p.m. local time when he left his 2018 Mercedes Benz in a no parking zone as he ran into a nearby Citibank. Upon his return, Sgt. Howard Ginsburg asked him for his driver’s license, but the rapper ignored him and walked away.

The struggle that ensued with Fort Lee Police Department officers only served to pile on more charges for Fivio Foreign. Backup officers were dispatched and had to help force the rapper in handcuffs and secure the firearm. The officer involved in the chase, Officer Avella, was also transported to the hospital to treat a minor wound.

Fivio Foreign was scheduled to appear in Hackensack’s Central Judicial Processing Court today (April 22) and is reportedly still currently in custody.

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Woman Accused Fivio Foreign Of Sexual Assault

Fivio Foreign is facing accusations of sexual assault.

Over the last few years, drill rapper Fivio Foreign has shown that he can kick it with the best in the rap game. His genre-defining sound has landed collaborations with the likes of Quavo, and Polo G. Another aspect of Fivio’s life that could be on the rise is his rap sheet. Just last year, the rapper was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend, who was pregnant with their second child. That incident was reported by a neighbor at the New Jersey Condo the couple occupies. His girlfriend publicly denounced all claims of assault and asked that the public refrain from hurling insults at the rapper. It turns out that Fivio is once again under the microscope, and this time it involves another woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted.

The sexual allegations against the rapper are linked to an incident with a female at an afterparty. The female who goes by the name Zendi decided to address her traumatic incident via a live-stream.

Clips from the stream have been shared by social media blog Gossip Of The City, in which the alleged victim detailed what transpired on the night of the incident.

“I’m in a room, he comes in the room, he locks the door,” Zendi begins “We’re laying down and he starts touching me. I’m like, ‘get off of me’. I’m screaming but the f**king music is so loud, I was screaming my friend’s name, but the music was so loud nobody could hear me. He sticks his fingers up me, I’m like, ‘yo, this feels like rape’.

She further explained that the rapper tried to play off the situation as a joke with a few sarcastic comments. “He’s like, ‘b**ch I will rape you right now,” said Zendi.

The dramatic ordeal did not stop until the alleged victim’s friend and one of Fivio’s associates somehow gained access to the room.

The allegations were supported by Zendi’s friend, whose timely entry put a stop to the assault. Lengthy explanations shared via her IG Story hinted that she and her friend were held against their will since their requests for a ride back to their car, as well as an address to call a taxi, were not actioned by anyone.

You can check out the full details here.

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Social media users have since expressed their concerns about the details surrounding the situation and why it was made public.

“Run to the police and hospital to get a rape kit and a report! not to IG live…I feel so bad for this woman, and also for Fivio! Rape allegations and sexual assault is very serious!!” Others are in disbelief that the female made such an accusation over Facebook instead of going the police first with a comment saying, “one person expressed.

Another individual decided to shine some light on just why the women took to social media.” She came to the Internet to make other women aware. The police don’t make public service announcements when they get rape cases or complaints. Come on now. Think!”

Just a few weeks ago, On Valentine’s Day to be exact, the “Brooklyn rapper teamed up with Melissa Gabriel and Giovanni Pierre Louis to gift females of all ages small trinkets.

The “Big Drip” rapper received a ton of praise for his efforts on that day. Sadly, his most recent accusations have already started to peel away that layer of positivity.