Lily Williams – Happy for You

Lily Williams

Happy for You

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Stacy Klein

Mar 13, 2021

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Why do we like this?

You remember that one relationship you had when you were young? The one where you were both naïve, it was kind of dysfunctional, and you were both learning (and hurting each other) as you went along? You thought you’d be together forever (aw, first love is so shortsighted,) but you didn’t like their friends, they were jealous when you were out with yours, one of you cheated, and eventually, you both went your separate ways?

Now it’s years later, you’ve both grown up, and you’ve heard they’re dating someone else. Someone who seems really good for them, who you can see makes them happy. And at the same time, you know you’ve thrived since leaving them, and you’re so much better off without them. You want to be happy for them and their new relationship. You really do. It’s the mature thing to do, after all.

But. You’re not.

You’re still holding on to the hurt they caused you, the betrayal you felt, and you’re not quite ready to let that go. You’re somewhat stung by the fact that someone else got a better, more mature version of them than you did, even though you know your relationship ending was the best thing for you both. You know you’ll be happy for them one day, but, today is not that day.

That’s what Lily Williams’ “Happy for You,” released on March 8th, is about. If you yourself can’t relate to this experience, you almost definitely know someone who can, and it’s in this honest and earnest relatability that this track becomes all the more enjoyable. Laidback indie-pop underscored by Williams’ breathy, feminine vocals creates a song that is down-to-earth, personal, and perfectly captures the fragility of the human heart. Being human is so complicated sometimes, but at least we have songs like this to remind us we’re not alone.

Stacy Klein

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