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Happens All The Time

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Jami Selikow

Jun 18, 2021

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The Undercover Dreamlovers,
Magic Bronson


indie rock
psychedelic pop
psychedelic rock

Why do we like this?

We always try to clutch onto a feeling of knowing — we know our names, right? We know our family, right? Where we live, what we like; we have a very solid sense of self and it makes us feel safe, and so, we hold onto that.

But sometimes, some psych-pop rockers, like those of Spaceface, come along and play with reality just enough to make you realize, ‘we really don’t know much.’ When toilet paper rolls serenade the listener and obscure lyricism speaks to the experience of forgetting someone’s name, what you thought you knew, can easily be flipped on its head…or at least cranked a few degrees diagonally.

In describing “Happens All The Time,” vocalist and guitarist Jake Ingalls explains:

“The track is about that dreaded feeling of knowing you’ve seen or met someone before and not quite remembering their name but knowing it’s gonna come up and you just gotta deal with it because, at the end of the day, it really does happen all the time. And it’s no biggie.”

‘No biggie’ they say casually after peeling my feet off the ground as I gently float off into space. Best I end this blog post now as I’m about to lose signal…that, or crash into the moon. Either way, with “Happens All The Time” in my ears, I’m a happy little astronaut. I hope you are too; I’ll race you to the other side of the moon.

Jami Selikow

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