Jayda Cheaves & Gregory Wright Plead Guilty To Illegal Firearm In Jamaica, Fined JM$800K

Jayda Cheaves and her friend Gregory Wright both plead guilty to illegal firearm possession charges in Jamaica and were hit with a hefty fine or face jail time.

American Instagram model and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves and popular businessman Gregory Wright appeared at the Gun Court in St. James on Wednesday morning, where they pleaded guilty to two firearms weapons charges.

Jayda and Wright were released on bond after being arrested on Monday for having their American licensed guns – two Glock 9 mm pistols and ammunition on them that they brought from the United States to Jamaica while on vacation to celebrate Jayda’s 24th birthday.

Both were detained after attempting to leave the island on Monday and remained to attend court to answer to charges of illegal possession of ammunition and illegal possession of a firearm.

On Wednesday, they pleaded guilty to the charges and were sentenced immediately after. The judge ruled that they were to each to pay $300,000 or face 12 months in jail for the ammunition charge and pay $500,000 or serve 12 months in jail for being in possession of illegal weapons.

Jayda Cheaves & Gregory Wright

The money is quoted in Jamaican dollars, which works out to around $5,391 United States dollars.

Cheaves retained local counsel Michael Hemmings who said his client was paying the fine today and intended to leave the island to head back to her home state Atlanta. It’s unclear if Wright will pay his fine today as well.

Meanwhile, Cheaves has not addressed the incident, only posting on Monday night that she was doing fine.

“ACT NORMAL,” she posted on her Instagram Stories. “I’m good for now y’all,” she said.

In updated Stories on Instagram, Jayda Cheaves, who is the mother of rapper Lil Baby’s youngest son Loyal, shared snaps of herself enjoying her extended vacation, which included having Hibachi by a live chef and having fun at a water park. She also posted about her lunge wear launch, which sold out within hours.

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Bounty Killer Lands Starring Role In Jamaican Crime Drama Movie

Bounty Killer is set to make his feature film debut after landing starring role in an upcoming movie set in Jamaica.

It’s been a bumper year so far for Bounty Killer, and the legendary veteran is continuing his welcomed reemergence. He’s already announced that his album King of Kingston will be ready in December, and now comes news that he’s set to star in an upcoming feature film.

The film, which has not been titled yet, is being produced mostly by the 9Z film company. That company is headed by Nigel Dixon and is set to be a crime drama set in Jamaica. The movie promises to attack several societal issues on the island.

According to the Star, who reached out to Bounty, he is extremely excited to add this new skill to his resume. For him, the most important thing is getting the chance to represent Jamaican culture in a movie setting.

He added that he was not surprised to be chosen as the lead actor since he believes that he is a natural-born leader. As he put it, “I will always play the lead role in anything I am doing.”

The “Poor People Fed Up” artist also explained why he was happy to be a part of the production.

“Killer is always against crime and violence, so I agreed to do this movie to send a message to the youth of Jamaica. Acting is always something I considered doing, but it has to represent what Bounty Killer stands for,” he said.

The Star also spoke with Dixon a bit more about the project, and he explained how the decision to cast Bounty came about. He said that he already does skits on YouTube and gets a good response from followers. He added that sometimes he gets millions of views and that he was aware that Bounty watches some of the skits and likes them. Dixon also revealed that Beenie Man might be part of the production but in a small role.

“I approached him with the idea in 2017 and then again in 2019. He told me ‘Send me some long voice note’. And we started talking seriously about it. He liked the idea and I eventually sent him the script,” Dixon further explained.

He also shared that he had already secured partial funding from an overseas-based company and is still in discussions with Downsound Entertainment. Dixon says that he was able to ensure that he got Bounty Killer to play the lead role in the upcoming drama.

The movie follows the life of a young man through a tale of violence and corruption after he found a gun in his community. Dixon also revealed that this is the role that will be played by Bounty Killer.

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Tanya Stephens Shares A Prominent Dancehall Artist Sexually Assaulted Her

Tanya Stephens revealed a prominent dancehall artist sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager.

In a recent IG Live session with Shannon Mack, reggae singer Tanya Stephens took to Instagram to reveal descriptions of her sexual attacker. The descriptions sent fans into speculation mode as they searched the reggae scene looking for the perpetrator, which she disclosed.

The topic at hand was brought up as Tanya expressed how much of a “strange” place Jamaica was, she then went on to say that even though she loved her country, many horrible people roam the streets. The concern within Tanya’s voice could be heard throughout the Live as she vouched for all the females who went through and are going through the same thing that she did at age 17.

“First of all, the first time I got r*ped, I look like I’m coming from church, yeah I can talk about it now-honestly it took a while to be able to say that without flinching and this was somebody I trusted, it wasn’t strangers, who hurt me,” the “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” singer stated while speaking with Shannon Mack on IG Live.

The artiste’s brave declaration has in the past allowed her to be hailed as a hero on social media after she first opened up about being raped over two decades ago.

During the recent Live, Tanya Stephens also explained how the first incident occurred. She recalled that she was just coming into the music business when she moved from the country to Kingston to stay at her sister’s house as a babysitter for her niece.

In the process of babysitting, her sister ended up sending her to a fashion design school in Kingston, but on the mornings that she didn’t have school, she would eagerly search for a studio to help her to start her career in the industry, and she finally found one, “at the top of Maxfield Avenue in Kingston, near Castro Brown studio.”

“At the time there were three big artistes – really huge artistes in Jamaica. Shabba Ranks was the king. Patra was the queen – she was next to Shabba.” she recalled, slightly smiling at the memories of the big artistes. “And there was another guy next in line. And he became my mentor and he used to call me his little sister and I believed it. I really believed it.”

Tanya Stephens revealed she turned 17 years old right after discovering the studio, and her sister told her that she didn’t realize that she was so young.

Reggae/dancehall artist Tanya Stephens

“At one point when I turned 17, my big sister who I was living with said she didn’t realize I was that young, she thought I was turning 20 or something, so turning 17 meant I couldn’t go to the studio anymore. I was devastated [because] that was the only thing in my life that was actually good.”

She recounted how on the day that she had to leave and went there to say goodbye to them all, her mentor tried to help her out of the situation. “He – my mentor said: ‘No man. Yuh want mi come talk to har’. And I am like ‘you would’? Now, my sister, my auntie every woman inna my family loved him. So she was excited at the prospect,” she disclosed.

She said on that same day, he brought her home, sat, and talked to her sister before taking “full responsibility” for her, but even though he took full responsibility, her sister was still iffy on the situation because of her age, but in the end, she accepted it and trusted him. This allowed her to continue going to the studio. “He took responsibility and she trusted him. And she gave me permission based on him taking responsibility,” she said.

While there, she revealed that he never tried anything with her at first. “First of all, he never made an advance. He only spoke of me as his little sister. He never made an advance. Not once. And I say that many times to reinforce the fact that there is no indication that the thought of that was in his mind,” she explained.

The St. Mary deejay divulged that one day as her future assaulter was “moving house,” he offered her a ride home like he’s done many times before. “So he was moving house, at the time I was fresh from the country I don’t know Kingston, I don’t know the geography of Kingston, and this is me just talking about how easily we accommodate rape culture in Jamaica,” she communicated.

“Like [he’s] done many times before, he offered me a ride home. So on the ride home, he said he had to drop by his new place that he is setting up. Everybody knew he was moving and he said he wanted to stop by his place real quick and drop off something. Now if had known the geography of Kingston, I would have known something was wrong because my home was on the way to his new place,” she recalled of the first instance where her world turned upside down.

She said he started running toward the building and then stopped like he was thinking about something before he and came back and suggested that she come to look at his place and give him some pointers on how to “fix it up”. After hesitantly answering him, she revealed how valid she felt, thinking that he actually cared about her opinions on certain matters.

She said they passed approximately four people while walking towards the house, including a woman who was said to be in front of the apartment doorway.
When they entered, she said he immediately locked the door, which she began to question, but mentally concluded that it was to secure the house as Kingston is known to be a very violent place.

“So he locked the door, and then he started to show me around. Girl, when we reached the bedroom, is a full-on assault. Full assault,” Tanya said.

“When I see this man speak enuh, and when I see Jamaica big him up sometimes and they act like he is such an upstanding citizen who is a Christian man and a nice guy, I go bonkers. Because no matter what anybody tells me, I know my experience. I was there; he was there… we know what happened.” she made sure to add.

The now mother of one recalled how powerless and defenseless she was against him, and it was at this moment that the descriptions came out. “Child, mi defend myself. I was about 95 pounds. Is a big diesel man. Thick. So-so muscle; no body fat. And when him start beat mi, mi decide awrite, arite, awrite… mi give up, yuh naa fi beat mi,” she said.

She said she cried out for help, but nobody came to rescue her from her perpetrator, as he ruthlessly and painfully beat the living daylights out of her over and over again in order to gain her submission. “Mi a bawl fi help enuh. I scream fi help; mi bawl fi rape. People deh outside di door. Yuh si when mi scream and bawl fi rape, and mi nuh hear nobaddy a answer, mi jus stop. Because wha mi a do? Wait until him kill mi? Mi a get real licks. Suh mi stop fight.”

Tanya Stephens continued saying that the unnamed artiste continued his act of assault until he felt satisfied, then led her to the bathroom to get rid of the evidence.

“And that continued for hours. I was locked into his new place that he moved into, and violated for hours. And when him done, him hold mi and lead mi to di bathroom; put mi inna di shower himself and bade mi,” she expressed. “Nuh evidence nuh lef. Mi get a proper scrub. Proper, proper scrub.”

Her heartbreaking experience begged her to question, who she would report the situation to as she remembered how loved her assaulter was.

“This is a man who is adored by the 14 parishes and the Diaspora. Who mi a report him to. Mi a waa up coming artist. Yuh hear wha dem she bout di girl dem weh go near Bill Cosby…?” she stated.

The female dancehall veteran disclosed the one conversation she had in her head after the incident. She said it was a conversation she had heard between her sister, who was back then, a teacher at Ocho Rios high school, and a co-worker, who was the daughter of a judge- a magistrate. Her magistrate father had told her that if she or her sister ever got raped, they should report it to him and not the police as “if they go through the system they’re going to get raped repeatedly by the system.”

After all that happened, she said he also put her in a big t-shirt, his t-shirt to be exact, and she sat in a corner, hugging her knees and crying. “Mi bawl until no tears naw come… and he asked if I wanted to go home and I said ‘no’ because mi neva waan leave out until night. Mi neva want nobaddy si mi face. I felt dirty. I felt ashamed; I felt guilty. I felt like shit. And I knew people were there when I went in and I was hoping that they couldn’t remember my face. And if I came out in the darkness maybe they wouldn’t be there. And nobody would see me and I could just go home in anonymity,” she said.

“When I went home, I went to the shower again. And I showered. And I showered. Mi nuh have no evidence. Mi nuh av nuttin. Who mi a guh to? Mi poor. And I went voluntarily,” she said.

She then defended other females who have gone through the same thing she has, saying that people should stop judging because they don’t know what it feels like.

Tanya Stephens added that she knew how judgmental her sister and the rest of her family were, and they already advised her to take a different route by fully investing herself in college. “I couldn’t tell them that I went to the studio and got raped, could I? How would I broach that conversation with people who already said that was what was waiting for me at the studio? And the studio didn’t do anything to me. One man did. One monster did,” the “It’s a Pity” artiste concluded.

“He is famous; like everybody knows he is a predator and they speak about him behind his back and when I speak about him people ask ‘why don’t you report him’? And I am like: ‘to who?’,” she questioned. “I have been in his presence in political circles high ranking police officers were there and high-ranking politicians were there. And they were his friends. Who do I tell on this guy?.”

She expressed how many girls would have the same story as hers in Jamaica and that she was raped not once but twice. The other time was by a policeman’s son, in a policeman’s house. Through the pain, Tanya continued to reflect on the occurrences of her life as she tried to give strength to females who shared the same sentiment.

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Jamaican Police Charged Jayda Cheaves For Gun Possession, Released On Bail

Jayda Cheaves and her entourage member, Gregory Wright, were formally charged by Jamaican police for firearm and ammunition possession.

The American YouTuber and popular businessman Gregory Wright have been released from police custody in Jamaica on station bail. Local police arrested the pair after two 9mm Glock pistols were found in their baggage as they attempted to leave the island. It appears that the two had brought the guns into the island, which were undetected but were picked up on the radar as they went through customs to depart the island.

On Monday night, Jayda Cheaves updated her followers that she was fine. “ACT NORMAL,” she posted on her Instagram Stories. “I’m good for now y’all,” she added in the same post.

It’s unclear if she is still on the island, but she and Wright have been charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. They are set to appear in court on Wednesday at the Western Regional Court in the city of Montego Bay, St. James.

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves

Wright also updated fans with a simple trio of praying emojis on Instagram.

Jayda Cheaves is the mother of Lil Baby’s youngest child and has been on the island since last Friday to celebrate her 24th birthday with her friends. She previously shared pictures and videos of her luxurious Jamaican vacation hours prior to her being detained by police.

Meanwhile, sources close to Jayda Cheaves shared that the guns are personal property of Jayda and Wright, and they are licensed in the state they reside in, which is Georgia.

However, given that American laws have no effect on Jamaican jurisdiction, the guns would be illegal in Jamaica unless they received permits to carry them while on the island.

Days before coming to Jamaica, Jayda had shared a video online of herself strutting in black shorts and carrying what looks like a vintage Louis Vuitton bag on her wrist while holding her hand pointed to the ground as she walked around the mall shortly after buying expensive new jewelry.

The police confirmed that Jayda and her friend retained local attorneys while they were being interviewed.

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Jayda Cheaves Addresses Arrest In Jamaica For Gun Possession

Jayda Cheaves has broken her silence after she was arrested in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on suspicions of gun possession.

The Atlanta Entrepreneur and Instagram model, who is also the mother of a child for rapper Lil Baby, was reportedly arrested on Monday (September 27) afternoon in Jamaica as she tried to make her way back to the United States.

According to several news outlets, Jayda Cheaves, who also goes by Jayda Wayda and Wayda, was on the island on vacation for her 24th birthday. However, she was detained Monday afternoon by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) along with members of her entourage after they attempted to leave the island. Two guns were in their possession, which led to them not being able to leave Jamaica.

Sources within the JCF say that the team which flew into the island via private jet on Friday were only detected carrying the guns as they wrapped up their vacation and were leaving when the two 9mm pistols were found in their possession.

Jayda has been sharing her Jamaican vacation with a number of posts showing her going rafting, partying, going horseback riding, and sunbathing near the Caribbean Sea.

Days before coming to Jamaica, Jayda had shared a video online of herself strutting in black shorts and carrying a Chanel bag on her wrist while she had her gun in her hand pointed to the ground as she walked quickly for the camera.

Police sources told Urban Islandz that the weapons are licensed in the United States but not in Jamaica hence why Jayda and her friend were taken into custody. We’re told that they brought the gun into the country last week when they flew down from Atlanta via a private jet.

“We ascertain that the two weapons were license and registered in the US, but not in Jamaica which is where the problem arise,” police told us.

Jayda Cheaves in Jamaica

It’s apparent that the Instagram Model and her friends were not searched prior to entering the island, which has a high rate of gun-related crimes and murders and has been named among the top five deadliest countries alongside Colombia when it comes to gun violence.

The police confirmed that Jayda and her friends are being interviewed by the St James police in the presence of their attorneys.

Meanwhile, Jamaicans online reacted to the news of her arrest as many recalled her buying her gun and walking around with it un-holstered.

In addressing the arrest, Jayda Cheaves wrote, “Act normal I’m good for now y’all.”

Meanwhile, fans are reacting to the reports on Twitter.

lmaoo jayda keep it on her pic.twitter.com/YCfOqW6Z6f

— K. (@canaryies) September 23, 2021

Lil baby getting Ready to go bail Jayda out in Jamaica ? pic.twitter.com/su3vkx0WNt

— Candy Grl ? (@sweeticygal) September 27, 2021

Me waiting for lil baby to pop up in Jamaica & surprise Jayda Wayda for her birthday… pic.twitter.com/qSg5eTA2Hq

— BabyZaddySlayer????? (@_TayStackss) September 25, 2021


R.Kelly found guilty of racketeering and sexual assault.

Jayda Cheaves detained for guns. Weapons are licensed in the US but were taken to Jamaica without authorization.

— Dadrian Gordon (@MsDadrian) September 27, 2021

Lil baby on his way to Jamaica with Jayda’s bail pic.twitter.com/PSh11hsuPx

— Dawnielle? (@dawnielle__) September 27, 2021

Waydamin not me hearing that Jayda in jail in Jamaica pic.twitter.com/VgYXitww7G

— Candy Grl ? (@sweeticygal) September 27, 2021

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Popcaan, Beenie Man, Lil Ike Supports Raheem Sterling At 1962 Clothing Brand Launch

Raheem Sterling drew out some top dancehall stars for the launch of his 1962 clothing brand.

The English footballer launched his clothing line 1692 last week Wednesday night at the London Fashion Week, where fans, including a number of celebrities like Popcaan, Beenie Man, and Lila Ike, were able to see pieces in the collection.

Raheem Sterling‘s company’s first drop for AW21 collection pays homage to his homeland Jamaica. It is named after one of the greatest events in modern Jamaican history, the infamous 1692 earthquake. This 1692 earthquake sunk two-third of the city of Port Royal, which was then a major pirate hub called “the wickedest city in the world” for being the haunt of the buccaneers.

For Sterling, 1692 has particular significance as it also made way for Kingston to become the modern Capital of Jamaica which is the footballer’s birthplace. The AW21 line was designed and co-founded by Sterling and British designer Samiyah Miah.

According to a statement from the label, 1692 “echoes the artful construction and endless resilience of the island, with perfectly tailored lines defining poise and presence for the twenty-first century gentleman.”

Raheem Sterling and Popcaan

The line features unisex pieces in utilitarian-inspired silhouettes in neutral tones of navy blues, clean whites and ecrus, and darker shades of grey and black to represent the “industrious land of wood and water” – the Arawak description of Jamaica which surrounds Jamaica’s capital city.

At the launch of the clothing line were friends of Sterling, including Popcaan, Beenie Man, Lila Ike, Curtis Jones, and Amelia Dimoldenberg. There were also models who displayed the pieces in the collection, which were worn with footwear from Sterling’s two footwear partners, Clark’s and New Balance.

Beenie Man & Popcaan

Sterling, who proudly displays his Jamaican heritage, previously spoke about having his own fashion line’s unique name.

“That’s the year Kingston [Jamaica] was founded. The brand is about earthy colours and laid-back designs that have a special meaning to me.”

The Manchester City winger was also seen in videos with Popcaan and other Man City players, which the superstar shared on his Instagram page.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Urbanislandz (@urbanislandz)

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A post shared by 876GUD (@popcaanmusic)

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A post shared by Lila Ike (@lilaike)

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Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Widow Gives Update On His Funeral

No date has been confirmed for the funeral of legendary producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry as yet. However, his widow Mireille Perry is hoping to announce a date soon, especially since she’s due to return to her native Switzerland in the next seven days.

Mireille made the comments while talking with the Observer. She added that she would need to talk to Jamaica’s entertainment and culture minister, Olivia’ Babsy’ Grange, as she and some family members are unclear about the new rules concerning funerals in Jamaica. The island recently introduced new rules to stem the surge of Covid 19.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, announced on September 18 that funeral services would be allowed, but with a maximum of 20 persons, including mourners, clergy, and support personnel. This is in addition to the other restrictions that remain in place. They include that burials are permitted on Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. with a maximum of 15 persons, and burials are not permitted on public holidays.

Mireille also shared that her late husband’s family has already said that they would like him to be buried in Hanover, close to his mother. As far as she is concerned, she wants him to be laid to rest before she has to leave the island. Therefore, the location of burial is not a major issue.

“For me, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to argue. If the family wishes that it’s okay, because it’s even closer to Negril. But, everything is going to happen fast as we’re going to leave in seven days, so it has to happen sooner,” she said.

Minister Grange has already confirmed that she is involved with the arrangements, including a live stream of the ceremony. The minister says she expects all arrangements to be finalized by the end of today.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry died on August 29 at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover, after a brief illness. His official cause of death is currently under investigation as his wife previously claimed she suspects foul play.

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Ayesha Curry Says Popcaan Is Her Favorite Artist To Listen While Cooking, Steph Curry Reacts

Dancehall artist Popcaan had a laugh at the Curry’s expense as he reacted to Ayesha Curry stating that she loves putting on Popcaan’s music while cooking.

Ayesha is of Jamaican heritage, and she never fails to promote and share her love for her culture, which also includes getting down and bussing a wine to her favorite dancehall bangers from Popcaan. In 2019, the Curry’s made headlines at a Jamaican-themed birthday party Steph threw for Ayesha, which saw her getting down on the dance floor to her favorite tunes from Konshens, who performed at the event.

Ayesha is a talented Chef and businesswoman, and she shared in a recent interview that she loves listening to music while cooking.

“I’m really into like Popcaan and I just love to like buss a wine while I’m cooking,” Ayesha said while laughing.

Steph Curry, however, added, “I see no lies,” as he smiled when Ayesha said she loves to buss a wine while cooking.

Popcaan shared the clip to his 2.7 Million followers via Instagram Stories as he laughed and noted, “Boss nah laugh @stephenurry30 Chubble.”

Ayesha and Steph Curry are clearly fans of Jamaica and dancehall music, and it has endeared them to Jamaicans locally and in the diaspora. Ayesha is known for using her native Patois as she exposes her husband to her heritage. She was born in Canada, and one of her parents is Jamaican, but the culture retention has been strong with Ayesha wherever she goes.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Urbanislandz (@urbanislandz)

Last year, she shared a photo with her mother and her grandmother while paying homage to her Jamaican roots.

“Couldn’t let the day go by without showing all my love to Jamaica!!! My roots,” she wrote. “My grandma, my mom, my great aunties, aunties, uncles, my great grandma… I think about my strong Jamaican family everyday and I’m so grateful for them. From them I’ve learned to work HARD, love HARD and appreciate the smallest of life’s blessings.”

Popcaan, who is known for dropping hits, is currently working on his new album. The Unruly Boss was recently in the UK working on new music for the project set to arrive before year’s end, but so far, no official release date or title has yet to be announced.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry)

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Nicki Minaj Is The Bob Marley Of Trinidad Says Her Cousin

One of Nicki Minaj’s cousins in Trinidad and Tobago thinks that she deserves the same kind of recognition that Bob Marley has received for his contributions to culture and music in Jamaica.

The search has been on for Nicki Minaj’s infamous cousin, who was referenced in her tweets last week as being witness to the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine causing testicular swelling in a friend leading to his fiancé canceling the wedding.

However, the media has been able to track down another cousin of the Trinidadian-born rapper, and he is defending his cousin despite her tweets which many viewed as promoting conspiracies about the vaccines.

Minaj’s cousin, who identified himself as Michael Daniel, 39, of St. James, Port of Spain, spoke to journalists from local newspaper the Trinidad Express where he said the rapper had done much to put the Twin Island Republic on the map, and she ought to be celebrated just the same as the great Reggae legend Bob Marley.

Bob Marley is known worldwide for promoting Reggae Music and putting Jamaica’s alluring culture and people on the map. According to Daniel, Nicki Minaj has done the same.

Nicki Minaj and her cousin Michael Daniel | photo: Michael Daniel

“St James residents feel great to know she is from our hometown. She put Trinidad and Tobago on the map. She did what Bob Marley did for Jamaica. Brian Lara (cricketer) and Ato Boldon (track star) have done well. But Nicki kicked down doors that they could not.”

He added Trinidadians should be defending Nicki now in her time of need.

“Today, everybody knows about our country. Trinidad and Tobago is in the international spotlight. We should rally around her.”

Nicki Minaj came under heavy criticism last week for her tweets about not taking the vaccine because her cousin told her that his friend became impotent after taking the shot, and his testicles were swollen.

However, Daniel says Trinidadians should be backing Minaj now despite the sentiments.

“Why are we leaving our precious Nicki out in the rain? If she was an American, the whole of America would have supported her. I have to agree with veteran calypsonian Winston (Explainer) Henry, ‘Why are we treating our local heroes so?’,” Daniel told the Express.

Meanwhile, as the search went on to find Minaj’s cousin and his friend, she alleged that two journalists had approached her family and sent them threatening messages to speak to media after they declined to do so.

Minaj shared screenshots of a series of messages sent in which a female claiming to be a journalist telling the receiver of the messages they should speak with her before CNN tracked them down and shared all of their information worldwide.

Nicki Minaj blasted the journalists for their intimidation tactics and pressuring her family.

While Minaj is Trinidadian, she has curiously more associated herself as a Jamaican, speaking with a Jamaican accent and promoting things Jamaican. She has often spoken about her love for Jamaica and Jamaicans, which is heavily reciprocated by Jamaican people.

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PM Andrew Holness Not Ruling Out Vybz Kartel Being Vax Ambassador

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says that Vybz Kartel may have a key role in the government’s continued efforts to vaccinate the majority of Jamaica’s population by 2022.

So far, just about seven percent (7%) of the island’s people are fully vaccinated. While the government has been trying to vaccinate persons, there has been a high number of people against taking the shot, which is said to help persons from either getting the virus or having minimal reactions.

A recent study showed that anti-vaccination rhetoric and conspiracies were rife among the population, with the majority of people against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

However, the Prime Minister believes that Vybz Kartel, who is one of the most influential entertainers on the island, might be able to assist in getting more persons on board.

“In a national emergency such as a pandemic, we in the Government of Jamaica would enlist the support of all well-thinking citizens in encouraging persons to take the vaccine,” Holness said.

The incarcerated Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, recently took his first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and is said to be doing well after taking the shot.

Vybz Kartel leaving court 2014 | Urban Islandz

The proposal to use Kartel first came about after his Attorney, Isat Buchanan, noted that the artist wanted to take the vaccine, but it was not yet available for prisoners. He also suggested that the artist who had a deep connection with average Jamaicans through his music be used as a vaccine ambassador, something that Health Minister Chris Tufton wasn’t aversed to.

“There is no doubt that Vybz Kartel is an influencer, with many fans throughout the country. … If he can influence others to take it that would be good. I would be willing to work with the penal system to explore how it could be done,” Tufton said recently.

However, the prime minister noted that all hands should be on deck to assist the country with coping with the pandemic.

“In terms of how the government structures its programmes, the existence of a pandemic, of an emergency, does not always justify the dispensing of rules and regulations and laws and policies and principles. So, we make a general call for every citizen of Jamaica to support and use their influence,” Holness said.

He added that the government has tried to get the support of influential groups in the pro-vaccination campaign but that not everyone has responded.

The Prime Minister added that the help of everyone is needed if the island is to successfully control the effects of the pandemic in Jamaica.

“We have a national programme and that programme has to follow all the laws and guidelines and procedures. So that will prescribe how we engage. So my short answer to you is, we encourage everyone from all walks of life, wherever you are, whatever your status, whatever your station, if you can support and add your voice, please go ahead and do so,” said Holness.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said that for anyone to help, there was no need to sign on with a state-supported program, but instead, they can use their platforms to share organic support.

It seems that Vybz Kartel might be trying to show his support to the government and his efforts at rehabilitation even as his appeal at the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is pending.

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Tion Wayne – West End Lyrics

[Intro: Young Adz & Tion Wayne]
Be my best friend, racks in the west end
I’ma take a flight with you
I need more, tea for the west end (C’mon, c’mon), fuck all your best friends
Girl, I got my eyes on you
Yeah, T Wayne from the, yo (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Tion Wayne]
It’s like you love to make it all the bop, you’re with the drama (Yeah)
Every time I’m vex, you’re my answer (You’re my answer)
I know I’m, due a lot of karma
I ain’t Peter Parker, but my ting better than Rihanna (Than RiRi)
She don’t know we stеppin’ with some killers (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Love it whеn we sex up in the mirrors (Uh)
Pop down, couldn’t buy you slippers (Yeah)
But she don’t even care about no figures
It’s long (Yeah), she don’t want me gone
Things I did for the funds
To get you Saint Laurent
I accept that I’m wrong
But when you hear this song, love me now, love me strong
And love me when I’m gone (When I’m gone)
Big plans, we ain’t ever needin’ anything (Yeah)
Me and you will have proper ease, developin’ (C’mon, c’mon)
Bougie, and your ambition is evident
You’re a boss but let me help with everyting (With everyting)

[Chorus: Young Adz]
I said, can you be my best friend?
Racks in the west end
I’ma take a flight with you
I need more, tea for the west end
Fuck all your best friends
Girl, I got my eyes on you, and yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? Yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? And yeah

[Verse 2: Dirtbike LB]
I treat your pussy like a goldmine, girl
When I pull up, you look so fly, girl (Girl, you looks so fly)
Gold zippers with the gold YSL
Tryna figure if I know myself (If I know my)
Stay strong while I settle our differences
Pay attention, girl, I’m wrong, now I’m listenin’
Hundred racks’ll make a nigga wanna live again
I put this house in your name ’cause you’re different
I was servin’ on the curb for my fiends (For my fiends)
Now I’m fuckin’ with a girl from my dreams
I been sleepin in the Burj, more peace (More peace)
I been tryna figure out what you need
She the main one
I ain’t switchin’ up, I’m with the same one
It’s the city where you try and live your life or you take one
That’s my driller, he ain’t scared to take his shot like he’s Neymar (Uh)
I just sent my other hitter to Jamaica

[Chorus: Young Adz]
I said, can you be my best friend?
Racks in the west end
I’ma take a flight with you
I need more, tea for the west end
Fuck all your best friends
Girl, I got my eyes on you, and yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? Yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? And yeah
I said, can you be my best friend?
Racks in the west end
I’ma take a flight with you
I need more, tea for the west end
Fuck all your best friends
Girl, I got my eyes on you, and yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? Yeah
Mi say, gyal, come here now
Can you be my best friend? And yeah

Love & Hip Hop ATL: Safaree Is Tired Of “Fake” Deadbeat Dad Narrative

It’s the season of co-parenting drama, as Safaree joins Summer Walker and London on da Track, who both took to social media recently to vent about parenting dramas.

Safaree Samuels has seemingly gotten fed up with his deadbeat dad narrative, and he took to the Twitter streets to let out his frustrations. In his tweets, Safaree addresses fans’ criticism of him partying in Jamaica while his child was in the NICU, as well as the storyline that he was unaware of Erica Mena’s pregnancy.

In his first tweet, he stated, “I’m sick of this fake a** narrative too like I’m a dead beat. I don’t want a Treat for being with my kids but don’t act like I’m not with my kids becuz y’all don’t see it. My kids live in a mansion and that’s because of me! I’m with them all the time.”

Unphased by his statement, one user tweeted this in response. “We’re not blind! You were partying in Jamaica while your son was in ICU! Ain’t nothing to say after that. You created your own narrative!”

The infamous party in question was his birthday celebration in which he had flown out to his home island, Jamaica, and he was seen happily partying it up, seemingly without a care in the world.

Safaree later defended himself in an interview where he stated that he waited until he got back home to post the clips of him in Jamaica, and he was, in fact, home taking care of his newborn. Despite this, fans were still torn, to say the least, with the majority still lashing out as they condemned his fathering skills. He subsequently released a track titled Liar, hitting out against his haters.

In his second tweet, he continued his rant, saying, “I don’t need or want sympathy from anybody but b4 you wonder about how my relationship with my kids are just know that they are on their way to a great childhood. Y’all believe this tv sh*t if you want, but a lot of y’all don’t have common sense so I get it but damn.”

I’m sick of this fake ass narrative too like I’m a dead beat. I don’t wAnt a Treat for being with my kids but don’t act like I’m not with my kids becuz y’all don’t see https://t.co/9LttEwpskp kids live in a mansion and that’s because of me! I’m with them all the time!

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 30, 2021

I don’t need or want sympathy from anybody but b4 you wonder about how my relationship with my kids are just know that they are on their way to a great childhood. Y’all believe this tv sh*t if you want, but a lot of y’all don’t have common sense so I get it but damn.

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 30, 2021

This argument, however, may not have been just about his parenting skills, as fans deduce that it may have been the concerning treatment towards Erica Mena.

A major role as a father is to always hold the mother in high regard even when tensions might be high and recent talks, and online battles show everything but respect for Erica. Earlier in August, Safaree had a sit-down with his mother during the process of his divorce from The Love and Hip Hop star. His mother stated that she was disappointed with the way he treated his wife. She further expressed that his blatant disrespect towards her in public was not the way she had raised the rapper. As a result, fans suspect that his anger in this recent rant was misplaced.

One fan retorted, “I didn’t like erica at first but you treat her so bad! I bet you aint even think about treating alpha (Nicki Minaj) like that! Do better! Keep your family together!”

Back in February, Safaree began an online war where he publicly aired out his regrets for getting married. The online back-and-forth between the pair was brutal. Mena seemed to have shared the same sentiments and filed for divorce from Safaree on May 21st after feeling that there would be no reconciliation between them.

In a continuation of his rant, he also spoke about his prior knowledge or lack thereof of Mena’s pregnancy. In a viral episode snippet of Love and Hip Hop, he displayed shock when Erica had announced her pregnancy to him. This left fans slightly confused and in disbelief that he didn’t notice that his wife, who was residing in the same house as him, was heavily pregnant.

Erica Mena pregnant | IG @ericamena

However, he doubled down on the notion that it was all just for the cameras.

“Who on this earth can live with some1 who’s 6 months pregnant and not know..dumb aes! I do more than a lot of y’all women baby daddies who go months and weeks without seeing or doing anything for they kids!! Dumb aes! Ima go back to watching cloud babies,” he divulged.

He finished the rant up with this tweet, saying, “I have a 7 figure mortgage that’s not gonna pay itself. So unless y’all opinions start paying that go suck sumthn! Ok imma really go back to word party now! Go to hell badmind.”

It seems he is back to Cartoon land because the rapper has, since then, been silent following his fiery hour of rants. His rant followed numerous posts where he can be seen feeding baby Legend and where both Safire and Legend are sweetly napping on his chest.

Who on this earth can live with some1 who’s 6 months pregnant and not know..dumb asses! I do more than a lot of y’all women baby daddies who go months and weeks without seeing or doing anything for they kids!! Dumb asses! Ima go back to watching cloud babies.

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 30, 2021

I have a 7 figure mortgage that’s not gonna pay itself. So unless y’all opinions start paying that go suck sumthn! Ok imma really go back to word party now! Go to hell badmind?

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 30, 2021

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Usain Bolt Explains Why Sha’Carri Richardson Is Good For Track & Field

One of the highlights of the recently concluded Olympics in Japan was the healthy rivalry between U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson and most of Jamaica’s female track and field team.

What started as rivalry soon descended into a mean-spirited back and forth between the two countries. It did, however, peak more interest in track and field. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, believes it was all good for the sport.

As the world waited with bated breaths for the showdown at the Olympics, news emerged that Richardson was suspended for a month because she failed a mandatory drug test. She was kicked off the U.S. team after testing positive for marijuana, which is banned from the Olympics by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

She was given another chance to prove her mettle when she faced the Jamaican trio of speed Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson at the Prefontaine Classic in August. She memorably placed last in that race and shared her feelings on the matter as she’s known to do.

“I’m not upset at myself at all. This is one race. I’m not done,” she told reporters after her loss. “Count me out if you want to. Talk all the sh*t you want. ‘Cause I’m here to stay. I’m not done.” Jamaican fans let her have the full brunt of jokes as they didn’t hold back.

Now, arguably the greatest male track athlete to have ever graced the Olympics has weighed in with his thoughts on Richardson. He shared them with REVOLT. Bolt, who is now a deejay after retiring as the world record holder, said that he was actually rooting for the young track star.

Usain Bolt started by saying that he did agree with her being banned from the Olympics since rules are rules. He added that this is how he has always looked at track and field.

“Because as soon as you get your agent, or your coach, or the person they have around you, [he/she] has to explain to you that, listen, these are the rules of the sports that you’re in. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. You can’t take this, you can’t do that,” he continued.

However, that being said, he admitted that he did understand that it was probably tough on her but added that this is why it’s important to have people around you to encourage you and to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Many seemed turned off by her cockiness, but Bolt said that he likes her energy and believed it might be a good thing for track and field. To him, her personality is just “spicy.”

Usain Bolt also issued some words of encouragement to Richardson, reminding her that he didn’t make it outside of the first round in his first Olympics in Athens. It’s all about remaining determined, pushing yourself, believing that you can do it, and doing your best, he added.

“Everybody is different. But, I think she brings a different spice to track and field. And sometimes sports need somebody like that to give the energy, to get people talking about it,” he continued.

Her perceived arrogance has gotten more people talking about track and field, which is good for the sport, he said. This will only help the sport to grow, and if more people start talking about it because of her high energy and vibes, then he’s all for it.

When asked if he feels anyone can challenge his home country in track and field at this time, Bolt said he’s not sure but quickly added that the possibility is there. The “It’s a Party” singer added that there is a lot of talent worldwide, but Jamaica ensures that track and field is its most celebrated sport.

Of course, he hopes that any other nation beating Jamaica in track and field never becomes a reality.

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Bounty Killer Foundation Donates $300K To Claude ‘Big Stone’ Sinclair For Heart Surgery

After almost three decades in the entertainment industry, Bounty Killer has made it his duty to give back to those in need.

Through his ‘Bounty Foundation,’ the deejay continues to make a change in the lives of community members and colleagues. One of his latest contributions is to the C.E.O of Big Stone Records and Productions, Claude “Big Stone” Sinclair.

Mr. Sinclair, who is also a veteran Philanthropist and Humanitarian, has been ailing for some time from a serious heart condition that had left him hospitalized earlier this year.

Big Stone had posted several videos on social media seeking donations to assist with his surgery. In one video, he explained that he needs an angiogram examination which costs over $600,000, and an angioplasty surgery costing up to $1 million.

Bounty Killer has joined poet Wise Wurdz and recording artiste Pamputtae, among others, with his support.

Bounty Killer made an appearance on Winford Williams’ OnStage recently to make the donation. On Wednesday (September 1), the dancehall legend reposted a photo of himself making the handover, writing, “One again the @bounty_foundation serving its purpose on caring and sharing.”

Big Stone explained further, “The Bounty Killa Foundation presented a check of JM$300,000 to Claude’ Big Stone” Sinclair towards his upcoming surgery for his heart condition.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

While Bounty’s donation cannot fully cover the cost of the surgery, the philanthropist is extremely grateful for the big donation.

He commented, “Thanks in a million Mr. Rodney Pryce aka Bounty Killer you brought me to tears. I am so elated soon I will be able to do the very important surgery which will be phase one.”

Among several other donations, Bounty’s nonprofit organization, earlier this year, provided 40 tablet computers to the deejay’s alma mater, Seaview Gardens Primary.

The deejay, through his ‘each one teach one’ initiative, also assisted dancehall pioneer Junior Byles, who is battling prostate cancer and mental issues, with a sum of $250,000.

On the Bounty Foundation website, the mission statement says, “We share because we care. The Bounty Foundation tends to the less fortunate and disabled across Jamaica, uplifting individuals and communities in dire need of food supplies, clothing, medical equipment, and volunteer services.”

“The foundation was founded by Rodney Price (aka Bounty Killer) to give back to communities and country that have always supported his music. We are a team that believes in leading by example; we go to directly into the most in-need areas of Jamaica to provide aide. Our motto: ‘Each one, teach one to reach one.’”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Claude Sinclair (@big_stone_4318)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Claude Sinclair (@big_stone_4318)

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Alkaline’s “Top Prize” Debut At No. 2 On Billboard Reggae Chart

Alkaline’s new project debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Chart this week after a smooth rollout.

The Vendetta deejay’s latest album Top Prize is performing well a week after its release, selling almost 3,000 units of track sales and streams. The album was first released on May 14 and is now at the No.2 place on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart.

Alkaline is among a few independent artists within the dancehall space and has seen chart success with his first album New Level Unlocked, which debuted at the top of Billboard’s Reggae Chart, something no other artist has managed to achieve since Shaggy did in 2000.

The 14-track album moved four places up the charts since the week started- at first debuting at No. 56 on the album sales chart. However, his album sales are currently 1,527, but Alkaline has been moving up various streaming charts as his music is curated by the streaming platform. So far, he has been ranked on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart at No. 37.

According to the artiste’s Manhattan-based promotion company, Shuzzr Media, the album climbed to the No. 1 spot on the iTunes reggae charts and also peaked at #6 on the worldwide charts.

It also entered the top ten chart on iTunes Canada and also secured the #1 spot on the Apple music charts in Jamaica.

The promotion company added that the album is the No.1 Amazon Music best-selling album in three categories – International, Reggae, and Caribbean & Cuba for the past week, with all 14 tracks from the album occupying Deezer Top 100 playlist in Jamaica.

Alkaline has been one of the few artists to maintain his relevance and dominance, being the first artist to be featured on Audiomack’s Acoustic visual series. His numbers on Audiomack are ringing past 10 million streams.

Shuzzr Media says, “as an independent artist, Alkaline continues to break barriers globally and expand the genre’s footprint in mainstream and new media markets.”

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Bounty Killer Reacts To Murder Of 6-Year-Old Boy, Insist Dancehall Not To Be Blamed

Bounty Killer used the recent murder of a 6-year-old boy to illustrate why dancehall music isn’t to be blamed for crime.

The dancehall icon has never been afraid to speak out on social issues affecting Jamaica. Bounty Killer, also known as the “Poor People Goveror,” has used his platform to speak out against injustice, crime, corruption, among other issues plaguing Jamaican society.

The May 17th murder of 6-year-old Jadaine Miller, reportedly by his 15-year-old cousin, is one of the latest viral incidents piercing Jamaica. Dancehall legend Bounty Killer sound off on his Instagram on Tuesday, May 18, where he shared his views about the viral killing, questioning Dancehall music’s impact on this kind of violence in Jamaica.

“Music causing all these Dominic Acts and Behaviors, tell me now mr man in the mirror,” the deejay captioned a repost of the story by The STAR. The discussion of whether Dancehall music has played a significant role in the rising number of violence and crimes in Jamaica has been a prolonged and unceasing one.

Bounty Killer, PM Andrew Holness and Tony Rebel

The conversation rose to prominence a few months ago after Prime Minister Andrew Holness criticized the “violent” content in Dancehall music during a sitting of the House of representatives. The Prime Minister said the glorified violent lifestyle in Dancehall music has a negative impact on the mind and thoughts of today’s youngsters.

He said, “In our music and our culture, in as much as you are free to reflect what is happening in the society, you also have a duty to place it in context.”

The Prime Minister added, “Dat yuh tek up the AK-47 and tun it inna a man head … That is not right. And though you have the protection of the constitution to sing about it, you also have a duty to the children who are listening to you.”

This declaration in late March came after the murder of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson in the parish of Portmore, which led to public outrage.

Since then, artists such as Mavado, Masicka, and of course, Bounty Killer have stood their ground in disagreeing with the Prime Minister’s statement.

The conversation is again peaking with the Savanna- la- Mar tragedy, as the police stay on a hunt for the 15-year-old who is accused of shooting and killing his 6-year-old cousin. Young Miller was a student of Dalling Street.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

In agreeing with Bounty, one user commented, “People need to stop blame music for violence because I don’t hear any one blaming Hollywood for their gruesome act of killing or any criminal behave in their movies!”

Another added, “My condolences to this beautiful soul family. What is Jamaica prime minster doing? Andrew only have excuses, and lip services no action. And the only ones who are suffering from the Gun violences are the poor citizens of Jamaica.”

The incident, which has also sparked public outcry and concerns, is leading back to the discussion Killer has again brought to the forefront. “Is Dancehall music contributing to the high crime rate in Jamaica?”

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Teejay Taps Gyptian & Bremmy FZ – “Uptop Wine (Wine for Me)”

Teejay and Gyptian link up for a new party anthem.

Summer is on, so call up a friend! Unsure of just how to spend your time during the lockdown this summer? Teejay, Gyptian, and Bremmy FZ have teamed up for a laidback, melody-filled song and video which explains just how to ensure those hot summer days are filled with loads of fun.

The Uptop Boss and Gyptian make a luxurious house/villa their adult playground. The handful of natural-bodied females parading around the venue engage in everything from a game of pool to chillin’ by the pool. Island themes, button-downs, shorts, bikinis, and drinks flowing in abundance mark the order of the day, and the men behind the lends, David P, and director Angelo B capture every moment of it.

While summer is known for its numerous parties and outdoor events, that may not be the reality for Jamaica in 2021. The island, which is revered for its laidback attitude and musical offerings, has been experiencing islandwide curfews for more than a year as the deadly Covid-19 virus rages on. One thing that cannot be denied is the warm feeling you get whenever it is summertime. Teejay, Gyptian, and Bremmy FZ are searching for that and more from their female counterparts in this Towerhill Records Production.

You can view the music video for this summer fling playbook below.

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Bounty Killer Blast Dancehall Artists Supporting Criminals Amid Police & Gunmen Shootout

Bounty Killer did not hold back on giving his opinion on the violence currently gripping Jamaica.

The dancehall legend speaks out after receiving the news of a shootout that took place earlier today on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston that left two gunmen dead and another in custody. The shootout, which took place at a rather busy intersection in the Kingston 5 area around midday, was captured by a curious onlooker who was standing out meters away from where the shots were being fired.

The “Benz and Bimma” recording artist took to his Instagram account to let his 815,000 followers know just how he felt about what had happened.

“Moments after this took place on Waterloo Rd two likkle mascaraed go meet them Waterloo the little youths them have no rawt_d sense today”, Bounty Killer said. He claimed that merely hours before receiving the news, he had posted the “Crime Stop Crime Crash” video, which is a motivational clip promoting peace and taking a stand against crime.

He showcased his disgust with the current state of the nation as a whole and stated that he would not have bothered to leave Riverton or Seaview Gardens if this is what can be expected after leaving the inner-city communities. The artist then went on to put down those who support persons who engage in criminal activities.

He then continued to show his hatred for these individuals, claiming that persons associated with those who support this type of behavior should also be condemned.

“Is this the Jamaica we all wanted ppl really is it I don’t know about nobody wanted but if this was the life I wanted I wouldn’t bother to leave Riverton or Seaview Gardens then so hear mi all of the Stinking Nasty Duty Rotten Johncrow Skirmish Zaar Criminal deh fi bloodclaath DEAD in cold blood I CARE ZERO,” Killer added.

“My stance this I Stand With Country anyone who is friends or associates with any kind of pu**y ole like this should be treated likewise Especially Some Artiste gal and boy who is buying guns and mining gunman and criminal bullet unuh fi get to str8 up mi nuh hide and talk mi bad bumboclaath man who nuh like it just say a word bitches and witches waiting, Killer added.

Bounty Killer has been very vocal in his stance against the crime and violence that has become the norm in Jamaica’s society. He recently challenged the Prime Minister’s view that dancehall music was the main cause of crime by listing other social factors which play major roles in the problem that is currently sweeping the island.

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Sean Paul Explains How His Single Mom Inspired One Of His Biggest Hits “Rockabye”

Sean Paul has revealed that his 2016 collaboration with Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie, “Rockabye”, was one of his favorite collaborations, as he shared a personal connection to the track.

The “Temperature” deejay opened up about his favorite collaborations during his recent sit down with Yendi Phillips. Sean Paul, whose real name is Sean Paul Henriques, explained that his favorite collaboration was with Rihanna, but he highlighted that “Rockabye” with Clean Bandit was quite personal.

Rihanna’s collaboration stood in his top 3 because, unlike other collaborations, Rihanna showed significant interest by visiting and touring Jamaica with him, which made the song much more than just a musical collaboration.

“Most collabs I do, I either travel abroad or I do it over the internet. But I met her (Rihanna) on tour and she was like ‘I wanna come Jamaica’…..So I was like, well then fawud. Then one day she pick up the phone and say ‘I’m coming for Christmas….” The “Give It Up To Me” artiste recalled.

“The first place me take her was Bob Marley Museum, and she was in awe just sitting there like this was the man [Bob Marley] used to deh…. we ate food round there, go beach, we go club, we go studio… There was no real talk of doing a song it was just like I wanted to show her the place. And then we ended up doing a song that went to number 7 on the Billboard charts without no big company pushing it,” he said.

He added that while Rihanna had not done her breakout single “Umbrella” yet, the artiste was still very famous at the time. He expressed his pride when he got the chance to show her “how its done in Jamaica,” which, up until that point, he had never done with popular artists he had collaborated with. The two worked on the 2005 single “Break It Off”.

The deejay then went on to highlight that his collaboration with Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie for “Rockabye” was also very special because it had hit home.

“Rockabye” is about a single mother who would do anything and sacrifice everything to keep her son safe. As the international Dancehall sensation noted, his mother was also a single mother, and he could therefore relate to the context of the song.

Sean Paul’s mother, who is a painter, raised him in Kingston, Jamaica, primarily as a single mother. Sean attended Wolmer’s Boys’ School and the University of Technology (previously known as the College of Arts, Science, and Technology). He majored in commerce but intended to pursue swimming, which was a family talent, as an occupation. Apparently, that was not his destiny, as he is now considered one of Dancehall’s most prolific and iconic artists ever.

Sean Paul explained that “Rockabye” opened his perspective on songs about ladies, as he had not previously considered doing this type of songs and even questioned why didn’t he think of the idea before being approached by Clean Bandit.

“My mom was a single mom and when they came at me with the song I didn’t even think of doing a song like that so it kind of opened my perspective on songs about ladies,” the dancehall legend explained.

“I was kinda ashamed I was like why didn’t I think about that?…So that’s a next one and because of them wanting me on the track and also producing Dancehall, to me that was a special thing,” he said.

He added that even though some members of the public say dancehall is “watered down,” he felt that Jamaica’s production, especially during those years, needed to compete with international sounds. The artiste showed gratitude that Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie were willing to take that step with him.

“It was a dope song. It didn’t actually reach number one everywhere, like the Sia (“Cheap Thrills”) did, but it was special to me because of the sentiment in the song,” he said.

Ironically Rockabye stands at 2.5 billion views on YouTube while Cheap Thrills has only 1.6 billion. Either way, Sean is doing some massive numbers online, and his fans are sure that they have a lot more to look forward to from such a legendary artist.

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Boom Boom Says Skillibeng Now The Top Dancehall Artist But Lacks Versatility

Skillibeng has, no doubt, continued to aim high and make moves in the entertainment industry. But talks about the artiste’s declining song quality are once again popping up.

Veteran selector Boom Boom recently expressed that while he believes Skillibeng is the “big name in Jamaica right now,” the deejay should steer clear of the same flows he has been using repetitively on many of his songs.

The “Billboard Selector” made an appearance on TVJ’s Entertainment Report, which took place on Friday (April 30).

Boom Boom, whose real name is Marlon Wizard, also recommended that the “Crocodile Teeth” deejay also reduce the number of tracks he has been releasing progressively.

“Me caan hide him glory. A Skilli a the man right now,” Boom Boom said. But when E.R. host Anthony Miller asked if he believed all his songs were making sense, the selector responded, “Him have couple song weh him release, me see the people them start bash it, say a nursery rhyme, him need fi do better.”

The Alliance selector said he agreed with the criticisms but still could not deny that Skillibeng is “the man” at the moment, as the young deejay has been releasing songs that have hit international markets, specifically, his single “Crocodile Teeth.”

But, with the criticisms, Boom Boom was perhaps referring to Skillibeng’s recent single “Yo,” which had received a number of negative comments, critiques, and jeers upon its release.

Boom agreed with Miller that his “failed” songs were due to the fact that the artiste had been releasing too many songs at one point. Notably, other artists such as Vybz Kartel are known for his hurried song-releasing streak without being an epic fail. But, Boom Boom argued that Skillibeng should not be compared to an artiste like Vybz Kartel, who has been in the industry for a while and has established himself as one of Jamaica’s prolific artists.

“No. Kartel will always be Kartel. Kartel inna a class himself. A di teacher dat,” he declared.

The Esyde artiste has been under scrutiny for some time, as some fans had expressed concern that his new music releases were not as good as previous songs.

While it is well known that the 24-year-old deejay is immensely talented, some fans have been speculating that he may not be taking his music very seriously.

However, the “Coke” deejay has a bright future ahead, and fans are hoping that he will use his talent to the best of his ability to make the best of opportunities to come.

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DJ Khaled Clip From Trip To Jamaica Turned Into A Meme Frenzy

DJ Khaled is getting the meme treatment thanks to this clip from his recent trip to Jamaica.

Whenever DJ Khaled touches down in Jamaica, we expect some legendary collaborations but this time we got more than just that. Add a new notch to his cap, as that combination has produced a variety of hilarious memes. You probably know the one we’re talking about too. It comes from the video of DJ Khaled having lunch in the middle of a river when he takes a sip from his wine glass and suddenly stands up with wide eyes. We’re not sure what the look was supposed to be, one of revelation or amazement maybe, but in true Khaled fashion, it has blown up.

The clip comes from his Khaled Khaled album teasers as he slowly revealed the list of big names he’d be working with. He shared the clip when he was very close to dropping his latest album, and it was absorbed and regurgitated by the meme community quickly.

Fans had some really funny takes on what he could have been thinking about, ranging from him forgetting that he did not cancel his free Amazon Prime trial in the middle of lunch to suddenly remembering you haven’t finished your chores or some other important task. The meme has now surpassed the popular “Another one” rendition.

Me on my guys trip remembering i aint block my gf from my IG story pic.twitter.com/xoNTY0QHWH

— Shine to the 9 ? (@DamuJR) April 28, 2021

Me remembering I forgot to cancel my free trial pic.twitter.com/ftUm3wdBzg

— Rue ?? (@scusemerue) April 25, 2021

Babysitting my nephews and realizing they been mad quiet in another room for a minute https://t.co/ZZN38nARiC

— Josh Johnson* (@JoshtheSandwich) April 27, 2021

The Animals In The Beginning Of ‘The Lion King’ pic.twitter.com/eac3MUGCXW

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A-Rod hearing about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckpic.twitter.com/XKxQBhniqP

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Here is the original clip.

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He’s used to going viral, so he shouldn’t be surprised that the meme has gone global. After all, the album is still on course to sell 100,000 copies and debut at #1 on the charts. The video has become so popular that it’s pulled in millions of views. Khaled is still riding off of the successful release of “Where You Come From,” which features some of Jamaica’s top dancehall acts.

“Just got off the phone with ISLANDS we looking BIG! #WHEREYOUCOMEFROM another dream come true!! from #KHALEDKHALED to the WORLD JAMAICA TO THE WORLD @bujubanton @capletonmusic @grunggaadzilla @barringtonlevy411,” he recently posted to his Instagram.

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Bounty Killer Cosigns Senator Damion Crawford’s Take On Dancehall & Crime

Bounty Killer seconds a Jamaican senator’s take on the correlation between crime and music.

The ongoing debate in Jamaica concerning the impact of dancehall music on the country’s high crime rate has welcomed opinions and arguments from figures in both the entertainment and political industry. While the members of the proposition and opposition seemed to be clearly established as the government and dancehall community, respectively, a opposition senator recently did an interview on a very popular music entertainment platform where he shared an opposing view to the Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s controversial take.

According to Damion Crawford, who is the vice president of the opposition political party, there are no statistics to support the notion that music has negatively affected the crime rate, not just in Jamaica but anywhere.

In his recent interview with On-Stage’s Winford Williams, Crawford said the government’s attempt to lobby the public to believe dancehall music has influenced crime, particularly murder is baseless and makes for an excuse for the industry to continue to suffer from a lack of government support.

“If it is positioned in the minds of the public that it is a negative industry, that is a covid contributor, that it is a crime contributor, it’s a murder contributor then that impetus, that push to have government protect it will not come,” he said. “And the government will always have a satisfactory excuse to the public to say this is why we have not embraced this industry in the same way first place.”

He continued, “So that is why I’m out here to say that all the signs suggest that there is no true causal relationship between music and crime – in particular murder.” He went on to say countries like the United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States have done the research as it relates to rap music and other genres affecting national crime rates, and it yielded the result that there is no correlation.

An excerpt from Crawford’s interview with On-Stage has been circulating online since it premiered on national television. Bounty Killer was among those influencers who reshared the clip on Instagram, making light of the strong argument that in the grand scheme of things, dancehall is but a scapegoat in a much larger issue that the government does not appear to have a handle on.

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Like many other dancehall artists, Bounty Killer has previously acknowledged the government and Prime Minister attributing the crime spike to music in his social media posts where he strongly disagreed that dancehall is to be blamed. In November 2020, the deejay highlighted major contributors to the crime during a speech at a conference with members of the Jamaica security force. He pointed out some social issues that drive the crime rate up, including unemployment, impoverished communities, a lack of morals, stable homes, parents, and self-worth.

As Damion Crawford suggested in his recent interview, the government could be laying the foundation for an excuse to perpetuate their lack of positive attention and funding to dancehall music. Ironically, Bounty Killer believes all the funding that goes towards national security is hardly a fix as he believes the high crime rate is a matter of social dysfunction in the society rather than a critical security issue. The dancehall veteran says in order to really start tackling the root of the crime epidemic in Jamaica, a sharper focus should be placed on social development.

What’s your take on the role of dancehall music in society and the ongoing debate on whether its influence has been negatively impacting the crime rate?

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Dancehall Legend Baby Cham Calls Jamaican Gov’t Bias For Easing UK Travel Ban

Baby Cham speak on the Jamaican government lifting UK travel ban while ignoring the entertainment sector.

Most sectors of the Jamaican economy, like many other countries around the world, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The entertainment sector has staggered and tried as best as possible to keep up with the restrictions put in place to safeguard the country. With restrictions looking to be relaxed soon for UK tourism, veteran dancehall artist Baby Cham is making his feelings on the way the government handled the pandemic known. He posted a clip of his recent track called “Lockdown” on Usain Bolt’s Clockwork Riddim. He made sure to include his more explicit lyrics in expressing his feelings on Instagram.

He also made his feelings known with the caption attached to the short video clip. He was obviously upset as he also made the caption in all caps.


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The “Ghetto Story” deejay is lashing out at Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, who recently announced that the travel ban on the United Kingdom, which was supposed to end last Friday, April 30, would not be renewed. The ban was part of Jamaica’s Disaster Risk Management Act to help mitigate the spread of the UK variant of the virus.

“On Saturday May 1, Jamaica will reopen its borders to international visitors from the United Kingdom. This will enable the critical gateways of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, to have transit for passengers coming through and who are fully compliant with health and safety protocols required for international travel,” Bartlett said.

He added that the decision was taken to try and help boost the island’s economy.

“Jamaica’s position at this time is critical in relation to the opening up of the summer tourist season and in fact, the importance of enabling the diaspora, particularly the strong British clientele that have always come to the island,” he said.

Jamaica’s borders have been open since June 2020, and they’ve already welcomed about 1.5 million visitors. All visitors welcomed had a quarantine period and had to follow other health protocols. Cham’s take on the matter is that the hoteliers and others in the sector cried out for help and have been given it while the poor and disenfranchised have been left to fend for themselves. The part of the song he chose lamented all of these issues. For the most part, it seemed that his fans agreed with his stance.

“Unfair bad and it is not even funny. The government is not for the people who risk their life during election and put dem on power…. Set of dictators,” this fan said, another added, “@cham….pure double standard!!!! Do the jamaican govt realize sey a di people, di food, di place and definitely di music why most tourists come a yaad? The citizens, athletes and mostly of the artists promote the country and are the quintessential vessel in putting out Jamaica to the world. Tek care a u people dem govt of JA. U can’t have certain people a benefit in di country and the ones who put unu in postion a get constant raw deals.. get it under control quick,” and this fan chimed in, “Such everyone should boycott travelling there until its open for all. Most of the owners prob not even citizens. Although yes they employ them but still. That country is what it is because of what the leaders have done or more importantly not done to help the country as a whole and that goes for anyone who has a voice. Soooo many voices and I hear like 3. Why. Crickets and ants everywhere just like that Disney movie. Watch that. Same sht.”

Do you agree with Baby Cham’s take on UK tourists being allowed into Jamaica?

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DJ Khaled Link With Jamaican Legends In “Where You Come From” Visual – Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Capleton

DJ Khaled managed to get four of the biggest legends in dancehall in one video fitting as an ode to Jamaican culture.

On the heels of the launch of his 12th studio album, DJ Khaled has dropped a new video for the single “Where You Come From.” The video for the song, which features a star-studded line-up of Reggae veterans, dropped on Saturday (May 1) on all major platforms. It has already started to do major numbers, racking up some 360,000 views on YouTube in just 5 hours.

The track features heavyweights Buju Banton, Capleton, Barrington Levy, and Bounty Killer. In a post on Twitter, DJ Khaled celebrated the artists coming together, stating, “WHERE YOU COME FROM VIDEO out now on @vevo !! Let’s be CLEAR! All these artists have NEVER collaborated on one record before. This is HISTORY. JAMAICA I LOVE YOU!”

The video showcases not just the best of Jamaica’s musical talent, but it also features some of the best visual views of Jamaica. The video opens with aerial views of lush green forestry and continues with breathtaking sights from all across the island. Capleton, in particular, stands out as he is dressed in his usual militant attire with strong Rastafarian flair. The video scenes pan between a grassy garden where the featured artists and several others are gathered and various spectacular views of the best scenic spots on the island.

Pristine sandy beaches, clear rivers, and a busy suburban street are just a few of the visuals of Jamaica showcased by Khaled. A fantastic spread of Jamaican food, along with street art and cameos from local people on the streets, add to the video’s appeal.

The “Where You Come From” video is the second to be released by Khaled from his album “Khaled Khaled.” On April 29, he dropped the video for “Sorry Not Sorry,” which features Nas, JayZ, and James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. That video is currently number 1 on trending with more than 4.9 million views so far.

As of midday May 1, the album Khaled Khaled, which was released on April 30th, was number 1 in 41 countries on Apple Music. In addition to the Dancehall Heavyweights, Khaled’s 12th album also features stars such as Cardi B, Lil Wayne, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, and Post Malone.

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Tory Lanez Previews Fire Remix Of Skillibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth” – Listen

Tory Lanez has proven time and time again that he is the king of remixes, and he continues his reign with another fire dancehall collaboration through Skillibeng’s cross-over hit “Crocodile Teeth.”

The Canadian rapper/singer shared a video of himself jamming to the new, unreleased joint to his Instagram page, and fans have already been calling for the official release.

“@skillibeng #CrocodileTeeth …… should I drop this or leave this in the stash ???? … I think it’s fire tho … word to @ovoroxx cornrows,” the Toronto spitter declared in the caption.

Throughout the remix, Tory Lanez name-dropped dancehall veteran Beenie Man among others. His actions led to a forward from the dancehall king himself, who commented fire emojis on the Instagram post.

Fans in Tory’s comments were hype about the remix and encouraged him to drop it. One IG user commented, “This bad yf, drop it me killa.” Another said, “yesss, love how u loving our Caribbean vibes.”

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A post shared by LONE $TONE PLAYBOY (@torylanez)

While Tory Lanez’s parents hail from Barbados and Curaçao, he has an affinity for Jamaica. He has visited the island several times and has worked with local acts such as Buju Banton on the remix for “Trust,” Popcaan on Willie X.O’s “Comfort You,” Keznamdi through “City Lock,” and Kranium through their smash hit “We Can.” Tory’s hit “Luv” was also fashioned off Tanto Metro and Devonte’s 90s release “Everyone Falls In Love.” Aside from his dancehall refixes, Tory has also fashioned an entire mixtape catalog off reworking popular hip-hop tracks.

Skillibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth” has also earned him a major cosign from another Canadian native and one of the most decorated entertainers of the modern era, Drake. The 6God shared an image of himself listening to the track to his Instagram Story.

“Crocodile Teeth” was released in September 2020 and has been receiving heavy rotation in Jamaica and around the world. The official music video for the song has garnered more than 18 million views on YouTube.

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[Intro: DJ Khaled]
We The Best Music
We di best
Another one (Ooh, fyah)
Don’t need the rest (Ah, wah dem seh, wah dem seh, wah dem seh)
DJ Khaled

[Chorus: Buju Banton & Barrington Levy]
If unu mess with we, you a go see a million
We natty congo long, jus like the Amazon
Spliff big like gas cylinder, man a beat like gong
One question
Dem seh, “Hey natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?”
Hammer beat, bwoy retreat wen him hear di ting slam
Dem sеh dreadlocks no play inna no bangarang
An anywhere wе go, we ‘tan strong
Hear dat
Alright then (Cho, cho)

[Verse 1: Capleton]
Nuh pass your place and nuh cross di line
An no ask me where me from, ’cause me no hard fi find
An di nation wi stand up at di cost fi mine
Right now me a go roll up another spliff, it jus pass me mind
Lowe the music, lowe the weed, a poverty cause the crime
Anytime you see the rastaman, no ask fi mine
Vampire dem a go inna mask fi mine
Seh dem hunting blood samples, hard fi find
This dem fi know (More fire)
Anyting you reap, a that you sow (Murda)
Hands haffi clean an your heart haffi pure
Light up di chalice wen me tell dem to
Rastafari, ever safe an secure

[Chorus: Buju Banton & Barrington Levy]
If unu mess with we, you a go see a million
We natty congo long, jus like the Amazon
Spliff big like gas cylinder, man a beat like gong
One question
Dem seh, “Hey natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?”
Hammer beat, bwoy retreat wen him hear di ting slam
Dem seh dreadlocks no play inna no bangarang
An anywhere we go, we ‘tan strong
Hear dat

[Verse 2: Bounty Killer]
Wen di thing dem a knock-knock, a no door
The forty cal, the forty-four go (Blap, blap)
Killer that step in so hot, me scorch the floor
Premier League, we have the Arsenal fi fight the revolutionary Bakkle, ’cause only the bakkle dem fi pour
Di youths dem fi rich, equal rights empowerment
Tell dem fi leave the sun fi shine, or black rain will shower dem
Nuh mek we leggo sixty like di hour dem
DJ Khaled, run out di coward dem
This is a warning like me pop it off and beat one
Food fi reach the people mouth an money fi a reach hand
Bad an brave, nuh tek no chat, Jamaica land me weed from
Shining like a beacon
We The Best!
You diss, yuh nah see me one
[Chorus: Buju Banton & Barrington Levy]
If unu mess with we, you a go see a million
We natty congo long, jus like the Amazon
Spliff big like gas cylinder, man a beat like gong
One question
Dem seh, “Hey natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?”
Hammer beat, bwoy retreat wen him hear di ting slam
Dem seh dreadlocks no play inna no bangarang
An anywhere we go, we ‘tan strong
Hear dat
Cho (My ganja man)

[Bridge: Buju Banton & Bounty Killer]
These streets are cold, you better bundle up
Don’t know who to trust, most of dem corrupt
We look inside dem eyes and see the plan
Bounty, Khaled, Buju, Capleton a step inna Mount Zion
These streets are cold, you better bundle up
Don’t know who to trust, most of dem corrupt
We look inside dem eyes and see di plan (See di plan)
Unu did kno the opps would never stop mi nuh, big up
Load up another cup (More fire)
Load up another cup (Murda)
Huh, load up another cup (Blaze)
Well my locs you can’t touch
Wen Babylon me know sey you a bluff
Load up another cup

[Chorus: Buju Banton & Barrington Levy]
If unu mess with we, you a go see a million
We natty congo long, jus like the Amazon
Spliff big like gas cylinder, man a beat like gong
One question
Dem seh, “Hey natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?”
Hammer beat, bwoy retreat wen him hear di ting slam
Dem seh dreadlocks no play inna no bangarang
An anywhere we go, we ‘tan strong
Hear dat
Dem say, “Hey natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?”
Cho, cho, cho

Vybz Kartel Proclaims His Love For Shorty In New Song “Love Ya Babymom”

Vybz Kartel proclaims his love for Shorty in a new track dedicated to the mother of three of his children.

The dancehall hitmaker is showing love to the mother of his kids in a major way with the release of the official audio for his single “Love Ya Babymom.” The track was uploaded to his YouTube channel on April 29. The dedication to Tanesha is also a “Message to all real man,” as per the song’s lyrics.

Ironically, the song is produced by Short Boss Muzik, which is operated by the leading lady in question. In typical Vybz Kartel fashion, the song opens with him singing Tanesha’s name, he then goes into the chorus, which reflects on the couple’s time together.

Kartel sings, “Love Yah Baby Mom / Look how far me and Shorty coming from? / And I would do it all again with no regret.”

This is not the first time that the artist has dedicated a song to Shorty (Tanesha). In fact, he dedicated an entire album to her last year. The album “To Tanesha” was released on January 24, 2020, and peaked at #87 on the Billboard chart. It featured singles such as “Delusional” and “Fell Apart.”

Vybz Kartel and Tanesha have been together for approximately two decades and have three children together. Two of these children, Likkle Addi and Likkle Vybz, have also pursued music and have put out several singles of their own.

Despite several ups and downs, including the singer having several kids outside the relationship, Tanesha has stuck by his side. She has also held him down while he has been incarcerated. Kartel has already served more than 10 years in prison on a murder charge. His lawyers appealed the case in Jamaica’s Supreme Court but were unsuccessful. The entertainer is currently preparing to take his appeal to Jamaica’s highest court, which is the Privy Council in England.

Despite being incarcerated for the past decade, Kartel has produced several albums and dozens of singles. Melodically, “Love Ya Babymom” is a great production, even though it may not rank among some of Kartel’s best lyrical outputs.

The song has a great message as Teacha instructs men to cherish what they have while acknowledging that social media has painted a fake perception of what a relationship is truly like.

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Romeich & Health Minister Tufton Debunks Vaccine Conspiracies On IG Live

Romeich Major is encouraging persons to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the Coronavirus, which has killed millions of people worldwide and has caused countries across the world to shut down as a measure to contain gatherings in an effort to stop the spread of the contagious viral infection.

In a live video chat on IG with Jamaica’s Health Minister Christopher Tufton, Romeich disclosed that he and the entire Romeich Entertainment team, including Shenseea, have been vaccinated. According to Major, vaccination is needed to get back on track to restart the economy.

“I am a human being that lives in Jamaica and I love the country, and I can tell you this and I want you to pass this onto the teams that makes decisions, yes, Corona I very dangerous and it is affecting us,” he said. “But you see this no entertainment and poverty and all a dem sumtin’ deh affect we worse because the less we have the less we can help.”

According to Romeich Major, many persons have indicated an interest in learning more about the vaccine after it was disclosed that the entire Romeich Entertainment team was vaccinated. Many were particularly concerned for the team’s wellbeing due to the conspiracy theories that the vaccine has terrible side effects.

The live chat dubbed “Covid Chat” was aimed at discussing the vaccines and the perceived negative effects, which has contributed to the reluctance of some persons to become vaccinated. According to the Health Minister, people might react differently to the vaccines, but there are no long-term side effects.

He was replying to Romeich, who said that persons were saying that the ‘pump’- a colloquial reference to the penis in local parlance, was not working after taking the vaccines.

However, the Minister assured that the vaccine effects are not permanent.

“Well you know it affects people differently, but the truth is there should be no long term effects. So even if the pump [penis] don’t work initially, it will start work back based on what I have seen clinically. We not gonna endorse something that will have side effects and have permanent effect. The vaccine is saving lives,” the Minister said.

This conversation might not be unique to Jamaica, but especially in dancehall, masculinity and sex drives are among the key attributes of men within the space. The concerns raised by Romeich might very well be representative of the views of those in the masses. Not all in the dancehall space are for the vaccines, though. Among the condemners are Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, and Sizzla.

Meanwhile, according to the Center for Disease, vaccinated persons are not required to wear masks in small groups and crowds. It is hoped that as more persons become vaccinated, things can go back to a semblance of normalcy.

So far, about up to late March, more than 25,000 Jamaicans were vaccinated as the country undertakes a massive drive.

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Shaggy Got A Latin Collab On The Way Says DJ Frass

Shaggy is working on a collaboration with Spanish artist.

Dancehall producer DJ Frass says he is working on something big, which will feature one of Jamaica’s most successful entertainers. In a recent interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report, Frass said he would be teaming up with dancehall legend Shaggy and a major Spanish speaking singer for the project.

The producer, whose real name is Kimani Palmer, told ER host Anthony Miller, “Mi have a big Spanish collab coming up and it’s Dancehall.” When asked whom the collaboration was with, he eventually named Shaggy but declined to name the other entertainer, saying it was a big Spanish artiste.

The collab with Shaggy will come five years after the DJ produced the artiste’s Waistline track on his Streetlight Riddim. DJ Frass is renowned for working with some of the biggest stars in dancehall and has produced tracks on Grammy-winning projects.

Among these is Morgan Heritage’s song “Why Dem Come Around,” which was on the group’s 2018 Grammy-winning project Strictly Roots. The internationally acclaimed producer has also released several projects of his own. In 2018 he released a compilation album that featured tracks from Movado, Alkaline, Protoje, and another of Jamaica’s top acts, Sean Paul.

DJ Frass IG

While other producers have indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed their business, DJ Frass says he is still going hard, explaining that most of the artists he has been working with have studios in their homes and are able to record projects which they send to him.

He notes that he recently released the Sun Roof riddim, which features Govana, Intence, Tarrus Riley, Jahmiel, Moyann, and top female entertainer Shenseea.

Despite all his success, DJ Frass has been at the center of controversy with artiste Khago, who claims the producer owes him money for several projects. Frass has denied the claims, telling Anthony Miller during his interview that he has no idea what the singer is talking about.

Fans will be keeping an eye out for the upcoming collab, which should make some noise in a market that Sean Paul, Shaggy, Charly Black, and a host of other local talents have proven to be very lucrative.

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MP Lisa Hanna Bats For Ganja Lab And Gets Support From Entertainers

Jamaica announced that it would authorize a regulated medical marijuana industry and decriminalize small amounts of weed in 2015, but they are yet to cash in significantly like other countries in the world. In the US, where a similar approach was taken in multiple states, Forbes Magazine reported that the marijuana industry had raked in US$17.5 billion in 2020, which represented a 46% increase from 2019. Jamaica’s industry hasn’t scratched the financial surface like this.

Just two months ago, Jamaica faced a shortage of the herb due to an increase in local consumption and a drop in the number of marijuana farmers. She added that the island faced heavy rains, which were followed by a drought. Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna may have come up with a solution to help aid the industry. She recently suggested that the government use money, which was intended for a new parliament building, to construct a ganja lab instead.

During a parliament sitting in March, she said: “The government must establish and fund a facility in partnership with one of our universities to allow small farmers to manufacture and process their raw weed, for a fee, into products that the market demands.”

She added: “This must be a national lab, so when the Israelites or Americans hear about it, they know that they can come to the Jamaican national ganja lab. This lab must also have the responsibility of promoting Jamaican ganja- the best in the world.”

Her suggestion was met with elation from several marijuana advocates and entertainers. The MP explained her plan further and indicated that the ganja lab would help to drive the scientific research for cannabis. This would bring standardization to the product that is grown, which can then be used to make products for export. According to reports, the new parliament building would cost about US$50 million (about J$7.5 billion). That’s according to the Urban Development Corporation.

Veteran conscious dancehall entertainer, Tony Rebel, was one of the entertainers who believe that the idea should be welcomed by the government. The “Jah By My Side” singer, who spoke with the STAR said that Hanna’s ambitions were in line with persons like Professor Manley West and Dr. Albert Lockhart. Two men who were instrumental in the medical marijuana research field and whose study eventually contributed to the glaucoma treatment called Canasol.

“So in the request of making a lab in Jamaica, it is very important as the lab could service our own people nationally and possibly the Caribbean,” he added. He, like many others in the industry, is waiting for the export market to open up for the real profits to begin rolling in. He added: “but the exportation of it hasn’t been opened up as yet and that’s where my interests are.”

Another reggae artiste and marijuana supporter, Chezidek, also spoke with the STAR and shared his thoughts on the matter. He would be happy to welcome the lab as “the youths have to come and study the marijuana to the fullest.”

The artist, who is most popularly known for his hit single “Leave The Trees”, also said the idea was good for breaking the barriers about how people consider the herb. It could help to erase the old way of thinking of marijuana as a drug, he added.

For Chezidek, there should also be some sort of compensation from the government for all the years of persecution as well. He saw the situation as one where the persecutors were now making all the profits off of those that they had persecuted for years. He added, “for the use of a tree given to us by the Almighty that they are now trying to capitalise on.”

His stance on the matter comes because he wants to ensure that the poor man will also be able to benefit from the decriminalization of marijuana. He believes that it should now be treated like any other crop.

“The Government should work with the people like they do for other crops. I want to see the poor man benefit from ganja. Give us the space to grow our own ganja and sell it and redesign the system so that the small man isn’t limited to just five trees,” he continued.

JACANA’s quality assurance manager Stephen-Jon Brown also agreed with the sentiments being expressed and urged the government to move forward with a plan for a ganja lab.

“As it stands now some labs are making efforts to improve, especially the Bureau of Standards Jamaica. However, if these labs don’t act quickly, we will fail to get credible results and this will greatly affect our chances of exporting,” he said.

MP Hanna has also taken issue with the fact that the small farmer is yet to reap the benefits of the marijuana industry. During the same parliament sitting in March in which she suggested the marijuana lab, she said: “Today, no small farmer with historical know-how will ever meet the standards required for production. The licensing authority is approaching it as if every applicant wants to be an exporter. This established bureaucracy is locking out our small farmers.

She added: “The same ones who created the product so many years ago and suffered at the hands of the police for something which is now a global sensation and is legal in several countries have no way of getting a slice of the pie. If those small farmers never go up in the hills for three/four months and hide, you wouldn’t know ’bout Jamaican good ganja,” she said.

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