Mavado – Goodbye To My Haters Lyrics

Kurt Riley
Mi cyan believe it…
Now mi know!

A nuff of dem waan you dead and gone
But everywhere you go, you hold your head and gone
You know me happy say, a me one born
So when dem see me pon the top, you know a me one gone

[Verse 1]
Goodbye to mi haters
Soon see unuh, mi friends
Mi a pray fi Jamaica
Mi soon see unuh again

It’s hard to be away from the land you love
Nuh matter wha’ inna the world, a Jamaica land we love

When mi just hold a fresh and mi feeling right
The dawgs check me with the cars and bikes
We turn it up ’til the broad daylight
Lets show some love, no more war and hype
Ladies come over, party all night
We pick the fruits, all fruits ripe
We a nuh some bwoy with some cartoon hype
We the girls dem like ’cause we style dem tight

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
But mi voice a the gift fi the price
Dem nuh waan see mi live, but mi nice
Dem a snake, dem a cheese fi the mice
That’s why dem waan mi demise

[Repeat Chorus: (2x)]

[Verse 3]
When you kill out the kids of the future
What you want the future to be?
Mama cry, “she don’t want no shooter”
Don’t send no shooter fi me
God know a nuh da life yah we choose
Youth a go a school and don’t have no shoes
Everyday a bere things pon the news
Why kill another man and you cyan see the youth?
It’s messed up….how we cyan see a better way
Jah know..
So messed up…
Go tell my enemy’s, “mi nah fade away!”
Not a day
‘Cause wha’?

[Repeat Chorus: (2x)]

Me one…
Me alone…
Me one…
Pray to Zion
Jah, receive me in thy home
Oh oh

A nuff of dem waan me dead and gone
Everywhere me go, me hold mi head and gone
Kurt Riley
Kingston, Jamaica