Kings of Leon – Stormy Weather

Kings of Leon

Stormy Weather

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Mikky Noire

Mar 09, 2021

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Melancholic Forecasts

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about living in a perpetually rainy space — a happy-sad place. I’ve always loved the British island aesthetic and Ironically this melancholic blues-rock ballad from Tennessee-based Kings of Leon takes me there.

“Stormy Weather” explores a really beautiful space in sound where the song itself drives and carries an almost bop like bass riff, something that you need to dance to, but at the same time, it wails and throws its symbolism through adding instrumentals but also the narrative of a ‘Red Flag’ relationship.

Melancholic pop/rock is a genre I always thought should be expressed in a more public space ( if the genre even exists beyond my own thoughts.) “Stormy Weather” gives me hope for this self-made niche title and also gives me confidence in Kings of Leon’s ability to explore vastly different sounds under the umbrella of rock.

Side Note: the music video is a truly satisfying location montage that gives almost all the feelings of the song a strong structural context.

Mikky Noire

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