Kodak Black & Fiancee Mellow Rackz Expecting First Child

Kodak Black’s fiancee Mellow Rackz announces pregnancy with first child.

Kodak Black seems to be an expecting father as he shared his preferred names for a boy baby. Fans, though, are confused as to who the mother of the child is since Kodak is engaged to Florida rapper Mellow Rackz for less than three weeks. News reports suggest that the woman may not be Mellow after all but another woman. It’s been a little over two months since Kodak was released from jail after being pardoned by outgoing President Donald Trump, so the dates and days are quite shocking to fans who reacted to the news.

In the video, he can be seen eating an ice pop and saying that the baby’s mother does not agree with the names he has chosen. In the background, she could be heard saying the names he chose are ugly while suggesting a name of her own.

Kodak says, “she don’t like the name for prince…” to which the woman in the background says, “Prince no.

Kodak Black, however, says he likes the name Prince for the middle name “that’s not the name..his middle name Prince. We got King Khalid then Kiope ..so do yall like Kiope Prince Kapri? he asked his fans to help him choose a name.

The baby mother, on the other hand, suggested that the baby be called “Melly,” or should it be ‘Milli’? Which does sound like his fiancée Melly for Mellow Rackz. Kodak hilariously reacts by asking who?! “My homeboy name Milli… .it’s a K word,” he says. It sounds like he wants the baby to have a name beginning with K.

Nobody knows who the mystery woman is, but fans speculated that the baby was conceived soon after he returned from jail.

Meanwhile, the rapper seems to be in a rush to make up for lost times while in jail. He recently got engaged to Mellow Rackz and has made moves to restart his rap music journey. Earlier this week, he was successful in getting a judge to allow him to travel for work purposes, something his probation conditions previously disallowed.

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Kodak Black’s Fiancee’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Claims She Left Him For Kodak

A man is claiming that Kodak Black has stolen his girl Mellow Rackz and in posts on Instagram, he says Mellow failed to show up at his Valentine’s Day surprise.

The 19-year-old, who is of Haitian descent, made several posts on Instagram which show a diamond engagement ring and a ‘Might as well marry me Melody. I love you’ aircraft banner by Kodak Black. She also hinted in one of her posts that she said yes to his proposal.

The engagement came as a shock to fans of Black. He’s only gotten out of jail three weeks ago and has taken such a bold step. However, many fans are happy that he is coupling up. However, the news isn’t the best for everyone as the jaded ex-lover of Melody has come out to say Kodak has stolen his girl.

In a post he shared which has a photograph of him and Mellow supposedly taken on Valentine’s Day, the man wrote, “A lot of people find this funny & it’s cracy to me that nobody don’t see the fact that street n***as out here here pateking these girls up instead of protecting they self.”

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He also had a warning for Kodak Black – “that sh** super backwards it’s time n***as stop committing thy self to these girls that will do whatever fpr a viral moment. You gone lose her the same way you got her!! Stay ywoke!!!!”

In the videos, the man who has a strong Jamaican accent says he sent her the address and told her about the surprise on Monday, which was dinner on a yacht with candlelight and flowers and gifts, but she did not turn up. “man this shit hurts…set up a dinner date on a yacht…she didn’t pull up…tried my best son, don’t give her no bun.” (“bun” is a Jamaican term that refers to cheating).

He also showed off his Tom Ford sneakers and his jewelry in the video. In the other photos, he assembled what seems to be a timeline of what happened with his relationship from Sunday to Thursday when Mellow Rackz can be seen cuddling and French kissing Kodak.

Meanwhile, Mellow responded to fans suggesting that she was only with her ex for money. She says she has her own money, and also, her ex cheated and beat her in now-deleted stories on her Instagram. She also alleges that the photo her ex used was from last year November and not a recent photo.

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