Pete Rock & C.l. Smooth – Go With The Flow Lyrics

Yo, from the intro, I flow
3 in a row, buildin’ like a Lego
Stacks upon stacks
It attacks the wax
Scrub it like Ajax
Relievin’ as a X-lax

The night cap of rap
Here to make another hit
To undercover, smudder word to mother
Pump it for the playground
World renowned Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth is in town

I design a logical line, a mastermind
So recline and listen to what’s mine
I’m untouchable, lovable
Some try to imitate, but you can’t make a double of me
The capital C, capital L, capital S
M double O-T-H, yes a pro
So you know, you gotta go with the flow

Smooth as ya ever gonna get to hear
Crisp and clear
So step to the rear and make room for daddy
Bigger than a Caddy
To move a crowd? Gladly

This all done with ease
Past MC’s
And all they feel is a breeze
The technician with the first division
Like a surgical incision, deeper envision

My flow the naked eye can’t stare

But only hear another poet like Shakespeare
C.L. the swinger, ringer, clinger
And oh yes, you know, another hum dinger

Wreckin any studio, love to make cash
So kick it like judo, big like a sumo
Rhymes like a pro
So you know like a flute I blow
And go with the flow

I rock the microphone
But you probably know to hype the show
I gotta go with the flow
And take it to another degree
That many people wanna see

But above elementary
I made lyrical any kind of material
More than minimal for any individual
That I send to reach the end
And just like Clark Gable, it’s ‘gone with the wind’
And take flight through the night
Like a meteor, right insight
To shine like a bright light
You gotta tip-toe from the get-go
Live in stereo, rhymes gotta flip
So Pete rock can move your butt
And cut the strut

Yeah what?
Just like a pro
So you know I’m ready and set
To go with the flow

hip-hop legends Eric B. & Rakim Say Rappers Today “They all sound the same”

Eric B. & Rakim are certified hip-hop legends, with albums like Paid in Full (1987) and Follow The Leader (1988) cementing their place amongst the all-time greats. Yesterday, the Twitter account for the duo shared some thoughts on the current state of rap music, and they are not at all positive.

“You are now witnessing the devolution of rap music,” begins the first tweet. “There’s no strength in a song, if they all sound the same,” reads part of a later tweet. Eric B. & Rakim are far from the first entertainers to sound off about the current state of rap, with the likes of Pete Rock calling out Young Dolph, Waka Flock Flame, and Lil Yachty, and Funk Flex also yelling about Lil Yachty.

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While many people on Twitter seem to agree with Eric B. & Rakim’s thoughts, others are pointing out that there is still a lot of incredible rap music being made today. St. Louis rapper Smino responded, pointing out that there have always been wack MCs. “Its alotta n***as rapping better den ever..Y’all jus gotta dig. Like old times. (Also it was some VERY wack rap comin out back n da day) but nobody cared and RAP continued to go up,” he tweeted.

See Eric B. & Rakim’s tweets below.

You are now witnessing the devolution of rap music. The death of poetry and smoothness, they use this. The absence of a message. The inability to create meaningful change through words and verses, but the worse is, they don’t even know they hurt this artful purpose, it’s tragic.

— Eric B and Rakim™(@EricBandRakim) February 12, 2018

When the magic is gone and the rhythm don’t hit like a gong; when the ledge is unknown and the samples is wrong…there’s no strength in a song, if they all sound the same. There’s no harmony in a melody, if you just playing the game…play that chord

— Eric B and Rakim™(@EricBandRakim) February 14, 2018

Eric B. & Rakim’s tweets are also written partly in rhyme, as if they are lyrics, which has led some people to respond in a similar way. To be quite honest, it’s all getting pretty cringeworthy in the replies. Here are just a few of them:

Rappers use to transcend with unique sounds and blends/hear better rhymes and beats from kids less then 10/remember when Cats like Rakim use set the trend/more thought in this tweet and I ain’t even an Emcee….

— Martin Napeahi (@MartinNapeahiSr) February 14, 2018

— MrOneLiner (@PrinceCiroc) February 14, 2018

The magic aint gone, that’s just part of the act, the same way computers got smaller, we traded in gongs for hihats w/o..harming any melodies, rap is now a bunch of phonies is what you c(s)elling me..1/2

— D’elroy du Soleil 🌞 (@comte_delroy) February 14, 2018


Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Mecca and the Soul Brother (Wig Out Mix) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay, you wanna act trife and flip the script
With your Wonderama drama slash coma riff
That you’re kickin like Pele, flows even Bo knows
My versatility capability is simply bourgie
Y to the o-u-n-g, another G-to the u-n-s
Let’s back up, shortie, from the naughty like shorty
Berry Gordy with a forty gettin papes, oh Lordy
Claim you shoot more rounds than an Uzi
Stop the violence, cause ya can’t do me
New York to L.A. say what I play
So catch a runaway smooth like a Billie Holiday
You couldn’t bag me, boy, with a hefty
Train like Rocky but still can’t step to me
So take a hint, money, leave it alone
And play like Stephanie Mills and ‘find a home’
Plus I never boogaloo with Yacub
When mixed with the tricks in a alphabet stew
When I design a army I can reign
But never have more beef than Saddam Hussein
The Night Cap, so prepare for a cat scan
When I turn your brain into Moogoo Gai-Pan
Finger-lickin the papes like there is no other
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth) –] Heavy D
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth was on stage drinkin Cisco) –] Heavy D

[ VERSE 2: C.L. Smooth ]
Schizophrenic, on a panic I do work
When you lurk with the professional ceremonial expert
The bold swinger, the Asiatic acrobatic
Lovable, sing the blues when I tap it
Save the mystery for Agatha Christie
Gimme a break, better wake Chief Kanisky
I’m not your ordinary modern day cliche
Cause I’m here to save you little lost souls anyway
Go with the flow with the flutes when it exectues
Any comp livin got buried in black suits
The limelight, never let it confuse you
It’s a _Fantasy Island_ without a Tattoo
The hardcore few tend to look for
It’s true, can’t buy a knuckle game in the stores
Makin movies like your name is Faye Dunaway
To hear the rumor echo in the project’s hallway
You wanna fast break, me no static
But Mister Whipple can’t dribble like Magic
I yolk em up in domination, nerds got scrambled
The Tony Randall left in shambles
Finger-lickin the papes like there is no other
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth) –] Heavy D
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth was on stage drinkin Cisco) –] Heavy D

[ VERSE 3: C.L. Smooth ]
Let me see..
Pete Rock is like salad dressing
When I toss another lesson
Ready or not, prime time after seven (kicki it)
I pull women like a wisdom tooth
Without any conversation with Doctor Ruth (kick it baby)
Makin all the girls wind with the glamity
‘When Doves Cry’, Apollonia and Vanity
Picture the Mary Jane frame on a mantle
Consider me a vandal the Virgin can’t handle
And never clown downtown with Pat Sajak
Popping that yang riffin “Homie don’t play dat”
So don’t gas the kid to make a movie
While I’m smackin a booty who just love to rock a doobie
Even though I make petty cash like a beggar
With no stash I make a Air bet and knit a sweater sweater
So the Night Cap of rappin, no slackin, backin
Hand clappin, feet tappin Chief and Captain
Could finger-lick the papes like there is no other
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth) –] Heavy D
Mecca and the Soul Brother

(Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth was on stage drinkin Cisco) –] Heavy D