Sylvan LaCue – Televised Lyrics

All for money, all for power, all for purpose
Find your hour whats the outcome of brother Malcom
I think I don’ lost mine
Lost my patience I can’t take it, why so fake
Watch Satan lead us night into tentation
Pray yourself to the most high
Do you want a revolution? Do you want a revolution?
Do you want a revolution? Do you wanna…

[Verse 1]
Wait to live your life, let me know
Ain’t no telling where your going
My uncle stayed to die back againt the ropes
My dady left the crib back in 94′
Momma pulled me to the side
Boy you know this hoe’s
Break the cicle baby let your wings grow
Don’t wanna end up 40 on the corner store
Lotto tickets, politicking selling dope
Wonder where we all are go…


[Verse 2]
And I wonder where black man lives in the world
Talking about comment I’m a comment disregarded through malice
Screaming silence for a seat upon the table overlooking over valence
Maybe I was thinking black guy mans and pearls
Back to the originated kings queens generated
Commet middle ring well demonstraded, penetraded never be disintegrated
Broght us to a man where freedom would ring
Maybe on the other side, all I ear is bullets singing lollyby
This is for my niggas who won’t come alive
Sick of all my mommas crys
Promises of morning never would bring
The hollow mean no .48
Just find me in a kingdom full of love
Separated from the ignorant of us
Tell me who are we to trust
When there’s goverment oficials oversing our demise
Triger happy police give a fuck if we oblige
I don’t own a number tell how many died
Over miscomunication of a color, I’m alive
Scared of walking alone and see a diamond sticker
With a stick yelling nigga I’m a fucker run and catch a homicide
Systematic being proven other side of genocide
Murder, murder, murder, how do we survive


You will not be able to stay at home brother
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out
You will not be able to lose your cellphone
Scared you skip out for beer during comercials
Because the revolution won’t be televised

The revolution won’t be televised (x8)

So tell me why they hate my skin momma
They wanna kill and still be in momma
You need change fuck a friend momma
I just don’t know where to begin momma
Or maybe I do and I’m still on my own
Ways of my destruction, lately I battle in a corruption
I like my yach with 21 savage and pockets of cabage know
And eruption some pussy in peace of mind can rewind my to assumptions
Shit, I ain’t here to talk about Trump
Redundacy cumbers me, rather humbling
Ask to those who wear Rihanna Future
Hope this manice of music provide some confort for youtha
Used behond what was given
I’m a black man in a white world
Whitelashed to be bitted back
Then is Jim Crow when the hype swirls
But the call might come along on my way home
But I’m scared straight, shit switch in a hearthbeat
How much will it cost me to be civilized when I’m criminalized
Ironic when it’s minimal times
Racism individualized
Luminize in this critical times

Because the revolution won’t be televised