[Verse 1]
This is a welcome to my mind
What am I?
I’m divine but I’m minimized
Minimized to a finite mind but abide when I shine a little light on your eyes
I am the one you attack when you wanna die cuz you hate your life
You wanna beef but I don’t have time
Me and my chick gonna take your bitch in Sexual Sacrifice

K the R the E
The E the P
Rockin Adidas but they never clean
Act like you know me but you see
I don’t agree
I am the G to the O
The A the T
I’m on my way to hell

I am nothing (x4)

I am too woke to worry yes I am too woke to care
I spend my time finding enlightenment through a broken mirror

I’m everything (x4)

Pentacles all around me I let go of all my fear now my bitch is a witch in leather who whispers in my ears

La la la
Singing alone
Cuz I know
Nobody know me like I know the taste of
The barrel of my .22
Somebody walk
In on me now
Before I let it go

Everybody told you to avoid me like the plague
I don’t wanna die on Earth
We’re bumping Number 12 in the moonlight thinking that I might just stay
But I don’t wanna die on Earth