Dancehall Artist Dexta Daps Readies “Vent” Deluxe Album

Dexta Daps aims to please his fans, and that‘s just what he intends to do with his latest revelation. Daps took to Instagram to announce that he will be dropping a deluxe version of his most recent album, Vent. He posted, “COME YA MEK MI CHOKE YUH WHILE ME A STROKE YUH YUH LIKE BAD UP…”. The post was captioned with the hashtag “ventdeluxe”.

The album was released last July and did extremely well. It debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart and marked his first appearance on the chart. He also made some major moves on the Apple Music Reggae Chart, where it became no. 1. An impressive feat considering that the chart features a ranking of at least 15 countries.

The “Breaking News” singer, whose real name is Louis Grandison, rose to prominence in 2014 after his ballad “Morning Love” was released. He kept persisting at his craft and in 2015 released “7Eleven” and “Shabba Madda Pot,” which helped his popularity grow even more. Before his most recent success, he was arrested on April 8, 2020, for alleged shootings and gang-related activities in the West Kingston area. He was eventually released before any trial.

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His fans were very happy to hear the news that he’s releasing a deluxe version of the 16-track album that featured the popular hits “Call Me If” and “Breaking News,” even though he hasn’t said when he intends to release it. As has become customary with his posts, most of his female fans were delighted that he made an appearance. “This Morning You send me this pick. I thought it was a my eyes only thing. Why you keep entertaining these other girls?” this fan said, “Di gal dem strawberry chips,” another said, and this one added, “Wa da man ya a hot up mi head in a di night fa @dextadaps SIR drop the location NOW!”

The first single off Vent Deluxe, “WIFI” is now out.