The Foreign Ministry announced the continuation of dialogue with the United States on the resumption of START-3 inspections

Russia and the United States did not stop cooperation on the strategic offensive arms reduction treaty, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The agreement expires in 2026. Contract inspections were suspended due to the pandemic

View of the building of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow and Washington continue to discuss the implementation of the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3), the dialogue has not been terminated. This was stated by the director of the department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov in an interview with TASS.

“We would like to clarify that the interaction between Russia and the United States as parties to the current START Treaty, or as it is also called START-3, has not been interrupted. In the forms provided for this, the consideration of issues related to its implementation continues, the exchange of the necessary data and notifications is being conducted, — Yermakov said.

He also added that Russia expects to continue this work until the expiration of the Treaty— until February 2026. The diplomat recalled that START inspections were suspended by mutual agreement of the parties due to quarantine in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia and the United States signed START in 2010 for ten years. The agreement entered into force in February 2011. According to the treaty, each side must have no more than 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads. The number of deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​and strategic missile-carrying bombers should not exceed 700 units, and the number of deployed and non-deployed launchers of ICBMs and SLBMs and heavy bombers— 800 units.

On February 5, 2021, the agreement expired. The administration of former US President Donald Trump offered to connect China to it, but Russia refused. In January 2021, current US President Joe Biden submitted a proposal to extend START-3. UN Secretary General António Guterres urged Moscow and Washington to act quickly. At the end of the month, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill to the State Duma to extend the contract for five years.

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Zelensky explained the refusal to “dig trenches” before the hostilities on the advice of the United States

According to him, the United States proposed “to sound the alarm, dig trenches and evacuate people from the country” a year before the start of the Russian military operation, but if Kyiv went for it, there would be panic and the country's economy would no longer exist

The United States offered Ukraine to “sound the alarm, dig trenches and evacuate people from the country” a year before the outbreak of hostilities, but Kyiv did not go for it, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Nieuwsuur program on the NOS TV channel.

The head of state does not agree that such measures were necessary because they would cause panic in the country. “It affected our financial situation, budget and economy. Now we understand this very well, — Zelensky said, noting that now the budget deficit that arose in March is at least $5 billion.

If the Ukrainian authorities acted differently, the country's economy would no longer exist.

The Ukrainian leader also said that the allies repeatedly recommended that he immediately leave Ukraine with his family and warned that Russia could take control of the country in three days, and he himself risked death.

On May 21, Zelensky also spoke about the fact that some allies even before the start of the Russian military operation recommended Ukraine to “dig trenches”. According to him, he replied that it was impossible to defeat with a shovel, and asked for weapons.

Before the start of hostilities, the president repeatedly urged citizens not to panic, “not to buy buckwheat and matches.” and “don’t scream that everything is gone.” The situation in the east of the country is under control, he assured.

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From “discharging” to “rebooting”. How Russia tried to negotiate with the United States

50 years ago, on May 26, 1972, during a visit to Moscow of US President Richard Nixon, the “Fundamentals of Relations between the USSR and USA” were signed. The document has become one of symbols of the “international détente” policy.

Since Russian-American relations have been moving like a roller coaster — bright periods gave way to severe crises.

Pepsi, vodka, Soyuz-Apollo

Visit of Richard Nixonin Moscow took place against the background of the war in Vietnam, so it not once could break loose. Nevertheless, the desire of the two countries to somehow normalize their relations and to agree on clear rules of the game prevailed.

It was in Moscow that the documents that laid the foundation for the security system were signed Cold War — a treaty on limitation of anti-missile defense systems and interim agreement on limitation of strategic offensive arms. In 1975 the development of these treaties Leonid Brezhnev and Nixon's successor Gerald Fordsigned the “Helsinki Accords”, which, among other things, proclaimed cooperation in the fields of economics and science between the Warsaw Pact and NATO countries, confidence-building in the defense sphere, and much more. And already under President Jimmy Carter, countries signed agreements to limit the number of launchers (SALT-2) and deploy nuclear weapons in space.

“Discharging” expressed, for example, and  in that in 1975, for the first time in history, a joint flight of Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts took place on the Soyuz — Apollo". And back in the USSR a plant was built for the production of Pepsi-Cola», in  the USA the same began to sell vodka «Stolichnaya».

The discharge did not last long. Already in  1979, relations between the USSR and the United States were on the verge of a break due to the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan and NATO's decision to start deploying medium-range missiles in Europe. In  March 1983, President Ronald Reagan delivered his famous speech in which called the USSR an “evil empire”.

The countries emerged from the new clinch with difficulty. The first Soviet-American summit in six years was organized in 1985 in Geneva after Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the USSR.That meeting did not bring special practical results, however, according to the recollections of the participants, it was then that mutual understanding developed between Reagan and Gorbachev and a focus on dialogue appeared, which made it possible to hold meetings at the highest level every year.

< p>In 1986, the leaders met in Reykjavik, and     — in Washington. Then the treaty was signed on reduction of armaments —

Turning over the Atlantic and "special relations"

< p>After the collapse of the USSR between Moscow and Washington, it seemed, a complete understanding was established. The actual victory in the Cold War made the United States a world hegemon that could dictate its own rules of the game. But the Kremlin, immersed in the difficult internal problems of the country, was not up to trying to somehow moderate the ambitions of the States.

Between the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton there was a rather warm relationship. They set a record for meeting — 17 times. However, hidden since the end of the Cold War contradictions could not manifest. And it happened when NATO started bombing Yugoslavia in 1999. Russian Prime Minister Evgeny Primakov who was flying to the United States at that momentturned the plane over the Atlantic and  refused to visit in to protest against the actions of the Americans.

This, however, did not lead to a break in relations. Moreover, there were still all the possibilities for further rapprochement. Vladimir Putinsaid that he suggested Clinton to consider Russia's entry into NATO during the latter's visit to Moscow in 2000 . However,     clearly did not fit into Washington's plans.

“The Special Relationship”

On September 11, 2001, the United States was subjected to a massive attack by Islamist terrorists. After that, the Americans began military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Russia protested against the use of military force, but was not heard in the States.

Cooperation between the countries, however, continued. During the operation in Afghanistan, Moscow even temporarily granted the US Air Force the right to use the air corridor over Russian territory. In 2002, the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (SOR) was signed, and the Russia-NATO Council was established.

However, then relations again began to deteriorate sharply. “Color Revolutions” in Georgia (2003), in Ukraine (2004), NATO expansion to east launched a crisis, the culmination of which can be considered the operation of Russian troops in Georgia in August 2008 , after which Moscow recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


However, even after such an unpleasant “demarche” for the West, the parties made another attempt to “understand and” forgive ” each other. 6 March 2009, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovthe big red button symbolizing “reboot” Russian-American relations. At              appeared a hope for to continue cooperation with each other.

And over the next few years, some progress was indeed made. For example, a new treaty on the reduction of nuclear weapons (START-3) was signed. However, at the same time, the Americans, together with NATO allies, continued to conduct military operations around the whole world (in in particular, in Libya) and did not renounce plans to expand the alliance, which extremely irritated Moscow.

The aggravation that will never end

Russia's relations with the United States began to worsen again in 2012 year, but a sharp decline occurred, of course, after the start of the Ukrainian crisis. The entry of Crimea into Russia and the conflict in Donbass in 2014 led to a wave of sanctions against Moscow. Hopes for that Donald Trump who came to the White Housewill be able to reverse the negative trend, did not materialize. Trump's opponents accused the Kremlin of interfering in the American elections, after which new sanctions were imposed on Russia.

Neither Putin's meeting with Trump in Helsinki in 2018 nor  ;Russian leader's meeting with Trump's successor Joe Biden in Geneva in 2021  “They don't” want to speak on “equals”, & nbsp; & mdash; Sergey Lavrov succinctly described the key problem of Russian-American relations.

Well and after the US refused to accept Russian demands for security guarantees and the start of                 completely stopped talking. Perhaps not a single political scientist today will undertake to predict when a new “détente” may occur between our countries. And will it happen at all.

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CNN learned about the intention of the United States to supply Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers

Multiple rocket launchers will be part of a new military aid package for Ukraine that the US will announce next week, CNN reports. Kyiv has repeatedly said that it needs such weapons, but Washington was in no hurry to supply

The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering transferring multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine, CNN reports, citing sources. According to the channel, they may be part of a new military aid package that the United States authorities will announce next week.

According to CNN, Pentagon officials met with the CEO of Lockheed Martin last week to discuss supplies and increasing production of MLRS.


The systems produced in the USA are capable of launching missiles hundreds of kilometers— much further than those already available to Ukraine. In Kyiv, they believe that their transfer to the Ukrainian side can change the course of hostilities, the channel notes.

Ukrainian authorities, particularly President Volodymyr Zelensky, have said the country needs the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems. However, the Biden administration refused for several weeks amid fears expressed in the National Security Council that Ukraine could use weapons for shelling in Russia, the channel’s interlocutors said.

The issue was discussed at two White House meetings, officials interviewed by CNN, who questioned whether Russia would view sending heavier weapons to Ukraine as a provocation that could have repercussions for the US, officials interviewed by CNN said. Another reason why the United States was in no hurry to transfer the MLRS, — doubts whether Washington can afford to give away so many high quality military weapons. The TV channel notes that similar concerns were expressed before the decision to send M777 howitzers to Ukraine.

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According to CNN sources, the authorities are discussing the transfer of shorter-range missile systems to Ukraine. It will take about two weeks to train the Ukrainian military on how to use them, they believe.

As Politico wrote, in recent months the United States has supplied Ukraine with old Soviet-era missile systems stored in allied warehouses, but Kyiv expects to receive more modern American MLRS. According to the publication, Washington was slow to send them, because the United States does not want the escalation and prolongation of the conflict.

The fact that Kyiv needs heavy weapons was also said by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba: “We need both more heavy weapons, especially MLRS, can be delivered as soon as possible to repel Russian attacks. Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov warns that the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine, which can reach the territory of Russia, will lead to an escalation. Moscow considers “inflating” arms supplies to Ukraine; at the same time, the Kremlin believes that they will not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the military operation.

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WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of supplies to Ukraine

Taiwan is planned to become like a “porcupine” due to the concentration of weapons and other forms of support from the United States, WP interlocutors told. Previously, Biden said that Washington is ready to defend Taiwan militarily “WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of deliveries to Ukraine” />

The White House has stepped up efforts to re-equip Taiwan's defense system to repel a possible Chinese attack, for this, the experience of supplying weapons to Ukraine in recent years is used, reports The The New York Times, citing sources among current and former US officials.

The publication writes that Washington's goal is to turn Taiwan into a “porcupine”— a territory that would be extensively equipped with American weaponry and “other forms of support.” Officials in the US are behind the scenes recommending that the Taiwan authorities acquire weapons that are suitable for conducting asymmetric warfare— a conflict in which small armed forces use mobile systems to strike at a superior enemy.

Taiwan recently purchased US-made mobile missile platforms, anti-ship missiles and F-16 fighter jets, according to The New York Times.

Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden announced his readiness to defend Taiwan militarily if China uses force against it. He made this statement after meeting with the head of the Japanese government, Fumio Kushida. The President of the United States noted that there should be no “unilateral change in the status quo” because Beijing has no right to use force to seize Taiwan, and the Chinese military is “playing with fire.”

“Our policy in regarding Taiwan has not changed at all: we remain determined to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and ensure that there is no unilateral change in the status quo,” — he stressed, adding that the United States at the same time adheres to the “one China” policy.

The Chinese side responded with a strong protest. “Taiwan is an integral part of the territory of China”, — Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin added. China insists US is 'raising the wave' in the situation around Taiwan. Wu Qiang, a spokesman for the Chinese military, warned that if Washington increased its activity on this issue, Beijing intended to “act harder to protect state sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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Informed interlocutors of the Financial Times previously reported on high-level talks between Washington and London, during which options were discussed for closer cooperation in order to reduce the threat of war with China over Taiwan. The parties studied emergency plans for the first time. According to the publication, the meeting took place in early March and was attended by National Security Council representative Laura Rosenberger and White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region Kurt Campbell from the American side.

Taiwan — an island in the South China Sea, about 100 km off the coast of mainland China. Its administrative status is not regulated. The territory declared secession from China in 1949 during the civil war, but the Chinese authorities do not recognize its independence and consider it one of the provinces of the country.

The United States does not have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but at the same time they are selling weapons to him under the Taiwan Relations Law, passed in 1979, which provides for the supply of weapons to the country for self-defense. At the same time, Washington maintains official relations with China, and also diplomatically recognizes the position of Beijing, according to which there is only one Chinese government.

in blocking conditions


Britain and the United States began to search for an alternative to GPS because of Russia

London is considering the possibility of providing an alternative navigation system on the OneWeb platform and is negotiating with the American NextNav; the latter is also cooperating with the US authorities on the possible replacement of GPS “Britain and US start searching for alternatives to GPS because of Russia” />

The UK and the United States are looking for alternatives to GPS satellite navigation because of possible threats from Russia, according to The Times.

< p>British Deputy Secretary of Defense Jeremy Quinn said the UK government “needs to be on the lookout” as he said Russia was attempting to jam the GPS signal during the fighting in Ukraine. “Both sides are using a range of possibilities. We need to learn from this and continue to work on our own innovations in this area, & mdash; he told the newspaper.

As the Times writes, London is considering the possibility of creating a satellite navigation system, including on the platform of the British OneWeb and the American NextNav. The latter is currently negotiating with the British government to deploy a ground-only navigation system in London and Manchester.

NextNav chief executive Ganesh Pattabiraman said the company is also working with the US authorities to try to create a system that can replace GPS “due to the threat it is under from Russia and other [countries]”. According to him, the abrupt cessation of GPS operation will disable power supply systems, mobile phones, destroy the banking system and make it difficult to use precision weapons.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the United Kingdom government told the publication that the authorities are considering “a range of options for enhancing security”; countries, including non-satellite alternatives to GPS.

On March 19, the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that the United States, as part of the sanctions, is considering the possibility of disconnecting Russia from GPS, without providing details to support his words. At the same time, he urged the Russians “not to strain,” since the NIS “GLONASS” will continue to work.

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OneWeb previously collaborated with Roskosmos; on the issue of launching satellites into near-Earth orbit, but on March 3, the board of directors of the British company decided to suspend preparations for all planned launches of its satellites from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This happened after the Russian state corporation demanded that the UK withdraw from OneWeb's shareholders


The Pentagon denied that the United States plans to destroy the Black Sea Fleet

The fact that the United States is preparing such plans, said the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby assured that this was not true. He also did not confirm the discussion of the supply of anti-ship weapons to Kyiv. denied that the United States has plans to destroy the Black Sea Fleet” />

John Kirby

The United States does not have any plans to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a briefing.

“That's not true,” — he assured reporters.

Kirby was asked to comment on a May 20 Twitter post by adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko that “the United States is preparing a plan to destroy the Black Sea Fleet.”

Gerashchenko also wrote that Kyiv was able to convince Washington of the need ” prepare a plan to unblock the ports. According to the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the countries are discussing the supply of anti-ship weapons to Ukraine— Harpoon and Naval Strike Missile missiles with a range of 250-300 km).

On May 19, the White House is considering providing Ukraine with anti-ship missiles to overcome the naval blockade of Russia, Reuters reported, citing US officials and congressional sources. According to them, Washington is considering their direct transfer from the United States or from one of the European countries that also has such weapons. Kirby, commenting on this data, said: “I will not speculate about systems that have not been sent or have not yet been approved for shipment.”

On May 19, the US Senate approved the allocation of $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, $6 billion will go to direct security assistance, $8.8 billion— for economic support, $9.05 billion— to replenish stockpiles of weapons from the Pentagon, and other countries that supply weapons to Ukraine are calculated $ 4 billion. Now the law must be signed by President Joe Biden.

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Chiefs of the General Staffs of Russia and the United States talked for the first time since the beginning of the special operation

Earlier in Washington, they complained that the American military leadership could not contact the Russian Defense Minister and the Chief of the General Staff since the end of February. On March 13, a telephone conversation took place between the defense ministers of the two countries

Politico learned about the “cooled momentum” of the supply of MLRS from the United States to Ukraine

Politico: The White House does not want to supply MLRS to Ukraine in order not to drag out the conflict The United States does not want the escalation and prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine, and therefore is slow to send powerful MLRS to Kyiv, sources told Politico. According to them, this causes disappointment among the Ukrainian authorities

Ukraine has been pursuing multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) from the United States for several months, but the American authorities fear that Kyiv could use these weapons to strike Russian territory, which will expand and prolong the conflict, writes Politico, citing three informed sources.

“There was momentum in Rammstein, but it seems to have cooled off,”— assessed the situation in an interview with the publication of the employees of the US Congress. Politico's interlocutor added that disappointment is growing among the Ukrainian authorities because of such concerns about military supplies.

The publication writes that in recent months the United States has supplied Ukraine with old Soviet-era Soviet-era missile systems stored in allied warehouses, however Kyiv expects to receive more modern American MLRS.

An unnamed White House official told the publication that Kyiv and Washington continue to actively discuss the supply of weapons. According to him, even taking into account the $3.8 billion worth of military assistance already provided to Ukraine since the end of February, not all the weapons requested by Kyiv can be quickly transferred to him.

“We have to make decisions about which weapon systems provide the greatest impact.” with the help of money that Congress allocates to help Ukraine, an American official said in an interview with the publication. Due to the reduction in the funding package in recent weeks, the White House decided that it would be more effective to send 90 M777 howitzers to Kyiv than fewer MLRS, he explained.

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On April 26, a meeting of representatives of more than 40 countries was held at the German military base Ramstein. The participants of the event agreed on additional assistance to Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Canada and other countries agreed to allocate it.

Then, a high-ranking US Pentagon official told CNN about the organization of a headquarters in Germany, which was engaged in coordinating and optimizing the supply of military cargo to Ukraine . It is located at the headquarters of the US European Command in Stuttgart, a US Major General was appointed its head, the source of the TV channel specified.

The request to transfer more powerful MLRS was voiced by the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, in early May, this was said by Jason Crowe, a member of the House of Representatives who visited Kyiv.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine. According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, such actions are close to the state of “proxy war”; with Russia. “If NATO, in fact, goes to war with Russia through a proxy and arms this proxy, then in war as in war,” — said the minister at the end of April. Later, he expressed confidence that the West had declared a “total hybrid war” on Russia, but Moscow was accepting this challenge.

The Kremlin considers Western arms supplies to Ukraine to be “pumping”. “These are the actions that threaten the security of the continent, provoke instability,” — stressed the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

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Russian Ambassador to the United States reported on incoming threats against diplomats

Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov: Diplomats receive death threats The Russian embassy in Washington operates in a hostile environment and resembles a besieged fortress, Ambassador Antonov said. He added that they are trying to push Russian diplomats to betrayal

The Russian Embassy in the United States

Employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States receive threats, including physical violence. This was stated by Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov on the air of Soloviev Live.

“Every day, anti-Russian actions are held at our diplomatic mission, hooligan antics, acts of vandalism take place. My comrades, the embassy staff, are receiving threats, including physical violence,»,— he said.

Antonov pointed out that the Russian embassy operates in a hostile environment and agreed with the comparison that the diplomatic mission resembles a besieged fortress. Nevertheless, the Russian embassy in Washington continues normal diplomatic work, he stressed.

According to him, Russian diplomats in the United States are also trying to push for betrayal: politicians publish in the American media calls for embassy employees and the military to “go over on the side of the so-called democracy.

Earlier on May 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Western countries were trying to find traitors among Russian diplomats both inside Russia and abroad.

“Traitors could not be found among diplomats,”— he declared. Lavrov stressed that Russian diplomatic representatives continue to fulfill their professional duties in accordance with the requirements of the time.

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So, on May 9, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev was doused with red syrup when he took part in the ceremony at the Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw. The crowd did not allow the ambassador to lay a wreath, and he was forced to leave the memorial.

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested to the Polish authorities and demanded an apology from Warsaw. The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry called the incident “an incident that should not have happened and which, of course, is regrettable.”

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky, in turn, said that the emotions of the Ukrainians who attacked the Russian ambassador ” ;understandable».

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NYT pointed to the risks for the United States in the boycott by countries of the summit of the Americas

The possible refusal of the President of Mexico to come to the summit of the Americas will interfere with the intention of the Biden administration to conclude an agreement on illegal migration. The United States is also concerned about the likely non-participation of the President of Brazil in the meeting. pointed out the risks for the United States in a boycott of the Summit of the Americas by countries” />

Joe Biden

A growing number of Latin American and Caribbean heads of state are considering withdrawing from the Summit of the Americas due in Los Angeles in June, writes The New York Times.

Including — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the newspaper reported, citing Brazilian officials. According to the newspaper, the Brazilian leader has a cool relationship with Washington, and the summit was supposed to be Bolsonaro's first meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may also miss the summit: he said he would not come to the meeting unless representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were invited to it. Juan González, senior director of Western Hemisphere affairs at the US National Security Council, had earlier suggested this possibility.

The Mexican president was supported by the leaders of Bolivia and Honduras. Countries— members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) also threatened to boycott the summit if Venezuela was represented at it not by President Nicolas Maduro, but by opposition leader Juan Guaido (the United States recognizes the latter as interim head of state).

As the newspaper notes, the boycott threats highlight the problems that the Biden administration is facing. Ahead of the mid-term elections to be held in the fall of 2022, the US administration is seeking an effective regional agreement on illegal migration, according to a New York Times source. The absence of the Mexican president from the summit will make his conclusion more difficult.

Bolsonaro's failure to attend the meeting jeopardizes the achievement of two other significant foreign policy goals of the Biden administration, which are related to the issue of climate change and the defense of democracy, the newspaper writes. The NYT notes that during the Biden presidency, Brazil moved closer to Russia, Bolsonaro expanded the deforestation of the Amazon and “questioned the integrity of elections in his own country.”

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At the meeting, the US and other countries could try to pressure Bolsonaro to “respect the democratic process”; and publicly supported his country's electoral system. However, according to the NYT source, the summit of the Americas is not on Bolsonaro's schedule. The fact that the Brazilian leader does not plan to participate in the meeting was also reported by Reuters.

Bolsonaro's administration told the newspaper that they had not received any information about the timing of the summit. Brazilian Vice President Amilton Mourán said Bolsonaro has not yet decided whether to attend the meeting.

The US authorities have not yet issued official invitations to the summit; The White House previously said they had not yet made a final decision on the guest list. A spokesman for the US National Security Council, who is helping organize the event, told the NYT that the upcoming summit— “the most important event for the Biden administration in our hemisphere,” and added that formal invitations would be sent out shortly. Both the NSC and the State Department declined to comment on boycott threats.

Summit of the Americas— organized under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting of the heads of state and government of America. Its goal is to form a common strategy in solving the problems facing the countries of the region. It was first held in 1994 in Miami. This year, the meeting is scheduled for June 6 & 10 in Los Angeles.

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Biden misspoke and named Kamala Harris President of the United States


American President Joe Biden during his speech at the US summit— ASEAN made a reservation and named its Vice President Kamala Harris head of state.

During his speech, he called the Indo-Pacific region free, open, stable and prosperous. “That's why I asked President Harris to go there last August,” said Biden.

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Senator who froze aid to Ukraine spoke out against its success to the detriment of the United States

Republican Rand Paul said that it is irresponsible to allocate $40 billion to Kyiv against the backdrop of the economic situation in the United States. This is how the senator commented on his decision to send the aid package approved by the House of Representatives

Senator Rand Paul

The United States now cannot afford to provide Ukraine with $40 billion in aid, Republican Senator Rand said on WMAL DC Paul, who blocked the corresponding bill in the upper house of Congress. He stressed that he was “very sympathetic” Ukrainians and wants their success, but “not through the bankruptcy of the United States.”

“I think sending $40 billion to another country without checking and making sure no one steals the money,” a recipe for disaster,— he thinks. This does not mean that Kyiv should not be sympathized with, the senator stressed, but “we should not forget that Ukraine has been in the top ten [countries] in terms of corruption for the past ten years.”

Rand Paul said that he represents primarily the interests of the United States. The senator called it irresponsible to provide assistance to another country when the United States itself “does not have enough baby food.”

On May 10, the House of Representatives of Congress approved a bill to help Kyiv in the amount of $40 billion. The package of measures includes the supply of weapons and humanitarian aid. The initiative was supported by 368 congressmen, 57 opposed, after which it got into the Senate.

Paul demanded amendments to the text of the document, as a result of which the final vote in the upper house was postponed. The Republican explained that if the bill is passed, the total US assistance to Ukraine since last year will reach $60 billion, which is more than the State Department's budget for 2022. This amount of funds could accelerate inflation, the senator warned: “This is due to deficit spending.”

The Pentagon then warned that a delay in approving the aid package could lead to interruptions in the supply of weapons to Kyiv.

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The Foreign Ministry announced an attempt by the United States to recruit the head of the bureau of the Russian media

The FBI agents tried to recruit the head of the correspondence center of one of the Russian media, the Foreign Ministry said. Washington is also trying to interfere with the work of journalists who do not cover events the way the United States would like, according to the department

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States tried to recruit the head of the correspondent office of one of the Russian media outlets in Washington, according to a comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

According to Zakharova, the United States is trying to make it as difficult as possible for the activities of Russian accredited journalists or intimidate them into leaving.

“The next example of this unprecedented pressure was two “approaches” agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the head of the bureau of one of the Russian media in Washington. The goal is obvious— unbalance the journalist and try to involve him in compromising “collaboration”,— said the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Didn't work,” — she said.

The pressure, according to Zakharova, is subjected to correspondents who cover events “not in the way that Washington agitprop would like.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded an immediate end to the “treatment of Russian journalists” by providing them with normal working conditions in accordance with “free speech standards.”

In March, the Washington Post reported that the FBI used Russian-language advertising on social media Google platforms to persuade employees of the Russian embassy in Washington to cooperate. The secret service allegedly expects that some of the staff of the diplomatic mission does not support the military operation in Ukraine and therefore wants to help American intelligence.

Targeted advertising appeared when using mobile devices only on the territory of the embassy and in the immediate vicinity. A person interested in the advertisement can follow the link in the advertisement to the page of the FBI counterintelligence program, where potential informants are invited to visit the office of the bureau.

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The Pentagon called the Russian nuclear arsenal a problem for the United States

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin: Russia's nuclear arsenal is and will remain a threat According to Lloyd Austin, the threat from the Russian nuclear arsenal will not disappear in the future. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the West is talking about nuclear war, and Russia believes that there can be no winners in such a conflict

Lloyd Austin

The head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, spoke of the “significant problems” posed to the United States by the Russian nuclear arsenal. This is stated in a statement by the head of the Pentagon at a hearing in the US House Appropriations Committee.

“As we have seen in recent weeks, Russia remains a strong threat that requires close and constant coordination within NATO to prevent further aggression in Europe. <…> Russia's nuclear potential also creates significant problems now and will create in the future, — Austin said.

According to him, Russia's actions in Ukraine pose a “threat to transatlantic security.”

Austin added that Washington sees a threat not only in Russia and, as previously stated, in China. “We must remain vigilant for other dangers as well. We face a constant threat from North Korea, its nuclear arsenal and missile programs under development, as well as from Iran, with its nuclear ambitions and support for groups that threaten the security of our forces and our allies. said the head of the Pentagon.

On February 27, a few days after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin ordered the deterrence forces to be placed on a special alert regime due to the fact that “the highest officials of the leading NATO countries allow aggressive statements.” towards Russia. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov then said that there was talk in the world about the possibility of nuclear war, but not by Russia, but by NATO, Western countries and Ukraine.

On March 24, The New York Times reported, citing sources, that the White House has formed a team of officials to develop a response plan for Washington and its allies in the event that Moscow uses nuclear weapons. At the same time, the publication quotes officials, the United States considers such a scenario unlikely.

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Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov clarified on March 29 that Russia is not considering using nuclear weapons in connection with the operation in Ukraine. “We have a concept of security that states very clearly that only when there is a threat to the existence of our country, we can and will use nuclear weapons to eliminate this threat,” — he said.

The conditions for the use of nuclear weapons by Russia are described in paragraph 27 of the Military Doctrine. It states that Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies, as well as in the event of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons, “when the very existence of the state is threatened.” ;.

On May 6, Alexei Zaitsev, Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said at a briefing that Russia would not violate scenarios for the possible use of nuclear weapons. “The scenarios for our possible use of nuclear weapons are clearly spelled out in Russian doctrinal documents. They are not applicable to the implementation of the tasks set in the course of a special military operation in Ukraine,»,— he explained.

According to Zaitsev, Moscow adheres to the idea that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should not be unleashed.

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Volodin announced the “famine” threatening Ukraine due to debts to the United States

According to the chairman of the State Duma, Washington is looking for ways to export grain from Ukraine in order to “quickly return” the funds provided to it. Volodin is convinced that the American authorities do not believe in the victory of Kyiv “Volodin announced the “Holodomor” threatening Ukraine due to debts to the United States” />

Washington does not believe in Kyiv's victory and is dragging out military operations in Ukraine, providing it with assistance, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said in his Telegram channel. At the same time, the United States is looking for ways to export grain from Ukraine, which it needs itself— “Instead of real help, they take away the most necessary things, arranging a surplus appraisal,” the deputy noted.

he wrote. Ukraine is “more and more credited”, and this, according to Volodin, does not improve the well-being of its inhabitants.

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the United States has been supplying the country with military, economic and humanitarian aid. On May 9, US President Joe Biden signed a law on lend-lease for Ukraine (during the Second World War, Washington leased or transferred military equipment to the allies on a long-term loan under the lend-lease program). The next day, the House of Representatives approved a $40 billion additional aid bill for Ukraine.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Washington of prolonging the conflict in Ukraine by “pumping” her weapon. After the approval of the multi-billion-dollar support package by the lower house of Congress, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that US assistance is explained not by love for Ukraine and not by the desire to support its own economy, but by the desire to limit Russia's economic development and political influence.

May 10, Biden said that the United States, together with its allies, is looking for opportunities to return 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain to the world market in order to achieve a reduction in world prices, which have soared to record levels due to military operations in Ukraine.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, in the 2021/22 season, Ukraine accounted for 10% of global wheat exports (Russia's share was 16%). Prices for food and fertilizers in the world against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine rose in March by 12.6%, to 159.3 p.— this is a record since 1990. Previously, Biden expressed concern about possible food shortages due to events in Ukraine.

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Ukrainian refugees in the United States met the harsh reality: no one is waiting

The Unity for Ukraine Project Saves America from Aliens

The American dream is fading before the eyes of Ukrainians who wished to leave their homeland forever and go to the United States for happiness. Hundreds of people who want to go overseas stumble upon bureaucratic traps skillfully set by the team of President Joe Biden. There are many restrictions. For example, in terms of vaccinations, allocation of lifting, logistics. America has defended itself admirably. Oil is added to the fire by the Americans themselves, who do not want to see refugees in the states who have disgustingly proven themselves in Europe. We learned what both immigrants and US citizens think about this.


A month after Biden's statement that America is ready to accept up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine, the Unity for Ukraine program was born in the United States. It gives Ukrainians the right to enter, provided that they have found an American sponsor – a person or organization willing to provide financial assistance on the spot.

The procedure for obtaining sponsorship is extremely dreary and complicated. The sponsor must complete the declaration, attach a variety of documents, and submit it online. The processing time for these documents is unknown. Applicants must be vaccinated against measles, polio, and COVID-19, and upon arrival in the United States, they must be screened for tuberculosis within two weeks.

The sponsor must be ready to receive a Ukrainian, deliver him to his place of residence, and provide housing and basic necessities, as well as medical care for the entire stay, to assist the Ukrainian in accessing education, learning English, securing employment and enrolling children in school.

How many US citizens are ready to make such sacrifices for refugees?

Those who have been tamed, the Americans want to see away from themselves and actively tell them about it on the social network Facebook, banned in Russia.

For example, Ukrainian pharmacists are strongly advised to choose not the United States, but Europe for their future life. “There is no threat of war in Europe,” he addresses them in the comments. – You will not find a sponsor (in the USA). The sponsor is responsible for you financially. It is better to go here if you have relatives who can sponsor you financially. You are not entitled to anything here, only a residence permit for 18 months and a work permit. You will not work here as doctors or pharmacists: You need to study here and get local licenses for this. A very low-paying job awaits you, and it will be impossible to live on this money. This is your prospect – poverty.”

Ukrainians are advised to leave their dreams of “American happiness”, stop looking for a trustee and choose more mundane options for life: Poland or Kazakhstan.

More experienced Ukrainians bring their naive compatriots to life: “They write to you that it’s bad in the USA,” writes the girl Irina in the Let’s Help America group. – Poorly done program for the sponsor, if you speak English well, read it. Here, the US refugees will not be helped in any way, everything is at their own expense: housing, food, and so on. They won’t give you money just like that, and you can’t work. The church will probably feed for a couple of days. Kindergartens, schools – everything is paid. Consider Canada, there are different conditions for refugees.

The dreamy refugees from Ukraine are also brought back to reality by an American from the state of Colorado: “There are no stupid people who are ready to be sponsors here. You don’t really understand the order of local prices, here the general mass of people is in debt, loans, they hardly cover their expenses. I have two immodest questions for the Ukrainians: how did you leave if men are not allowed out, and where do you get the money for the flight?”

The only hope is the help of compassionate US citizens with Ukrainian roots and sufficient financial stability, but such obviously quite a bit. Some Americans also write that Ukrainian men of draft age will not get a humanitarian password. According to local lawyers, they will need to prove the legality of leaving Ukraine (more than three children, disability…).

The Gates of America are closed even for Ukrainian animals. “They only accept European-style dog vaccination documents,” the refugees complain. – They banned the import of animals from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus due to falsification of vaccinations.


Rogozin doubted that the United States will be able to “cover up” intelligence assistance to Ukraine

Head of Roskosmos Rogozin: US involvement in the transfer of intelligence to Ukraine “cannot be glossed over” “It’s too late to drink Borjomi,” he addressed the head of the CIA

The United States is unlikely to be able to “smear” transfer of intelligence to Ukraine and “direct participation in the assassination” Russian military, said the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

So he commented on the words of the head of the CIA, William Burns, who called “irresponsible” and “dangerous” spreading reports that US intelligence provided intelligence to Ukraine.

“It's too late to drink Borjomi, Mr. Burns. <…> You are unlikely to be able to gloss over the direct participation of the United States in the killing of Russian military personnel and the transfer of intelligence, including space communications and surveillance services, which were carried out by the orbital groups of the United States, including Starlink, and the European Union,— he wrote on Telegram.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that the United States passed intelligence to Ukraine, including about the expected movements of the Russian armed forces, which it used to strike Russian military.< /p>

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby declined to elaborate on such reports, but confirmed that the United States is passing information to the Ukrainian side “that they can use to defend themselves.”

In early April, he admitted that Kyiv could use this data to “launch a counterattack.”

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< p>The NBC TV channel, citing a source on May 7, reported that US President Joe Biden, at a meeting with CIA Director William Burns and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanded an end to leaks of information about the exchange of data between US and Ukrainian intelligence.

According to him According to the words, such disclosure of information about the work of special services “distracts from our common goal.”

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Volodin accused the United States of coordinating Ukraine’s operations against Russia

According to him, Biden himself admitted this, demanding to stop the leaks about the exchange of intelligence data with Ukraine. Volodin recalled the participation of “foreign instructors” in the conflict and called the US leadership war criminals .jpg” alt=”Volodin accused the US of coordinating Ukraine's operations against Russia” />

Viacheslav Volodin

US President Joe Biden “confessed that Washington had declassified” when he demanded to stop leaks about intelligence sharing with Ukraine, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. The United States is involved in the conflict in Ukraine and “essentially coordinates and develops” Ukrainian military operations directed against Russia, he wrote in his Telegram.

This, according to him, is not only about the supply of weapons and equipment and the participation in the conflict of “foreign advisers and instructors”: “the Kyiv Nazi regime was thrown to the aid of American intelligence forces,” the politician claims. He emphasizes that the American administration should be held accountable “for the crimes committed in Ukraine by the Kyiv Nazi regime” and add to the “list of war criminals”.

The fact that Biden at a meeting with CIA Director William Burns and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin demanded an end to leaks of information about the exchange of data between Ukrainian and American intelligence, NBC reported yesterday.

Prior to this, The New York Times wrote that the United States was transmitting intelligence to Ukraine about the expected movements of Russian troops— this information was used to strike at the Russian military. The sources of the publication said that before the United States authorities sought to keep most of the intelligence about the hostilities secret from Kyiv, fearing an escalation from Russia.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in early April that intelligence information, that the United States is transferring to Ukraine can be used both for defense and for offensive operations.

The Politico newspaper on May 1, citing retired military personnel and PMC employees, reported that trained Americans are participating in hostilities in Ukraine on the side of Kyiv. In the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ukraine was called “a place of accumulation of mercenaries of all stripes.” At the same time, the US authorities urged citizens not to participate in a military conflict.

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The Ministry of Defense announced the weapons from the United States destroyed by Iskanders in Ukraine

Ministry of Defense: Russian aviation shot down Ukrainian Su-24 and Su-27 off Zmeiny Island Accumulations of weapons from Western countries were destroyed in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions. Several planes, helicopters and drones were shot down near Zmeiny Island,

Antonov announced Russia’s desire to resume security dialogue with the United States

According to the diplomat, Russia is ready to resume the dialogue on strategic stability if the United States is also ready for it

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov

Russia is ready to resume dialogue with the United States on strategic security, if the United States also express readiness. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov in an interview with the American edition of Newsweek.

Unfortunately, Washington unilaterally froze the bilateral dialogue on strategic issues launched at the Geneva summit. This jeopardized the prospects for maintaining the foundations of arms control. Russia will be ready to resume consultations when the US is ready,— said the ambassador.

He also stressed that Russia does not threaten the United States and its allies in Europe and is making every effort to prevent the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine.

In addition, Antonov noted that the accusations sides of the Western countries in “aggressive nuclear rhetoric”; unfounded, and such speculation— “part of a propaganda campaign launched against Russia.”

A few months before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, in December 2021, Russia sent proposals for security guarantees to the US and NATO. She demanded that the Western countries legally consolidate the rejection of NATO expansion to the east and the non-alignment of Ukraine to the bloc, like other republics of the former USSR. In addition, the country's authorities demanded not to deploy strike weapons controlled by the alliance near the Russian borders and to withdraw the alliance's forces in Eastern Europe to the positions of 1997.

The parties held several rounds of negotiations, and also sent each other written responses to proposals, but in the end they could not reach an agreement on security guarantees.

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Already after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov said that the Russian proposals were no longer valid, since “the configuration has completely changed, now the situation is radically different.” At the same time, he said that Russia could resume dialogue on the topic of arms control, “if the Americans are ready for this.”

In early April, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan also said that Moscow and Washington should continue discussing major security issues, including weapons of mass destruction. The ambassador acknowledged that in the current situation it is difficult to start a dialogue, but expressed the hope that negotiations will be resumed “for the benefit of all mankind”.

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Trump saw “disrespect for the United States” in the rhetoric of Russia about nuclear weapons

The Russian leadership “does not respect US leadership,” and therefore its representatives use the rhetoric of nuclear weapons, Trump said. Earlier, Lavrov said that “NATO” artificially inflate the threat, the risk of nuclear war has increased

Donald Trump

Moscow shows “disrespect for leadership” Washington Statement on nuclear weapons, former US President Donald Trump said during a rally in Nebraska, broadcast by C-Span.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin talks about nuclear weapons all the time. Nobody ever talked about nuclear weapons, you shouldn't talk about them, it's a forbidden word because it's too destructive. Talks about him all the time because he doesn't respect our leadership,— Trump said (quoted from TASS).

In these conditions, he continued, the US has a president “who has no idea what's going on, who shakes hands with the air.”

< /p>

In early March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that lately Western countries have been “throwing” the topic of nuclear war, first of all “NATO”, he specified. The Minister said that he did not believe in the possibility of its beginning. A month and a half later, at the end of April, Lavrov considered the risk of a nuclear war “very, very significant.” In his opinion, there is a serious danger, and those who want to “artificially inflate” these risks appeared quite a few.

Two days later, on April 29, Lavrov said that Moscow “does not play” with concepts such as “nuclear war”. At the same time, the minister continued, the dangers in the “game” with such words they do not see in Warsaw and Kyiv, he called on Western countries to “discipline” Polish and Ukrainian officials regarding their rhetoric on this issue.

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The Ministry of Defense of Poland announced the start of the exercises Defender Europe led by the United States

From May 1 to May 26, Defender Europe and Swift Response maneuvers will take place in Poland and eight other countries, 18 thousand military personnel from more than 20 states will take part in them

Military exercises began in Poland Defender Europe 2022, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

The Defender Europe and Swift Response 2022 (airborne troops) maneuvers, which will take place from May 1 to 26 in Poland and eight other countries, will be attended by 18,000 military personnel from more than 20 states, including about 7,000 military personnel and 3 thousand pieces of equipment in Poland. In addition to Polish military personnel, military personnel from the US, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the UK will take part in them.

Defender Europe exercises will be held under the command of the 5th Corps of the US Army. “During the exercises, the ability of soldiers to interact in a joint combat operation will be tested,” — reported in the Polish Ministry of Defense. They include the movement of troops to overcome water barriers and fire training.

Defender Europe and Swift Response— defensive exercises that “are not directed against any country and are not related to the current geopolitical situation in the region,” the military department noted. They were planned for 2021.

On April 28, the Polish Ministry of Defense warned about the movement of military equipment due to exercises in the West Pomeranian, Lubusz, Wielkopolska, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Lodz, Mazowiecki, Lublin and Warmia-Mazury voivodeships. The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship borders on the Kaliningrad Region of Russia, West Pomeranian and Lubuskie— with Germany, Lublin— with Ukraine.

Great Britain intends to send about 8,000 troops for exercises in Eastern Europe, The Guardian newspaper wrote. The maneuvers will take place in the summer and will be one of the largest since the Cold War. Their goal— practicing actions to combat “Russian aggression”.

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According to the publication, exercises are planned in some countries from Finland to North Macedonia, they will involve tens of thousands of military personnel from NATO countries and the Joint Expeditionary Force (the alliance was created in 2014, in which Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden participate).

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The Foreign Ministry allowed a dialogue with the United States after the completion of the operation in Ukraine

The director of the Foreign Ministry's arms control department said that Washington “frozen” the dialogue on strategic stability and there are no prospects for discussion now: the United States, according to the diplomat, is going in the opposite direction

It became known what weapons the United States will share with Ukraine

It is desirable that it does not reach the front lines

Weapon systems have become known, the list of which has been approved by the US Congress for the supply of the Ukrainian army under the Lend-Lease program. That is, not for nothing. At the same time, the US legislators increased the period for Ukraine to receive possible loans used to obtain American weapons by more than 5 years.

Photo :

The list of weapons is impressive, including really heavy weapons. They certainly cannot be called too new. However, a number of modifications during the modernization brought to the level of the most modern models. What weapons are we talking about, understood “MK”.

According to the published data, the list looks like this: tanks of the 3rd generation M1A2 Abrams; M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles; self-propelled artillery mounts M109A6 Paladin; multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) on a HIMARS wheeled chassis; universal launcher MLRS M270 MLRS; mobile Norwegian air defense system NASAMS 2; anti-aircraft missile system Patriot; multifunctional light fighters of the 4th generation F-16C/D.

So, Abrams tanks. Named after General Creton Abrams, this US main battle tank has been in production since 1980. It is in service with the US Army and Marine Corps. One of the heaviest machines, weight – 62 tons. By the way, not every bridge can withstand this. One of the latest and most advanced versions of it is М1А2 SEPv3. However, Ukraine will not receive it. She is scheduled to receive the 1992 version, which is also thoroughly improved.

This tank has enhanced turret armor by increasing the size of the frontal parts and filling them with 2nd generation uranium armor. The ammunition load of the gun includes 42 rounds. The tank has an independent commander's thermal panoramic sight and a new commander's turret with eight periscopes instead of the previous six. The gunner has a new sight with stabilization in two planes and an eye-safe rangefinder. And the driver has a thermal imaging surveillance device. The tank is equipped with the IVIS combat information and control system.

The M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was created in the second half of the 70s of the last century, taking into account the experience of combat use of the Soviet BMP-1. The M2A3 Bradley has a crew of three and can carry up to six infantry in a troop compartment.

The model has been constantly improved. In the 2000 version, all subsystems were replaced with digital ones and significantly improved, including the Bradley Acquisition Subsystem (IBAS) detection and target designation system. It has an additional direct optical channel and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. Operates similarly to the M1A2 Abrams tank system. Taking into account the rangefinder data, weather conditions, type of shot, the on-board computer controls the aiming of the weapon, taking into account the movement of the infantry fighting vehicle, which allows you to destroy the target from the first shot or burst without preliminary zeroing.

There is also a thermal imager with an automatic tracking of two targets in the field of view, which allows firing at them with two missiles at once. The commander's station is equipped with a tactical display that displays information received via the FBCB2 and navigation data on a moving map, allowing the commander to send text messages via the FBCB2.

M109A6 Paladin self-propelled guns are a rather old development from the beginning of the 50-60s of the last century. It was first used during the Vietnam War. However, the M109 was repeatedly upgraded and produced until 2003. Subsequently, it was used in almost all military conflicts where the United States participated.

The direct modification of the M109A6 Paladin was developed in the late 80s, and has been produced since the early 90s. It has a new turret with improved armor protection and Kevlar inner lining. The self-propelled gun received a new radio station, an automatic gun guidance system, an automated fire control system of increased reliability, weapon and altitude sensors, as well as a digital crypto-resistant data transmission system that allows you to quickly tune frequencies to counter enemy electronic warfare systems.

MLRS HIMARS was developed in 1994. The US Army and Marine Corps received the first 40 HIMARS systems in 2002. In combat, HIMARS were first used in 2007 in the Iraqi province of Al-Anbar.

In February 2010, in Afghanistan in the province of Helmand, two American missiles launched from the HIMARS installation hit the house of the city of Marja, where 12 civilians were killed, after which it was decided to suspend their use. However, a British officer said that the Taliban were hiding behind civilians as human shields and HIMARS systems were again used. In particular, in 2018, HIMARS were used by US Army units from the international coalition in the battles near Hasham against Syrian pro-government forces.

The range of HIMARS missiles is growing every year. The newest among these missiles is called the MGM-168 (Block IVA), with a 227-kg high-explosive warhead, the range of which reaches 270 km. For comparison, from Zaporozhye to Donetsk in a straight line less than 230 km. In 2016, work began on a HIMARS missile with a range of 500 km.

The M270 MLRS was adopted by the US Army in 1983 and is used not only as a MLRS, but also to launch tactical missiles. The possibility of launching cruise missiles from this installation was also investigated.

The M270 MLRS MLRS is mounted on a tracked base of the American Bradley platform. The cockpit accommodates the installation commander, gunner and driver – a combat crew of three.

In 2006, the MLRS was urgently upgraded to fire XM31 guided missiles, after which it was quickly deployed and used in this capacity during the fighting in Iraq.

In 2021, the creator of the M270 MLRS MLRS – Lockheed – released a version of the GMLRS with a range of up to 80 km, later – up to 135 km. The plans are 150 km.

The NASAMS 2 air defense system is a short and medium-range air defense system created by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace together with the American company Raytheon to combat maneuvering aerodynamic targets at low and medium altitudes. In fact, this is an analogue of the Russian Pantsir complex. Work on it began in the 90s. In 1994, adopted by the Norwegian army. His task was the destruction of cruise missiles.

The Patriot air defense system is a well-known American air defense system – an analogue of the Russian S-300 system. In 2020, Ukraine discussed the possibility of purchasing these complexes. Even a special study was carried out on this subject. Then the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU), Ruslan Khomchik, said: “I have repeatedly said that we should buy Patriot air defense systems, but not anti-aircraft, but anti-missile.”

Israeli air defense systems were also considered as an alternative. However, representatives of the Central Research Institute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine then came to the conclusion that the purchase of foreign complexes such as Patriot PAC-2/3, SAMP-T, even without taking into account their maintenance, repair and training of specialists, would require funds that exceed the military budget of Ukraine at least 10 times. However, this question is no longer an issue. Apparently, it is believed that Lend-Lease will write everything off.

Fighters of the 4th generation F-16 C/D are also promised to Kyiv. Previously, everything rested on the problem of retraining Ukrainian pilots. It is difficult to say how it was filmed, but now the fighters are on the list of possible deliveries.

The F-16 first took to the skies in 1974. It went through many upgrades, received a large number of modifications, and in almost half a century of service it turned from a light fighter into a multi-purpose vehicle. The F-16 can fly day and night, firing air-to-air guided missiles. Pretty vulnerable to modern radars.

The F-16C/D modification is a more advanced version of the aircraft. In Israel, it is known as the F-16C/D “Barak”, where the fleet of these aircraft is the largest.

These machines have an APG-68 radar, a powerful computer, as well as aluminum foil spreaders and infrared traps. Capable of carrying JDAM, AGM-154A/B JSOW ammunition and Harpoon missiles.

According to experts, all these weapons as a whole pose a rather serious threat to Russian troops. These are already old anti-tank Javelins, which with one shot are not capable of damaging a Russian tank. Here everything is already much more serious. Now, experts believe, in order to save the lives of our military, it is necessary to do everything possible so that these weapons from the Lend-Lease list never hit the battlefield.


In the United States allowed to send seized assets to support Ukraine

The proceeds from the confiscation of Russian assets will go to a fund to help Ukrainian refugees and restore Ukraine

The US House of Representatives passed a law that allows you to send arrested Russian assets to support Ukraine. The meeting was broadcast by C-SPEN.

The bill was supported by 417 congressmen, eight opposed.

The text of the document says that US President Joe Biden should “take all constitutional steps to arrest and the removal in the jurisdiction of the United States of the assets of foreigners whose funds were obtained in part through corruption. In particular, we are talking about the assets of foreigners received by the owners thanks to the support of the Russian authorities.

< /p>

The total value of the seized assets is estimated at $2 million or more and includes the property of Russian energy companies. The authors of the bill proposed to use the proceeds from the sale of assets “to restore Ukraine, to provide military and humanitarian assistance to it, to assist Ukrainians in resettlement in other countries.”

In addition, they want to use the funds for “humanitarian assistance and development assistance to the Russian people, including in the field of democracy, human rights programs and their monitoring.”

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in mid-April that the US authorities would not return the frozen assets of Russian businessmen. “Because we are seizing these assets, our goal is not to return them. Our goal is to make better use of them, — Sullivan said.

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Then he noted that the US administration was actively working to ensure that businessmen who fell under the sanctions could not return their expensive yachts and housing.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, stated that the “honest” Russian entrepreneurs whose property was confiscated due to sanctions were robbed “like in the Wild West.”

Dozens of Russian businessmen fell under US sanctions: for example, Alisher Usmanov, founder of USM Holdings, head of Transneft; Nikolai Tokarev, the main owners of the bank “Northern Sea Route” (SMP Bank) Boris and Arkady Rotenberg.

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Action plan of Ukraine and the United States in Transnistria revealed: explosion of warehouses

Washington wants to see Moscow's reaction to the aggravation: will there be a landing

The situation in Transnistria continues to heat up. A series of sabotage in Tiraspol and the Grigoriopol region continued. Now, according to reports from the field, a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group has been seen near the military warehouses in Kolbasna, and a drone has been seen over the largest arsenal in Europe. MK asked Vladimir Bruter, an expert from the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, to assess the situation.

Tiraspol. Photo: Global Look Press

– It's real. Actually, Zelensky's office today confirmed that they are ready to seize Transnistria. What doubts can there be?

Here is another question. Of course, the liquidation of Transnistria is not in Washington's plans at all. It is clear that the Transnistrian Republic can be liquidated fairly quickly. The question is, what will follow?

I think Washington plans to provoke Russia into more intense military action, or at least see how Russia will react to such provocations.

Washington, most likely, does not like the fact that they cannot understand the logic and timing of the current stage of the Russian special military operation. And that's why they want to “cheer up” the situation a little.

– Yes. They want to simulate the opening of a “second front” and see if the Russians will quickly break through to Odessa? Will they land troops? Will the number of combat sorties and missile attacks be increased? Well, and the like.

The point is that, strange as it may seem, Washington is also not interested in a very long delay in the Russian military operation. First of all, because if it is long and at the same time moves in favor of Russia, then this will greatly affect the autumn midterm elections in the United States.

The states need to decide: either they can impose on Russia some kind of losing for her tactics, or they need to switch to something else.

– I do not think that Transnistria has a serious chance against the Ukrainian military machine. The Ukrainian army is not as weak as many portray.

– It seems that the Ukrainians can simply try to provoke another series of explosions. They, in my opinion, are not even aware of how these ammunition correspond to the nomenclature that they need. Moreover, in order to capture this arsenal, it will take some time, forces are needed.

In the end, if there is a threat of capture, the Pridnestrovians themselves can blow it up to make it inaccessible to the Ukrainian army.


Therefore, I think that control of this arsenal by the Ukrainian army is possible as an option, but still less likely than just creating general chaos. This chaos will be the basis for, for example, to send troops to Transnistria. It will be possible, in any case, to talk about it. Like, look, Pridnestrovie cannot cope, cannot ensure the security of the repository, and this is a threat to the whole world.

– This is quite possible. In any case, the fact that they sent drones towards the arsenals is a fact in itself indicative. This means that, most likely, they want to provoke something from the air, and are not planning a ground operation right now. But a ground operation cannot be ruled out either.


Ambassador Antonov announced the closure of accounts of Russian consulates in the United States

Ambassador Antonov accused the US authorities of blocking the work of the Russian embassy Bank of America closed the accounts of two Russian consulates general, the work of the embassy in Washington was blocked, and diplomats receive threats, said Anatoly Antonov

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, USA

The activities of the Russian embassy in the USA are “under blockade” from Washington, said on the air of the channel “Russia 1” head of the diplomatic mission Anatoly Antonov. “The accounts of our two consulates-general in Houston and New York have been closed by the Bank of America,” he said.

In addition, Antonov said, the embassy staff received threats, for some time they were blocked from leaving the diplomatic mission. “There were fairly numerous demonstrations, there were acts of vandalism, they poured paint over it,” — Ambassador added.

Last November, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that a total of six objects had been confiscated from Russia in the United States. In December 2016, the administration of President Barack Obama, as part of sanctions against Moscow, closed two country residences of Russian diplomats in New York and Maryland and expelled several dozen Russian diplomats. Under the next US President Donald Trump, the Russian consulates in San Francisco, Seattle and New York, as well as Russian trade missions, were closed.

As the Russian ministry pointed out, diplomats do not have access to these buildings and do not know the state of the utilities and the material values ​​​​left there, and the issue of blocked property in the United States remains a “sharp irritant”; for Moscow in relations with Washington.

Since April 2021, due to a new aggravation between the two countries, dozens of Russian diplomats have left the United States, in connection with which, according to Antonov, the Russian representation in the United States is facing a “serious personnel shortage.” Russia retaliated; in addition, President Vladimir Putin ordered to limit the admission of Russians or third-country nationals to work in the diplomatic missions of “unfriendly” Russia countries. The US State Department then stated that the embassy in Russia, due to a lack of staff, limited its work to the performance of technical functions: the staff of the embassy has been reduced from 1,200 to 120 people since 2017.

In January, Antonov said that the State Department had put the question of his departure from the country if Russia does not issue visas to the guards of the American ambassador in Moscow. A month later, according to the diplomat, the situation has not changed.

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The Ministry of Defense accused the United States of preparing a provocation with nuclear weapons

According to the head of the RKhBZ troops of Russia, the purpose of a possible provocation is the economic and political blockade of Russia, including the exclusion of the country from the UN Security Council

The United States is preparing a provocation with the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) on the territory of Ukraine from to discredit the Russian armed forces. This was stated by the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, reports TASS.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense has information that the United States is preparing provocations to accuse the Russian armed forces of using chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapons. This plan has already been developed and is a reaction to Russia's success in conducting a special military operation, — he said.

According to him, the staging of the use of WMD is aimed at accusing Russia of using prohibited weapons, followed by the implementation of the so-called “Syrian scenario”, in which the state will be subjected to economic and political isolation, as well as exclusion from international organizations, including the UN Security Council.


“A possible scenario for the development of the situation is to put pressure on countries loyal and friendly to the Russian Federation, including India and China, forcing them to impose sanctions against our country,” — added by Kirillov.

In addition, according to the general, on April 21, a container with ampoules with a certain chemical substance “not included in the conventional lists” was dropped onto the position of Russian troops from a Ukrainian UAV. He clarified that at the beginning of 2022, Ukraine purchased more than 50 devices for spraying various formulations, including chemicals, from drones.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

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Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, Russian representatives have repeatedly warned about the possible use of chemical, nuclear or biological weapons by Kyiv for the purpose of provocation. So, in early March, the Ministry of Defense accused the SBU of preparing a provocation with a nuclear reactor on the basis of the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology.

Before that, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that there was evidence developments in Ukraine of components of biological weapons, the activities of laboratories in which such developments were carried out, as he claims, were financed by the Pentagon.

On April 13, Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Oleg Syromolotov announced the plans of the Ukrainian authorities to carry out a provocation using chemical weapons in Donbass. “We consider it a very real threat of chemical terrorism from the fascist nationalists operating under the auspices of the current Kyiv regime and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine controlled by them,” — said the diplomat.

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In the United States, they spoke about the destruction of “secret” Western weapons by Russia in Lviv

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Military Watch Magazine (USA) published a material stating that during attacks on military targets in Ukraine in the Lvov region, which the Ministry of Defense previously reported, there were “secret” warehouses in which weapons supplied to Kyiv by Western countries were stored.

“Russia, with pinpoint strikes on the Lvov region in western Ukraine, destroyed large caches of European and American weapons,” the publication says. It notes that these weapons stayed in these warehouses for only a few days, and they did not have time to send them to the troops.

Let us recall that, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the S-300 air defense system was destroyed during this strike, delivered to Ukraine from Slovakia.

The American publication also refers to videos made by residents of Lvov, which show the partial detonation of ammunition in warehouses after the impact. The publication also notes that “kamikaze drones, anti-tank missiles and man-portable air defense systems” were stored in these caches. th Joint Logistics Support Center of the Logistics Command of the Ukrainian Troops.