JW Francis – John, Take Me With You

JW Francis

John, Take Me With You

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Stacy Klein

May 28, 2021

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Why do we like this?

Oh, this track is just too pure and sweet to even be real. The video is full of plushies, hand-drawn flowers and hearts, bright pops of color, and smiles aplenty. There are tennis balls, a paper moon, and a Twister mat, and JW Francis strumming his guitar in psychedelic corduroys, glasses, and socks against a fabric background.

It’s sincere and uplifting, and quite honestly the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen all week. Plus, it’s always good to see LGBT relationships represented. This is a no-frills, no bullshit, “here is a song and I want to play it for you because music is great” type of track. It’s just so charming and endearing, it’s hard not to love.

A blend of indie, bedroom pop, and light electronica, “John, Take Me With You” was released as the first single off of Francis’ upcoming LP, WANDERKID. On the album, Francis explains:

“WANDERKID is an album about escape. It’s supposed to be a gut punch of a record about an anti-hero named WANDERKID who wants to get OUT: out of his living situation, out of his head, out of his life. This album is like looking out the car window with an urgent desire to be on the other side. It was finished during the most recent global pandemic, so hopefully folks find it relatable.”

WANDERKID is out October 1st 2021, via Sunday Best Recordings.

Stacy Klein

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