Westside Gunn – Over Gold (feat. Meyhem Lauren)


Yeah, yeah
The flyest niggas in the world
The flyest niggas in the world

[Verse 1: Mayhem Lauren]

Yo, yo
Tri-coloured Cubans, yellow-white rose
Savage with a package, leave the whole block froze
My posse aims, Versace frames
Freshest rebels, precious metals, we not for games
Cocaine connects get stretched, I’m not stressed
Fox fur covered, kevlar my next vest
I’m on the van with ditty-boppin’
My new tape has got the city poppin’
Flooded Jesus piece under the white tee
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, that’s the white me
Casually remove the top, I’m in the right V
Painting pictures like I’m Spike Lee
The brown and tan Coogi got me lookin’ like a Chips Ahoy
Half my wrist is like a brick a boy, uh
All we do is get this money and chill
Peace, Queens niggas, RIP Wilt, we in the building

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]

Aye yo
Lord forgive me [uh]
For puttin’ two in his chimney [uh]
His shit flew like a frisbee [uh]
Cobra checks on the black Geigers
Tongue hangin’ out, shootin’ the .30 thought I was Michael
I ain’t gon’ lie I never liked you
I would’ve wiped your nose for free
Erased your name from the Bible
Kids will knife you [uh]
Take your commissary bags, I’m mad
He ain’t even have no mackerls
My dealer’s picture’s like the nationals
I know some judges they don’t give a fuck what you do, they maxin’ you
Phillip Lim brims, Bishop 40 Below Tim Jims
Leave your brains in the wind
Counterfeit Tim’s will you get you broke jaws and stems
Got way more money than friends
The black Whitey Bulger, I want your money now or I’ma smoke ya
Coke prices like a roller coaster


Donald Green was a man who had already been convicted of murder and was spending what should’ve been the rest of his life in the Attica prison. And then he was later shifted to a downstate prison facility, which was even more secure, known as Shawangunk and even though he was in this prison facility he was continuing to run a drug organization using the prison telephones


Free Sly Green, they gave him four lifes