The expert explained the decrease in the rating of the Polish Army

“All numbers are convention”

The American analytical company Global Firepower has published a rating of the armies of the countries of the world, according to which the positions of the Polish Army have changed for the worse over the past year. In 2020, it occupied 21st place and in just a year lost two positions, dropping to 23rd place. This publication caused a corresponding reaction in the Polish press.

Photo: AP

“There is a strange trend,” writes Polish columnist Adam Gaafar. According to the author, based on the growth of spending on national defense and the army, its power should grow. However, judging by the world ranking, the positions of the Polish Army have become significantly lower than in 2014. Then the analytical company put him on the 18th line of the list.

Many sources have repeatedly noted that Poland really spends considerable sums on the country's defense. It is one of the few NATO countries whose defense spending amounts to 2 percent of its gross domestic product. In 2019, Poland purchased $ 11 billion worth of American weapons, including missile launchers, Patriot air defense systems and fifth-generation F-35 fighters.

Since January 1, 2010, the Polish army has completely switched to call only by contract.

However, commentators on the Web did not miss the opportunity to note that the strength and power of the Polish army is clearly exaggerated. And the situation on the border of Poland and Belarus serves as a direct proof of this, the power structures are not able to cope with 3-4 thousand migrants.

So what is the situation with the Polish Army in reality?

“Several different aspects can be noted here,” says Ruslan Pukhov, a Russian military analyst and director of the Moscow Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. – Firstly, all ratings and numbers are conventions. A certain concept that is not always completely similar to reality. The second point is that since about 2005 Polish society has really been investing considerable sums in the defense capability of its country. Therefore, whatever the ratings say, the Polish army is getting stronger every year. There is nothing surprising in this. Any former empire (Poles, Danes, Swedes) invests in their defense more than countries that were not empires. The economy in Poland is healthy, and they can quite afford these expenses. As for the situation with migrants, here it is necessary to understand that no army and no best special services will help to cope with them. Provided that they will not be shot from a large-caliber machine gun. But, we all understand that in the modern world no one will do this.


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