The Florets – Preacher’s Son

The Florets

Preacher's Son

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Mikky George

Oct 10, 2021

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Marlon Williams,
Jack Ladder,
Mini Skirt


indie pop
Portugal. The Man
alt pop

Why do we like this?

Aspiritually electric experience makes for a track that not only carries the dogma of alt electric sounds but also boosts it with the new age occult of pop.

I like this track ( like obviously just being a euphemism for love), but without freaking out too much about it I shall explain:

“Preacher’s Son” was immediately and almost clearly a track that would hit around in my head all day, like an apocalypse preacher’s shouts on the side street. But what “Preacher’s Son” did was make me feel content. Content in my ideals, my love for its sound; for its joyfully electric whooshes and drumming rhythms.

It Sat me Down, Talked To Me and Left Me Imbued with Joy.

Mikky George

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