The former “security guard” of Transnistria described a plan to draw NATO into the conflict

“Ukraine purposefully hammers at one point”

The aggravation of the situation in Transnistria, where three terrorist attacks occurred in a day, commented Andrey Pinchuk, a former high-ranking official of the Ministry of State Security of the PMR, the first Minister of State Security of the DPR .

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A “red” level of terrorist threat has been set in Pridnestrovie. So far for 15 days, but the May 9 parade and fireworks in honor of Victory Day have been cancelled. Security Council of the unrecognized republic reported three terrorist attacks. In the early morning of April 26 (at 6:40 and at 7:05) in the village of Mayak, Grigoriopol district, two explosions thundered, two antennas of the radio center were damaged, which relayed Russian radio. The day before, the building of the Ministry of State Security of the PMR in Tiraspol was fired from RPGs – the terrorists entered Pridnestrovie from Ukraine, as local special services established, “across the field in a car,” and returned in the same way.

A military unit in the village of Parkany was also attacked, but when this happened, the PMR Security Council does not specify. Fortunately, no one was hurt in all these incidents. Moldovan President Maia Sandu also convened a meeting of the Security Council on Tuesday because of the explosions in Transnistria and said that the attacks were staged by “internal forces”, Chisinau is not planning any blockade of Transnistria and is in favor of a peaceful dialogue.

At the request of MK, the exacerbation of the situation in Transnistria was commented on by a former high-ranking official of the Ministry of State Security of the PMR, the first Minister of State Security of the DPR, Andrey Pinchuk.

– Everything is obvious here. The strategic task of Ukraine is to draw the West not into indirect assistance to Kyiv, but into direct military clashes with the Russian Federation. Let me remind you that Moldova's main strategic goal is to unite with Romania. Romania has already creepingly swallowed Moldova.

In fact, the resumption of the conflict between Transnistria and Moldova automatically leads to Romania's intervention in the conflict. Romania is a member of NATO. Therefore, this is the direct and shortest way to draw the Alliance into direct participation in hostilities. This is the task of Ukraine, which it is actively trying to solve with the help of the Transnistrian factor. Of course, this is the work of Ukrainian sabotage and terrorist units in the region.

– This is obvious. Moldova resists with all its might, it does not want to fight. However, she is pulled literally by the ears. They just ran out of money for Russian gas. They would now, on the contrary, improve relations with the Russian Federation. I remind them of their repeated statements that they do not join the anti-Russian sanctions. Therefore, what kind of Moldovan trace can there be…

Romania has its own interest, because the unfreezing of the conflict means the realization of its old ambitious dream of Greater Romania and the absorption of Moldova. By the way, not only Moldova, but also parts of Ukraine. Northern Bukovina, the current Chernivtsi region, is historically a Romanian territory. There are people with dual citizenship, two million have Romanian passports. But, of course, all these terrorist attacks are purely Ukrainian actions.

– NATO is a bureaucratic organization and in some cases quite led. Ukraine, on the other hand, purposefully hammers at one point.


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