The head of the Armenian parliament stressed the need to leave Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh

A year later, the country has not yet digested defeat in the war

A year has passed since the end of the last war for Karabakh. He radically changed the whole picture of the world of the Armenian people and the political situation in the South Caucasus. Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan told the MK correspondent and other media representatives from Russia, how the republic has changed during this time.

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& mdash; No. Because we still have prisoners of war, and the policy pursued by our neighbors, Turkey and Azerbaijan, does nothing to pacify the Armenian society. Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises are held every month near our borders. The situation in the region remains tense. I must state with regret that Azerbaijan does nothing to detente. Of course, our state cannot be compared with what it was on November 11, 2020, but globally, there is no peace of mind.

& mdash; There is no political crisis. It ended after the elections, which put everyone in their place. The election results did not arouse mistrust on either side. Not a single international observer questioned the fairness of the vote. The protests that we can observe now do not rely on the will of the Armenian society, this is a bloated political farce.

We came to power when there was only one political institution in the country & mdash; & nbsp; this is the institution of corruption. He moved all departments and institutions around him. I often don’t even envy myself, all the more I don’t envy the prime minister and those who will take his place in the next 20-30 years. This is a huge responsibility and not at all tempting an offer.

But people voted for us, because they perfectly understand what kind of policy we are pursuing and what kind of policy we pursued before us. Yes, we had to sign a document according to which it was necessary to withdraw troops from the territories liberated earlier. However, we have not lost touch with people. In general, & nbsp; it was surprising that in the regions during the election campaign we were & nbsp; first of all asked not about the war, but why we did not sufficiently punish the representatives of the former authorities who brought the country to such a situation. They demanded that we be tougher. They still approach me on the street with these words.

& mdash; & quot; Set up & quot; relationship is possible only from two sides. We have always considered this issue from the point of view of a peaceful settlement. In turn, Azerbaijan & nbsp; first of all & nbsp; must abandon the rhetoric of hatred towards the Armenian nationality. Secondly, Baku should not be inspired by the success of the war. We must understand that neighbors are not chosen, we still have to live together. We must not leave hatred and war to our descendants.

& mdash; I was there at the end of September 2020, right before the war. As for why we did not appear there after the war, I think that there is no need for this, because we are in the negotiation process. Although our deputies came to Artsakh after the war.

Photo: AP

& mdash; And where did you get the idea that someone surrendered Karabakh? When you say this, you are insulting those people who died in the war and their families. If someone was going to take something, they would have done it earlier. For example, there was Lavrov's plan. To say that someone has passed something means a complete misunderstanding of what is happening in Armenia, Karabakh, Russia and Azerbaijan. All the leaders of the country are to blame for the defeat, starting with Levon Ter-Petrosyan & nbsp; and ending with us. All the military are to blame.

& mdash; Yes, we are completely satisfied with this and believe that the period of stay of the peacekeepers in the region should be extended. We will have to clean up this mess for a long time.

& mdash; He will gladly leave politics as quickly as he returned to it. His team is stalled, it consists of different groups, each of which is trying to individually negotiate with the authorities. I know that Kocharyan will leave politics at the earliest opportunity with great pleasure.

& mdash; Hanging on it is the March 1 Case, a man beaten to death in a restaurant toilet …

& mdash; I do not interfere in the trial. If I intervened, he would be sitting. Long and very far away. Instead of walking around Yerevan now. Well, I may want a lot, but the law decides …

& mdash; So I'm talking about the same. But politically, this does not mean that Pashinyan will now start calling judges. He will give political assessments and treat them the way people deserve it. Everyone has a chance for a normal life. Pay taxes and live in peace, and if you don't …

& mdash; Yes, and we did it during the elections. There is no other way to conduct an audit. Humanity has not invented anything new.

& mdash; For example, he invented the separation of powers.

& mdash; In Armenia, it was he who invented it. He also invented fair elections … He also invented a revolution that was not “ orange '', but Armenian, because the population was tired of a man who was head over heels in corruption and decided to change the Constitution in order to stay at the head of the country for one more term in as a premiere.

& mdash; The second term has just begun. We believe that during this time it is necessary to improve relations in the region. It is necessary to leave a peaceful country for the next generations. I really do not know of another leader who could have survived politically and physically in this situation. All thanks to the fact that Pashinyan was open with people.


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