The lawyer explained what type of death penalty can be sentenced to “Azov”

Lawyer, director of the Moscow Bar Association Liptser, Stavitskaya & Partners Dmitry Agranovsky explained to what type of death penalty the “Azovites” could be sentenced to.

Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin said earlier that the first stage of the international tribunal over those who were captured during the special operation in Ukraine, may take place in Mariupol. The verdict of the tribunal may turn out to be capital punishment for war criminals – there is no moratorium on the death penalty on the territory of the DPR and LPR.

“In the vast majority of countries where there is the death penalty, it is carried out by firing squad. And in Russia, and in the Soviet Union, it was carried out in this way. True, there were cases of hanging. The latter – just in relation to Bandera in the Kharkov and Kiev trials of the Great Patriotic War,” Agranovsky explained.

Recall that the veneration of Stepan Bandera is typical for the fighters of the nationalist regiment “Azov” *, many of whom ended up in captivity after leaving Azovstal.

According to the expert, in the US there are many ways of the death penalty – from the electric chair to special injections. However, such practices are not common in Europe.

“Someone calls execution by injection humane, but I don’t see anything humane,” says the expert. – It is difficult to imagine what the convict feels at this moment. Execution can be called a humane procedure, if you do not take into account the way it is shown in films: a person is put against the wall and a platoon of soldiers shoots at him. As a rule, this happens in a certain separate cell, where a person is killed by a shot in the back of the head. Sometimes (there is such a practice) everything happens unexpectedly for him. The convict is called for another interrogation and a shot is fired so that he does not have time to be frightened.

At the same time, Dmitry Agranovsky emphasized that he considers the likelihood of the death penalty in this process unlikely: “Capital punishment is rarely used in those countries where it is officially permitted by law.

* The organization is banned in the Russian Federation.

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