The ROC warned of a new split within the UOC

The decision on the status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church can only be made within the framework of the canonical procedure, the Moscow Patriarchate stressed. On May 27, the participants of the UOC Cathedral announced its “complete independence and independence” ” alt=”The ROC warned of a new split within the UOC” />

The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) did not rule out a new split within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) due to “unauthorized actions” on changing its charter, according to the website of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The decision on the status of the church can only be made within the canonical procedure, the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia noted.

“The synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church also drew attention to this, indicating in its statement of May 12, 2022, that any discussions regarding the life of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should take place within the canonical field and should not lead to new divisions in the Church,” & mdash ; the message says.

On May 27, the participants in the council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church declared its “complete independence and autonomy”; from the Moscow Patriarchate. They condemned the military actions in Ukraine as a violation of God's commandment “Thou shalt not kill!” and expressed disagreement with the position of Patriarch Kirill.

In addition, the UOC seeks to resume dialogue with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. However, for this, representatives of the OCU need to “stop the seizure of churches and forced transfers of parishes.” The OCU was established in December 2018. In January 2019, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew handed over to its primate, Metropolitan Epiphanius, a tomos on granting autocephaly. The ROC, like the UOC, did not recognize it.

At the same time, the chairman of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the UOC, Metropolitan Kliment, specified that there was no talk of breaking off relations with the ROC. According to him, the status of an independent and self-governing church has been for almost 30 years. “It’s just that the council once again emphasized [this status], and we continue to maintain spiritual unity not only with the Russian Orthodox Church, but also with other Orthodox churches,” — he pointed out.

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UOC— self-governing church within the Moscow Patriarchate. It is headed by Metropolitan Onufry.

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