The Russian who asked Biden was able to get to the USA

A man asked to be admitted to America for permanent residence

Alexey Semyonov, a native of Ulan-Ude, who had previously turned to US President Joe Biden with a request to grant him a residence permit, ended up in the United States. States. Vostok-Teleinform writes about this.

Photo: AP

Semenov recorded a video message to the head of the White House in June and said that the coronavirus pandemic hit his business: he had to close the auto repair shop.

He also suffered a serious illness, as a result of which he had gangrene cut out. The Russians urged Biden, as an exception, to provide him and his family with a residence permit in order to legally enter the United States.

The US President did not respond to the request – then the Russian decided to get to America on his own.

First, the man flew to Moscow, and from there he got to Mexico. After that, he and his family reached the Mexican-American border, where he asked for political asylum in the United States.

The Russians spent a day in an immigration prison, and on November 16 they received documents stating that they could be in the country for legally.

Semenov also added that in the next few days he will be quarantined at the hotel with family members. Then they intend to move to Sacramento. There, the Russian plans to get a job in a car repair shop.


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