The State Department confirmed the return of US diplomats to Lviv

There is no talk of resuming the permanent work of American diplomats in Ukraine yet. This time they arrived in Lviv for a while to meet with representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

US State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed that some American diplomats have temporarily returned to Lviv in Ukraine, there is no talk of permanent work of diplomats yet, reports CNN.

According to Price, the deputy head of mission and embassy staff arrived in Lviv on April 26 and met with representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“This trip was the first step before more regular visits soon. We are accelerating preparations for the resumption of the work of the embassy in Kyiv,— he said

Price stressed that the US State Department is constantly assessing the security situation in order to reopen the US embassy as soon as possible in order to “facilitate support for the government and people of Ukraine.”

The day before, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that American diplomats would gradually return to Ukraine from next week. Moreover, Washington will consider opening an embassy in Kyiv. According to Blinken, this could happen “within a couple of weeks.”

The United States decided to temporarily move the embassy in Ukraine from Kyiv to Lvov even before the start of the Russian special operation. Subsequently, the authorities ordered the staff to move to Poland for security reasons.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on April 8 invited foreign diplomats to return to the Ukrainian capital, noting that a signal that Kyiv— not a “provincial Russian city”.

Prior to this, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that it had returned the staff of the embassy in Ukraine to Kyiv. On April 7, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich announced that the country's embassy would also resume work in Kyiv.

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