Things hindering the restoration of peaceful life in Syria are named

All laws are violated in Western-controlled areas

A joint meeting of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria to assist Syrian citizens in returning to their homeland was held on November 16 in Damascus. Head of the National Center for Defense Management of Russia Mikhail Mizintsev and Minister of Municipal Administration and Environment of Syria Hussein Makhluf, together with leading experts, discussed Russian-Syrian initiatives to return refugees to Syria, as well as further steps aimed at restoring peaceful life in the country. It was noted at the meeting that the situation in the areas controlled by the government is significantly stabilizing. However, in the refugee camps located in Western-controlled areas, the situation remains critical, all laws and norms of international law are violated.

Photo: SAR MKSH.

Western funding of humanitarian programs aimed at supporting the population and refugees in areas not controlled by the legal government in Syria, as well as in the Middle East, actually prevents citizens from returning to their homes.

According to former prisoners of the Rukban refugee camp, its population lives in inhuman conditions. And the illegal armed groups operating in “Rukban” are hindering the departure of ordinary residents, fearing that if only militants remain in the camp, its supply will stop. The situation in the Al-Hol refugee camp, located in the province of Haseke, is also deteriorating. There remains a high crime rate, food shortages, and poor medical care. Due to the lack of security, most humanitarian organizations refuse to work there.

Occupation by foreign troops of the territories of a sovereign Syrian state. Pursuing a policy of sanctions against Syria contrary to the UN Charter. Discrimination against government territories, whitewashing terrorists, blocking the return of refugees. These are the main problems voiced at the meeting, standing in the way of the Syrian people to a normal life.

“We call on international partners to take an active part in the process of returning Syrian citizens to their homeland and in the socio-economic reconstruction including by lifting unilateral sanctions against this sovereign state, “the heads of the interdepartmental headquarters said in their address.


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